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What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

We went around Afrihost and asked some of our legends what was the worst gift they’ve ever received. This is what some of them had to say.


Nomvula: “When I was pregnant, someone got me a diet package and I felt like I was indirectly being called fat.”

Anna: “I got dental floss from a friend. Not sure what was implied.”

Lupindo: “I got an empty box with a bunch of paper inside.”

Vaughan: “Soap. Shower gel. Radox, from my aunt.”

Thumi: “I got Chappies. Why would you buy me Chappies?”

Kabo: “I received a book on the Xhosa culture, written in Xhosa. I’m not Xhosa.”

Ryan: “I got a bunch of T-shirts I don’t even wear. What makes it worse is that they were extra large from family that wanted me to gain weight.”

Lerato: “I got a bottle filled with petrol, but I didn’t even own a car.”

Ingrid: “I got a cheap, plastic barbie doll for my 16th birthday, and it was from my dad.”

Lisa: “I got dog food. I don’t even own a dog.”

So it’s pretty safe to say that there are some pretty terrible gifts out there. Let us know what was yours. 🙂