7 Online shopping tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us. The USA adopted shopping event sees thousands of eager shoppers descend upon online and physical retailers nationwide in search of the best deals. The most successful bargain hunters, however, are the ones who have planned days in advance for the rush – both online and offline. In order to make sure your Black Friday is a success, you will need to be prepared, employing SWAT-like tactics to stay ahead of your inevitable competition to bag yourself that deal you have been waiting for.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will not be easy, and will require some preparation. To help you gear up, we have pieced together a comprehensive guide to help you perfectly execute your Black Friday.

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1. Know what you want

It’s best to know exactly what you want on the day. Shop around a few days before the event and make sure retailers have stock of the item in question. Make a note of pricing, availability and the retailer so you are ready on the day.

2. Pre-load your cart

Pre-load your cart with items from your wish list, that way when the deals go live, you will be ready to checkout right away. A sound tactic is listing these items in order of most to least important items from top to bottom. Prepare for larger items that require certain documentation, ie. TV’s of any kind, require a valid TV licence. Additionally, topping up your account with vouchers and coupon codes will save you all the fuss at check-out.

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3. Keep your finger on the pulse with social

Social media has become an intrinsic part of online shopping and keeping a close eye on it will only help you keep up when the flood gates open on 23rd November. Follow major retailers social pages for updates on the day. Enable push notifications on your phone for alerts, they are substantially faster than those on your PC or laptop.

4. Push it to the limit (but not over it)

It isn’t easy to restrain yourself on the day when thousands of great deals are hurtling towards you at light speed, unfortunately, for many, this can become a serious problem. Make sure you set yourself a limit and make sure you call it quits when you reach it. Plan your budget and stick to it to prevent yourself from overspending. The rush is exciting, but the ugly side of overspending is stress and anxiety. You still have December holidays coming up.


5. Know your policies

Know what the returns policies are for the items you have an eye on. In all the excitement during the whirlwind of sales and deliveries, there can often be a few issues. Damaged goods, faulty electronics and other unforeseen issues can, and will happen. Nothing can sour a great purchase like the inability to return the item.

6. Make sure your payment and delivery details are correct

It is easy to overlook your payment details and delivery details on the day. Log in a few days prior to the big event and make sure the correct card is linked to your account. Double check your primary shipping address is the one you want items sent to and make sure any relevant loyalty rewards systems are up to date.


7. The early bird catches the worm

In order to stay ahead of the mass movement, start preparing for deals and waiting patiently from 11:30 the night before. For some, Black Friday begins at the stroke of midnight. Online retailers see a surge in traffic akin to a tidal wave and more often than not are overwhelmed within the first few hours. Select your retailer, keep multiple tabs open and keep refreshing as you draw closer to the witching hour. Once the deals drop, you will be well ahead of your competition.

With that you are well and truly set for Black Friday. Let us know in the comments below or on social if you have any handy tips we might have missed. Best of luck out there agent, go get ‘em!

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