Why So Passionate? A Look into Afrihost Employees’ Favourite Hobbies

What is that hobby that makes your heart beat faster? In this blog post, I thought why not look at the favourite pastimes of Afrihost employees.

When conducting research, I uncovered interesting hobbies from speaking to people around the office. You’ll be amazed at what they get up to in their spare time!


Anne is a Financial Controller by day and a writer by night. Her passion for writing started when she was still at school in Zambia and has continued well into her adult life.  

Anne wanted to share some of her travel experiences, so she started blogging. Her blog gained traction and attracted a few other creative bloggers, which led to them coming together to publish a book titled Cinderella Reimagined. In this book, they all told their versions of the famous Cinderella tale. Check out Anne’s blog!  


Vaughan has earned the title of a master brewer. He started 3 years ago with his first beer, which “was a total flop”. This did not stop him following his passion. 

He carried on perfecting his craft and has since brewed about 20 batches. Vaughan said that the whole process of brewing can take a minimum of 6 weeks. While the initial brew day takes about 3 to 4 hours. Bottling takes him 2 hours or less. He has promised to bring us a sample, so we wait patiently. 


Brad has done amazing things as part of our Dev team. But this has not stopped him from starting the process of obtaining a Ham radio license.  

For those who have no idea what this is, a Ham radio is the use of radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial exchange of messages and emergency communication.  

To simplify this for you, if there was ever a zombie apocalypse and we lost all communication, Brad would be the guy to help us. He hopes to one day be able to communicate with the International Space Station crew.  


Kyle’s hobby is aviation. He was first introduced to it when him and a friend went for an introductory flight, and he hasn’t been able to stay away since.  

To feed his need for flying, he took up an interest in Remote Control aviation. He has invested time and money into his passion over the last 2 years.  

He recently received a solo RC rating. This has also earned him a seat as a member of the South African Aircrafts Museum Society

Whatever your hobby is we’d like to hear about it. So please share it with us on the comments, and maybe we’d even consider writing about it in a future blog post.