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3-steps to boosting your WiFi network

A single WiFi router is often not enough to ensure consistent WiFi coverage across your home. A WiFi Signal Booster is all sometimes all that is needed. The steps below will help you setup your WiFi Signal Booster and maximise your coverage. Hardware manufacturers use the term WiFi Signal Booster,

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5 Easy Steps to Online Safety

5 Easy Steps to Online Safety We’re more connected than ever before, with every interaction we have taking place over an internet connection. Online Safety is now more important than ever! From arranging meetings with friends and family to paying our bills. We remain connected at all times, and the Internet

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Our 5 Tips for better WiFi

WiFi is considered one of the greatest modern conveniences. When a WiFi network is running flawlessly it keeps all of our device’s and computer’s massive bandwidth requirements satisfied. A well running network goes unnoticed, until problems start to pop up! It’s very easy to misdiagnose slow download speeds and high

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