Afrihost Life Tech

Help Centre 101

Our main support channels used to be either via phone call or email, but no one likes waiting in a queue. Our vision is to help our clients quickly, easily and effectively when they need answers to the challenges they face. This is why we introduced alternative support channels like Live Chat, Afrihost Answers community forum, WhatsApp Help and, most recently, the Help Centre. 

The Help Centre is the one-stop place to getting the help you need with all things Afrihost. You can get answers to frequently asked questions, guides, troubleshooting and video tutorials in our Help Centre.   

The Help Centre is easy to access and can be searched using a keyword or a phrase. Alternatively, you can browse by category to find what you need. There are several categories which include accounts and billing, products, network management, security and more. 

We are constantly updating the Help Centre with new content and we encourage you to give us feedback on the articles to help us improve. 

The next time you need assistance make sure you visit our Help Centre. Alternatively, chat to one of our helpful support members via Live Chat or straight from your phone on WhatsApp. You can also become part of our community on the Afrihost Answers forum.