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Just Cause 4: Everything you need to know

Just Cause 4 is a follow-up to Rico’s adventurous escapades in Just Cause 3. Get ready to experience more open world mayhem, involving his iconic grappling hook and hilarious sense of humour. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know about Just Cause 4.

Special Edition Info and Pre-Order Bonuses

There will be 3 different versions of Just-Cause 4

(Available on all platforms)

Day 1 Edition 

If you pre ordered the Steelbox Day One Edition, it includes the Neon Racer DLC pack. If you pre-ordered the standard edition on Playstation and Xbox Online, you will get the Deathstalker Scorpion Pack!
This includes:

  • Deathstalker Scorpion Muscle Car
  • Deathstalker Scorpion Assault Buggy
  • Deathstalker Scorpion Explosive Rifle
  • Deathstalker Scorpion Wingsuit

Gold Edition

It has everything the Digital Deluxe Edition has plus the Expansion Pass and Golden Gear Pack.
This includes:

  • Golden Gear Wingsuit
  • Golden Gear Parachute
  • Golden Gear Shotgun

Genre and Plot

Just Cause is known as an action adventure game.  The Just Cause series originates from the real life invasion of Panama by the United States of America. This mission had the code name “Operation Just Cause”. The story line from Just Cause 1 to 4 has been broken up into four different locations, namely the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and South America.

Just Cause 4 sets up protagonist Rico Rodriquez, in South America taking on various organised crime factions. The game takes place in an open world environment, where you have the potential to pull of all kinds of stunts and let chaos ensue.

Avalanche Studios New Engine

A new Apex engine, which is a new technology to this industry, will be used to power the game. This engine will enhance the game’s depiction of the environments, including vehicles, lighting as well as the overall look and feel.

There is no multiplayer mode

Unfortunately, the game is strictly a single player experience.

It’s meant to be over the top

Just Cause 4 is designed to be outrageously ridiculous. In Just Cause 3, Rico could sustain all sorts of damages and fall from amazing heights, and not even have a scratch.

There are customisable weapons and items 

Many items in Just Cause 4 can now be upgraded, including Rico’s grappling hook, which is a signature Just Cause accessory. Balloons, yes you heard right! Rico can now gethis hands on balloons that send items from one location to another

There is no doubt that Just Cause 4 will deliver in engaging content, whilst users will be able to create as much chaos as there would like, allowing for endless opportunities to be creative in all forms.