Your Fixed Wireless Fix

So, you’ve been nibbling at your fingernails and counting down the days to the arrival of your lightning-fast Fixed Wireless package! BUT you are having a little trouble connecting… *anti-climax* Don’t panic! This blog and our FAQ’s are here to help.

First step, check if the mode light is red. This is not the colour you want to be seeing. If you do, then do a hard reset on your device. You can do this by pushing the very small button under the router for 10 seconds. We recommend using a paper clip unless you have impressively tiny fingers.

If the light is still red, we suggest checking your coverage on the map. If you are livin’ on the edge… of the coverage area, try moving the device to different locations in your house to see if you can turn that red into a blue.

If you are FULLY covered (The area you are using the device in, you are welcome to do this in your robe.) please enable roaming on the device by following the below steps.

  •        First, log into the router – you can do this by going to on your browser and logging in with username: admin and password: admin.
  •         Click on the “Settings” tab on top.
  •         Click on “Dial-Up” and then “Connect”.
  •         Select the “Enable Radio”/”Data Roaming” button.
  •         NB – Mobile data should be turned OFF, otherwise nothing will connect.
  •         Restart the router by going to System -> Restart.

Still struggling? Head on over to our Fixed Wireless FAQ’s or check out Afrihost Answers.