WIN a Raspberry Pi 3

It’s your chance to WIN a Raspberry Pi 3!

We’re giving away 3 Raspberry Pi 3 Bundles (valued at almost R1,200 each), so switch that brain into full speed ahead.

Be one of the lucky few to call the Raspberry Pi 3 your own and make your friends jealous with your super awesome inventions. We’ve been lucky enough to spend a few weeks with the Raspberry Pi 3 and we’re already getting excited thinking about the next project we can tinker with.

Keep your eyes glued to our Facebook and Twitter pages during the competition – we’ll be posting about some fascinating projects. There may or may not be a drone involved 😉

So get cracking and create your entry to WIN a Pi 3! DON’T MISS OUT!

The competition runs from 3.14PM 18 May 2016 to 00:00 (that’s midnight) 31 May 2016.


The Loot!

We’re giving away 3 Raspberry Pi 3 Bundles (each worth just under R1,200)!

Each bundle will come with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Computer Board, an 8GB SD card and power adapter – exactly the same package that we’ve unboxed above (you can watch the full video here!)

We’re also giving away 5 Prepaid DSL Vouchers as consolation prizes – each worth R525!

That’s over R6,000 in awesome prizes up for grabs!


It’s super easy to ENTER & WIN your Raspberry Pi 3!

Post a comment in the comments section below and tell us what you’d do with a Raspberry Pi 3.

The most innovative answer WINS (the more detailed your answer is the better!). Winners will be chosen by Afrihost’s elite techies and will be announced on our blog and Social Media.



Terms and Conditions apply.

The competition runs from 3.14PM 18 May 2016 to 00:00 (that’s midnight) 31 May 2016.

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  • Max

    Being a software developer, a big fan of the raspberry Pi and
    having owned the previous two models. I have used them in many small projects
    for friends and family. I have used them as a media center, a network traffic
    monitoring tool, advertising in a supermarket by looping a PowerPoint presentation,
    mini arcade and connected a web cam and used it as an IP camera. Some projects
    that I have been thinking about doing include a controller for a telescope, lap
    timing for my son’s scalextric track and an aquaponics system for a friend.

    The one project that I am excited about trying, and the only
    reason that I have not attempted it yet is due to funds, is home automation.
    With such a big task and such a little device, how would I go about doing it?

    I would like to setup
    multiple wireless networks around my house, either using Wi-Fi routers or the raspberry
    PI 3’s built in Wi-Fi. Then develop some software for my phone that detects the
    signal strength of the Wi-Fi networks. This information will be sent to the PI
    so that it could predict what room in the house I am in. This information could
    be used to automatically turn on lights when I enter a room, open or close
    curtains depending on the time of day, lock my front door if I am not close to
    it, unlock the door when I lock myself outside J.
    A USB camera could be connected to the PI to either alert me when an intruder
    is in the house or to simply turn the TV on when I sit on the couch. This
    system could also be used to remotely control the house and do all the above
    mentioned tasks when nobody is at home for security reasons by using Afrihost’s
    static IP feature 😛 to remotely connect to home. This could be achieved by
    connecting a raspberry PI (or 3 J
    ) and a board of relay switches. The GPIO pins on the Pi will control the relay
    board to open and close circuits.

    Another part of home
    automation that must not be over looked is monitoring. I would connect a thermometer
    to the Pi and put the sensor in the fridge and use the Pi to warn me if the
    fridge stops working. Smoke detectors could also be connected and placed around
    the house. Since the Pi runs with a
    standard cell phone charger it could be connected to a small UPS that could
    keep part of the system running for days even when the house does not have
    power. An Afrihost mobile sim could be put into a USB modem, connected to the
    Pi and used as backup internet connectivity so that I could always monitor the
    house during power loss. The PI now runs on a 4 x Arm Cortex-A53, 1.2Ghz
    processor. This means that even after all the home automation there will be a
    lot of processing power going to waste. I would also install a network
    monitoring tool like RRDtool to monitor my network traffic so I can see what
    device is eating up all my Afrihost data, or stop the device from saturating my
    ADSL line and giving my high pings while playing World of Warcraft. This project
    will take up a lot of space and have a lot of wires running all over the house,
    so I will most likely build it into a box disguised as a jukebox (I have
    already written the software). I would connect a small TV or PC monitor to the
    Pi with an HDMI cable and speakers to the earphone jack or have a small HDMI
    amp. I know I’ve probably gone a little
    overboard with this, but the raspberry Pi
    is such a great little device the only thing limiting it is the users
    imagination, the Raspberry Pi can even run a version of windows 10.

    Another project I’ve been thinking about is an automatic
    lawn mower. The lawn mower will be controlled by the Pi’s GPIO ports to control
    steering and movement and by using photo sensors. IR LED lights will be placed
    around the perimeter of the garden and the lawn mower will turn around when the
    sensor picks up the IR LED. The only issues that I have not worked out yet
    include pets, (sorry fluffy) and having the neighbors complaining about me
    mowing at night, because this will need to be done at night for the best
    results. I guess it’s also a good thing that I have a rectangle garden and no
    flowers in the flowerbeds. My love for automation has made me too lazy to spend
    any time planting them. J

    I have loads of ideas for the Raspberry Pi. There are not
    enough hours in the day to think about them, never mind completing all of them.

    Very cleaver launching this competition at 3:14… (pi) π=3.14159

    • Afrihost

      Wow! What a great start to the comments! 🙂 We love the way you’re planning on incorporating Afrihost Mobile as well. Good luck, Max!

  • Zertop

    I’d probably start with hacking Nasa 😉 But other than that, I’d turn it into a robot army controller. Actually, it’d probably become an awesome plex client 😛

    • Afrihost

      A robot army sounds pretty useful… Great suggestions! 🙂

  • Justin van der Westhuizen

    I would love to win this…..The Raspberry Pi is awesome 😀 Personally I would build a home-made robot or mini arcade machine if I won this

    • Afrihost

      Mini-arcade machine sounds cool :O

  • I would give it to a home for less-privileged children to use & experiment.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like a pretty great idea!

  • Stephan Combrink

    Will be the first step towards building a smarthome network of devices- IoT. smart electricity monitor and control for Geyser, Poolpump, automated garden watering system, maybe an advanced lighting system… I can go on ;D

    • Afrihost

      Smart homes are definitely on the rise 😀

  • Jethro

    I’ll use the new Bluetooth feature to communicate with wireless tag reader, to create my own access control system at home.

    • Afrihost

      Very nifty, a picture viewer is an awesome use for a Pi👌

  • Paul van Vuuren

    Because I want one 😉

    • Afrihost

      What would you do with a Raspberry Pi? 🙂

      • Paul van Vuuren

        I would like to teach myself to code and see what cool stuff I come up with, who knows maybe I can conquer the world with it 😉

  • Brad sitzer

    Create a low cost high tech school for low income communities! The cost of bandwidth and electronics is quickly dropping. Pedagogue in most schools is outdated! Utilising Moodle, Khan academy LITE etc.

    • Afrihost

      These low-cost devices create a FANTASTIC opportunity to introduce tech into lesser privileged communities. 🙂

      • Brad sitzer


      • Nicolas Saal

        These kids are smart. If we were to give them more opportunities we’d soon realise never to under estimate the under privileged.

  • Gillion

    I’ll use it to create interesting low cost learning resources for South African students

    • Brad sitzer

      Are you doing anything currently @disqus_G9VD1AR49q:disqus ?

      • Gillion

        I am planning two interactive ePubs that follows a curriculum. The focus being on teacher education students who study in a language that is not their mother toungue.

    • Afrihost

      That’s awesome! Educational development is key!

  • Grant Barnard

    Media Center…

    • Afrihost

      Classic use of a Pi! 🙂

      • Grant Barnard

        Everyone says they going to use the PI for these great things and innovative things, but more than likely, they going to get it, slap Kodi on it, hook it up to a TV and gain 10kgs watching GoT from season One… 🙂

        • Afrihost

          The North Remembers.

          • Grant Barnard

            It’s reasons like this why I always promote Afrihost where ever I can.. (* He says in a desperate hope to butter up the Afrihost moderator in the hopes of winning the Game of Pi… )

          • Grant Barnard

            This is why I always promote Afrihost everywhere I can… ( *He says in a crazy attempt to butter-up the Afrihost moderator so that he can win the Game of Pi…)

  • Hendrik Groenewald

    My brother has always wanted one as an electronic engineer, so would be cool to win one and pass it onto him. He has many ideas on what to do with them.

    • Afrihost

      Tell him to enter! 🙂

      • Hendrik Groenewald

        He’s unfortunately in meetings until later this evening 🙁

        • Afrihost

          You’ve got lots of time to enter!

  • Would make a baby monitor with this. Attach a usb camera and hook it to my network

    • Afrihost

      Great! 🙂 Would you have a monitoring app to go along with it?

      • Definitely. Monitoring will be done via web, smart phone or smart tv using either a custom app (if my coding skills allow) or one off the shelf

  • Dillon Coetzer

    I would love to set up some soft of home automation with one of those. Controlling aspects of my house remotely via a Raspberry Pi would be fantastic 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Love it, too! Get some music to play as soon as you get home! 😉

  • Stacey-Lee Morris

    So we all know that the Raspberry Pi has many uses, the most common use in our social circle has been to control our home media centers. BUT these devices are amazing and can do so much. There are two Pis on the International Space Station (running school created experiments) and they are used for weather projects for schools (if you don’t know about any of the amazing things that the PI Academy and Foundation Team are doing check out their site) but what if … with this tiny yet powerful little contraption…

    I COULD RULE THE WORLD (from the comfort of my own room, nay my own bedroom).
    With the Pi’s Wi-Fi abilities and the size of it, it is possible.

    Okay okay I don’t want to rule the world but I do want to rule the house… a haunted house.
    Halloween has always been a very important holiday for me that I have celebrated over the years.
    Opening our decorated home and spooky home-made goodies and treats to our family and friends has always given me great joy. However, in the more recent years, the burning desire to create a haunted house that people in the neighbor hood could visit and enjoy has been on my mind but HOOOOOOWWW? It has to be EPIC!

    Imagine a spooky house with hidden tablets in photo frames etc. and TVs that turn on when you enter a room playing spooky sounds and popping up scary images when you get too close. Haunting children’s music echoing through the house as you approach the baby’s room and the doll in the
    crib blankly stares up at you as you hear a soft “mama?” coming from somewhere …

    So yes. Homemade pressure plates and beams could give you the “location” of your visitors and could be used as a trigger to play certain video clips, show spooky images or even play music (or you could use a face recognition with the Pi’s camera capabilities). The Pi could be used as a server to control other Pi’s or PCs (as I said even tablets in the house hidden from sight). The earphone jack means speakers can be connected and the Bluetooth can connect Bluetooth speakers.
    The Pi can run Windows 10 so your imagination is your only limit (insane updates that cannot be stopped and pop up at the worst of times excluded)
    The best part of the Wi-Fi … I can control an entire haunted house loaded with effects and creep factor … from my phone. No one will even know. So things that cannot be automated (or not easily) I can control from outside my house while enjoying Halloween treats with my friends!

    SO to recap:
    Cameras, pressure plates, HDMI used for spooky pics or videos and sounds on TVs etc.
    Sound through earphone jacks, Bluetooth to connect speakers in other rooms and
    Wi-Fi to trigger effects etc. with my phone.

    So I may not rule the world with the new Pi but I would rule a haunted house.
    (Of course the rest of the year you can still have an automated house but with less “creep” factor but let’s be real here MY way is more fun)

    • Afrihost

      This is great! 🙂 Love your use of new features on the Pi 3 such as built-in WiFi!

      A good Haunted House is needed in SA! 😉 Good luck, Stacey-Lee!

      • Thanks
        I think doing an open house haunted house for the neighborhood would be great the neighbors would get a kick out of it as Halloween is starting to take off here in SA and a lot of kids have started trick or treating. I will also be able to use existing infrastructure to make it work so no additional costs will have to go into it! And like I said … Fun!

  • Darryn van der Walt

    I would love to create a personal assistant, kind of like what Amazon Echo does, or the upcoming Google Home. Would be great to be working in the kitchen and have an always on assistant listening when you ask it questions about a recipe/ingredient. Or basic home automation things like ‘turn the lights on, or boil some water’, when it’s synced up to other home automation devices/lights

    • Afrihost

      Great idea! Cortana used with Windows 10 IoT comes to mind! 🙂

  • Erfort

    The pi will be used to automate a house both safely and for energy saving. I would adjust windows, set alarms, check the local envorment all from the inetrface i would build with the pi

    • Afrihost

      Sounds great! Love your environmentally conscious approach! 🙂 Good luck!

  • I would use my Raspberry Pi to create a media server, so i dont always have to move my PC around the house every night to watch my new episodes or movies! Not just a movie center but to be able to control my houses lights and security system. Accessible by IP from anywhere in the world, so I can check to see if my security is on or turn on the lights when it becomes night time. I would also want it to be able to dim the lights into a theatre like setting when I start playing series or movies. Also add like a cool LED lighting behind the TV to change colours appropriately xD idk – I’ve always wanted a Pi, mostly for experimental reasons, I love new devices, especially when you can do what ever you want with it. I would also love exploring what other people do with it and testing their projects out.

    • Kevin

      If you get an Amazon Echo and the Philips Hue lights, you can do all that with just your voice. They make LED light bulbs and LED light strips. For the media side of things, if you have an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV,or any smart home theater system, you can use Plex. It’s a media service for your series, movies, pics and vids. Just set up the server on your PC and you can access it on any device.

    • Afrihost

      Nice! Like your combination of media and home automation!

      • Thanks. Hope the 1GB of RAM would be enough! 😛

  • Johan ‘Boeta’ Brink

    I’d like to use this Raspberry Pi 3 to create a cheap and cost-effective educational tool to teach other persons on how to start programming to enhance their lives to the fullest extent. Programming is the future of our society, and linking hardware to software, is a method of starting a journey of a thousand kilometers by taking the first step.

    • Afrihost

      The Raspberry Pi focuses development at its core. Along with it being more cost effective than a regular PC, it’s a fantastic way of introducing more people to the ever growing world of tech! Great suggestion! 🙂

  • Roald Greyling

    I would like to use a Raspberry pi in numerous projects like building a Sentry gun, using it to open my garage door through a wifi network or simply making a media player with kodi.

  • Nicolas Saal

    This Raspberry Pi could help a school in Mitchells Plain. #grace2learn

    • Afrihost

      This is a fantastic idea! ✋

    • Duncan Withers

      Nice idea. It reminds me of the tuxlab projects (Which you should google if you have not already). No matter what happens with the competition, keep at it. Education is critically important to our future.

  • Sven Kroger

    I am going to use it as hacking tool to bring down the Afrihost Server 😉 But most likely it will be made into a home media streamer/server.

    • Afrihost

      Hey hey hey! We’re watching ya 😆

  • Leon Bezuidenhout

    Very keen to try out home automation with a Pi 3. With a Arduino and a Pi 3 along with some cool sensors I could monitor my security system, switch on my lights, aircons etc. and even check on how much water the dog has been drinking. Would be lekker to play around with all the possibilities.

    • Afrihost

      Endless possibilities! 😋

  • Yaseen Karbelkar

    Would create a dslr time lapse photography rig

    • Afrihost

      Flashy idea 😂

  • Kyle Giliam

    I would use it on my solar panel installation to try rotate the panels to the sun and control the flow of power 😉

    • Afrihost

      POWER! 👌

  • JJ

    A Raspberry Pi 3 is the coolest Tech out!!!
    The new Raspberry Pi 3 is sooooo much more powerful than it’s predecessors and I would use it to create a new Media centre for myself using
    I’d also install RetroPie which would allow me to download old games … via Afrihost of course!!!

    • Afrihost

      Retro gaming <3

  • Kabelo Rakubu

    I will Use the Raspberry Pi 3 to build a media center i have a lot of movies saved on my external drive if not watching from my drive i will use it to stream from Netflix or Amazon Prime.

    • Afrihost

      Netflix is awesome!

  • Ashton Obery

    My dream is to become a programmer. This would be the perfect headsup for me!! This would mean so much for me. I’ve started very late in my life to love all things IT. This would just help me on my journey to become a programmer and change my life forever 😉

    • Afrihost

      It really is an awesome piece of kit in terms of potential!

  • Adrian Phipps

    Ha the time is exactly 3:14, coincidence? I think not. Well played. We all like a sneaking in a bit of non-work browsing while jumping on the work’s super fast connection but are mortified when we feel that ominous tap on the shoulder and turn to face our boss who looks like somebody who has just ingested a box of vinegar soaked lemons right? Well with my Raspberry Pi I would set up a Bluetooth enabled in/out system which tracks your family, family or frenemy’s movements, you’d just need a Bluetooth tongle, a monitor and of course your Pi, easy as Pi right.

    • Afrihost

      Well spotted! Hahah, your idea is great! 😂

  • Aequitas

    I’d use the Pi, a wooden cube, and conductive paint to create a game controller / custom game 🙂

    I’d have runes on the controller that are matched in the game, so you have to rotate the controller to play the game.

    • Afrihost

      Unique idea! 👍

  • Tiaan Smith

    THAT IS BEYOND DOPE!! Raspberry Pi 3 rocks just as much as Afrihost!You guys are the best n the business!! Honestly,I don’t know what it is and I’m not THAT tech savvy,but it looks awesome and It would be awesome to update my tech knowledge while I figure this thing out and do something awesome with it. 😉 🙂 #AfriSwag

    • Afrihost

      Best of luck Tiaan and thanks for the LOVE! 😍

  • Jacques van Zuydam

    Thing I love about the Raspberry Pi, is that putting a new OS on it is so simple. I already have running a modified Rasbian OS on an old B model, but it just doesn’t have the power any more.

    What I really want to do with a few Pi systems though is a home security, adding camera’s to the Pi 3 and using the built in wifi to relay and scan the images for faces, and log the comings and goings outside my yard. Call me paranoid but there are a lot of people moving around outside that I don’t know about.

    I’ve heard of someone doing something similar with licence plates and automating his electric gate. Which I also think would be awesome to try.

    Play Minecraft, for free… They released the light Minecraft for Rasbian a while ago, wouldn’t mind trying that out.

    I’ve also been wanting to build an alert system, something that would tell me when my power goes off at home or keep tabs on my internet speed and notify me when it’s fluctuating…

    Oh well, there are a lot of other great ideas from everyone else, may the best man win… 😉

    • Afrihost

      Changing OS easily is a huge benefit! 🙌

      • Jacques van Zuydam

        The other thing I was thinking of trying was using it as an audio synth, with my midi controller plugged into it… Could make some original electronic tunes 😉

  • SlasherZA

    I would create a cost effective heat recycling system for use during the winter months in SA. Due to the way SA houses are built / utilised, a lot of heat is lost within the ceilings of houses with temperatures easily varying by 10′ plus in the winter. I would create a basic system using thermometer modules, switching relays, fans and vents on motors to monitor the different in temperature and, if the house is below a certain temperature and the roof has enough warm air, open the vents, circulate the warm air down into the house and once the temperature difference normalises enough, close the vents.

    The vents open and close to prevent warm air from rising into the roof, as well as to make it look much prettier than an open hole / mesh grill in the house.

    This is a low powered system that uses existing heat that is wasted to heat up a house by a couple of degrees using only a couple of fans.

    • Afrihost

      Excellent eco-friendly idea here! 🍃

  • Kevin

    I would use it to automate my house with the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a hands free device that you control with your voice. With the Raspberry Pi and a bit of Python, the Echo can be used to control nearly anything in your house! You can ask Alexa to turn your TV, Computer on and off. Say good morning to Alexa and through the Raspberry Pi, your Coffee machine will turn on, ready to make that delicious brew! The possibilities are nearly endless! So that’s what I would do with the Raspberry Pi.

    • Afrihost

      #TeamIronMan 👌

  • bobbo_sa

    I will be combining the Raspberry Pi with my ESP8266 network of IOT devices to manage my MQTT internal communication as well as the external communication via Blynkk.

    • Afrihost

      A Pi does seem well suited to IoT setups! 👍

  • Isrár Mohamed

    I’d use the Rasberry Pi 3 to put together an interactive monitor. The monitor would sit in the kitchen and potentially display today’s weather and latest news, being very useful when getting ready for work in the mornings. I’d also be able to access good recipes for when I get home from work and want to put together a quick meal. It would be nice to hook some speakers up to it as well, allowing me to play some music or podcasts while I’m busy in the kitchen.

    • Afrihost

      Kitchen computing! Excellent 😀

      • Isrár Mohamed

        Precisely! Also the Rasbery Pi 3 specs are perfect for this.

  • mdw466

    Il Use it to program a drone to capture elite images and monitor as well as be survellence to my home

    • Afrihost

      Definitely a good tool for surveillance 🤓

  • Garret Cunningham

    I would create a high-tech mirror that shows you the weather, time, and the day’s headlines while you’re getting ready for the day, using a one way mirror.

    • Afrihost

      Making mornings easier, we’re on board!

  • Ferdi

    I would definitely use it to build a drone! I’ve done every bit of research on how to build the drone… Now just needing that Pi… 😃

    • Afrihost

      Pie in the sky idea!

  • Ruan Myburgh

    Eat it.. Sounds pretty goooooooooooooooood.

    • Afrihost

      Oh no…

  • Monty

    Build a custom mirror frame, mount the Pi and a cheep screen in it, and then throw a two way mirror on top of everything. Set up the pi with a weather source or two, maybe a link with google maps to show your daily commute times, and pull your calendar information in as well.

    And just like that, you can have a smart mirror providing you with important and useful information

    • Afrihost

      Magic Mirror 👏

  • AnonymousTollie

    I am already using one for home automation and am controlling the lights, geyser, alarm and garage door, etc. over the Internet. I need to expand this system and the PI3 with it’s build-in wifi and bluetooth will make it even easier.
    I am running the GPIO through a custom designed MCP23017 based board that handles the output to the devices as well as the hardware inputs from wall switches, sensors and the like. This way you can control the irrigation taking the current weather AND the weather forecast into account. You can also run a timer on the PI to switch lights on/off at random times when you are on holiday. You can also do fancy things like smart lights and switch lights on/off based on the occupancy in a room.
    By coupling the PI with relay boards it gives you a very cheap and easy to maintain system, but the only down side to this is the cabling required though the house, but with a new development it is not too much extra effort or cost.
    The low-cost of the PI and the fact that it can run it’s own easy to use and upgrade O/S makes it ideal for this project. You don’t need a dedicated PC to control any of the home automation and this leaves a small footprint.

    • Afrihost

      Pi’s are really well suited to home automation… 🏠

  • Michael Doye

    I would continue my quest to build a smart mirror using the Pi3. Complete with weather updates, motion sensors and voice activation (I’m a programmer). I already have 80% of the required ingredients. Would be super rad to build it using the Pi3!

    • Afrihost

      Rad idea for sure! 🖼

  • Darin

    I am UBER new to the Raspberry Pi community. I got my hands on one last week to test at our church and it blew my mind. I can’t believe how powerful these little critters were. Would love to have one for my department to use. #DynomiteInSmallPackages #YouRaspberryLetMeTryIt #CoolHashtagsWinRaspberryBerryBerryCoolPrizes

    • Afrihost

      It’s a great entry to the tech community! 😉

  • x10sion

    I would use it to make a mini media server and monitoring device for my daughters room so she can watch the kiddies stuff of my media center so she can watch harry potter, while i can watch her to make sure she doesnt draw symbols on the wall warding devils off like they do in supernatural. This will allow my wife and i to watch Game of Thrones in the lounge in all Daenerys of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, glory 😉

    • Afrihost

      We’ve got a Targaryen in the house! 😜

  • NoWayJose

    I would use it to introduce my two daughters to tech as there are very few girlswomen in the technology sector.

    • Afrihost

      It’s a great educational tool! 💯

  • Nemus

    I am busy developing an app and software package, which I would require the Pi to test on, as that would be the affordable platform on which i want to roll out. Our communities do not have PCs or Laptops.

    • Afrihost

      Great idea, Nemus! 👌

  • Armand Aspeling

    My end goal would be to setup a Seedbox along with a Media Server, automate the whole thing and sit back, relax and watch some video (lol), BUT I would like to start learning some programming first, maybe try out some cool things I saw on Reddit and have bookmarked for future use *cough*. Last but not least I will brag that I have the only Raspberry Pi out of all my friends.

    • Afrihost

      Bragging rights?! 😋

  • WynDiesel

    The Rpi3 would server as the mothership of my robotic hordeto to pursue my lifelong dream and goal of world domination. Or, you know… to use a mail/proxy server.

    • Afrihost

      Oh no… back at it again with the world domination!

  • vexersa

    I’d like to build a drone that scans for network vulnerabilities, exploits them, injects packets into the vulnerable network to display images for image tags stating that the network is insecure and that someone should probably fix it.

    • Afrihost

      Hey hey hey, calm down Mr. Robot!

  • Eric Swanepoel

    This will be my new media server for watching movies and later be used to access my cctv system.

    • Afrihost

      Niiiiice 👍

  • Boxer bike

    I would like to use a Raspberry Pi 3 to add functionality to my car by firstly using the LCD interface for use as a touch screen based media display, traffic information display and also as a reverse camera display using a USB camera. With the onboard camera interface I would add the latest 8MPixel Pi NoIR camera V2 and use it for a dash cam or possibly use OpenCV to try do collision avoidance detection and/or image recognition of stuff like traffic light state and stop sign detection. The serial port on the I/O connector will be interfaced to a GPS receiver to parse the NMEA data from the GPS and used for trip information display.

    • Afrihost

      Could really be good in a vehicle! Slick idea 🙌

  • Jonathan Garratt Dennis Edgcum

    Hmmm. What would I do with a raspberry pi? Well I would write to Dean from supernatural and mention that I have Pi. Naturally he would assume that I have Pie and would come over right away seeing as pie is his favourite food item. Once he gets to my place and finds out there is no pie I will apologize and use my Raspberry pi to watch supernatural with the greatest character ever from the show. Then of course order pie while watching pie videos on my pi. It would be the most glorious pie-seption ever.

    • Afrihost

      Supernatural fans are everywhere! Carry on my wayward son…😃

  • Johann Erasmus

    As an avid GoPro fanatic I would add an LCD to the PI and use it as a remote to view and take photos and videos.. why not just buy the “gopro remote” for R1000 – what are you an animal?

    • Afrihost

      Hahah! 🐴

  • stoffelsdutoit

    I’m planning to either use it as a retro media center to play old school games, or to set it up to act as an Amazon Echo and to use it to automate my house by speaking into my watch. Please, give me the future!

    • Afrihost

      The future is here… kinda! 😋

  • dataphile

    I’m working on a Blender + Unity Augmented Reality home automation interface. Currently the switches are simulated in the virtual environment but I’m going to need a Raspberry Pi soon to move forward.

    • Afrihost

      Ex Machina fan? Yes!

  • Darryn Britton

    I would use a Pi3 for one of two things:

    1.) A controller for home automation to manage my cameras, lights etc. Or, even better:
    2.) A platform for openCV (via infrared camera) detection and notification for our hexacoptor drones.

    • Afrihost

      Good choices! 🙌

  • Llewellyn

    I’ll use my raspberry pi 3 for home automation. Just think about it… Turn your home on (or off) from your mobile…

    • Afrihost

      Very fancy 😀

  • Warren Harvey

    My car is demanding me to replace the radio with a touch screen infotainment system integrating into existing car sensors while offering new UI to display the info as well as adding new sensors, LED display matrices and cameras so my little silver SUV can get closer to reaching its dream of becoming the road dominating batmobile

    • Afrihost

      Always be Batman.

  • Arno Janse van Rensburg

    Magnum-Pi (remember that show in the 80’s 🙂 ) , allow me to explain, with the amount of crime / accidents etc. in our country we could benefit from a wireless device (seeing that the city I stay in – Tshwane – has one of the biggest WiFi coverage in SA) that will be Geo-tagged, it will easily accessible to the general public (button panel mounted on a street pole for example) to push one of it’s three buttons that could automatically call the Police, Fire department or emergency services to the device’s Geo location. This will save time to deploy any of the services required by the general public.

    A built-in web cam can also stream / record video of the scene to assist the police for example to serve as proof in a court of law.

    Installation of smoke / gas sensors can also allow the Magnum-Pi to operate autonomously to for example contact the fire department in case of fire when excessive amounts of smoke is detected.

    The device could also serve a dual purpose for being an online information kiosk providing information about POI in the immediate area, crime statistics, weather etc by utilizing a small touch screen panel.

    In this way we all can benefit from this new technology making our cities a saver place for all of us to share.

    • Afrihost

      Very well thought out here Arno! ✋

  • clarkito

    id set it up to make a media center so that i can watch movies via the hdmi port linked to an external via usb..

    • Afrihost

      Movies with popcorn & Pi ☺️

  • Ben

    Considering how me and some fellow geeks made one lucky hamster tweet during a hackethon (
    You can only expect greatness from one of these in my hands.
    One idea is to create a music transport for all my lossless music. I’ve been thinking about using pi3 together with the saber dac chip for decoding the flacs. I will build a server that will provide the streams.
    Alternative, build my own double din 7″ car radio. Add gps, gsm, bluetooth, and a very nice system can be made. Pi3 is strong enough for a decent frontend. Slap waze on there, and your favorite music player or music streaming service.
    With afrihost mobile data, streaming will he affordable

    • Afrihost

      Streaming radio is a pretty sick idea! 😁

      • Ben

        and here I though you would comment on my tweeting hamster…
        On topic… it is all about centralising resources. Everyone is doing it. Why spread music over multiple sources if you have the tech and knowledge to stream from multiple sources? Ie, the car radio can have SD card, hdu, bluetooth from phone, or internet radio. The squeezebox clone can source lossless media from media server, laptop, phone, etc…
        Which brings me back to simfy… They should really look at higher bitrates. Not every one listens to doof doof over compressed music… the Cincinnati Philharmonic orchestra rendition of 1812 is… is… atrocious. You should hear it on vinyl (or flac from vinyl if you are digitally inclined)

        • Afrihost

          Hmmm, not sure if most users are ready for Hi-fidelity audio just yet! PS. Love the hamster idea too 😂

  • Tony Koch

    I have a well equipped home with Cat6 cabling sent to about 10 different points around the house. I also have two Ubiquiti AC Long range access points installed in my ceiling.

    I have spent all this money and gone to all this effort to ensure a media hub central in my home. My three kids can stream music, watch series while I stream my sport to my tv in my bar and my wife catches up on her latest series, all through our raspberry pi.

    When away from home I can keep up to date with the sport or latest series my using my pi as a vpn.

    Give the prize to someone who knows what to do with it!!!

    • Afrihost

      Home automation is definitely a great use for the Pi 😉

  • Wayne

    I think the key to your question should be which project will you do first with the PI3 because it’s not meant to be left alone. You need to continually tinker with it, you can’t leave it performing one task… once mastered, move to the next project. So as a start, there are various projects that I would like to try. First thing to do is attempt to get Android Marshmallow installed and hooked up to the TV ( Next would be getting it configured for home surveillance using motionEye and my PS3 camera ( Would also like to hook up the “Is the toilet free” project at work too (… Having a PI is like being a kid in a sweet shop! Too many choices!!

    • Afrihost

      Kid in a sweet shop – great metaphor 👊

  • Mierzen

    I would like to start with monitoring temperatures inside and outside my house.

    I would then use that for converting my boring home to a smart home, automatically controlling the lighting of my fish tanks according to the real lighting level outside, and identify areas in my house where energy savings will be possible.

    • Afrihost

      Smart homes are the future – and you’re saving the planet at the same time! 👍

  • Joan Snyman

    Our local politicians have made politics so entertaining and inviting. I would have to use my PI 3 to stay tuned to all the Gupta, Zuma antics and make funny videos so like Trevor Noah i too can become famous and earn dollars lol This pensioner is now tired to be broke.
    Perhaps the hawks is going to employ me to start investigations for them 🙂

    On a serious note, I will be able to catch up on all that is relative and crazy in good old South Africa!

    • Afrihost

      How would you use the Pi here? ☺️

  • Tehilah Slabbert

    ****Insert Generic yet witty comment here****

    Ok, now that I have diverted your attention away I shall eat all the Raspberry Pi!!!
    Wait? What do you mean it is not an edible pie?

    • Afrihost

      Please don’t eat it 😋

  • Anlyn Seafield

    I’d clap together a home automation system and control everything like a BOSS!!!

    • Afrihost

      Like a BOSS! 😄

  • Michael Lockett

    Ah, this is where we have to comment to enter. Well, as I mentioned earlier…some of the first things that come to mind for uses for the raspberry pi are home automation, almost infinite projects with arduino or building your own 3D printer. So many possibilities…

    • Afrihost

      Infinite possibilities await!

  • Luke

    I’ve already built a home automation system that uses the Pi 2. I’ve love to be able to enhance the processing power with the Pi 3.

    • Afrihost

      What kind of improvements would the new Pi give you? 🤔

      • Luke

        My current GPIO pins are all full. Having an extra Pi would allow for me to connect more devices. The last time I shredded the contactor for the geyser which pissed the wife off to no end but I’ve got my wiring sorted out now so ready to tackle it again. Just need another Pi.

  • Lorenzo Spazzoli

    would use the Raspberry Pi for a home server on my afrihost 4meg
    uncapped line, I will use dns exit to get a URL that i could use to
    connect to from my phone for home automation, i will do port forwarding
    and attempt to use the gpio pins to monitor my
    home electricity use and hopefully develop a way to use an android
    device to switch off applications. I will attempt to optimize my home
    power using AI and set up sensors to turnoff lights when there is no
    motion detected in rooms. My plan is eventually open source the software
    and charge for installation so that users can have full home automation
    installed for under R10 000 which is much cheaper than other home
    automation units and this home automation system will attempt to lower
    most users power consumption . I will, also program many apps and use
    the raspberry pi to compile c programs for my computer science degree
    while logged in to windows i would use an app called mobaxterm to
    connect to the pi. I would use it to test networking software that i
    create. My final dream is to put a raspberry pi on a drone and configure
    it to be controllable from a website. I hope to use Afrihost’s 1gb of
    mobile data to connect to the drone to manage controls and image

    • Afrihost

      Crazy cool ideas 😁

  • PsYk3s

    So in recent events we have been looking at ways to automate homes of the disabled, working with a home automation expert and a physiotherapist. I think Raspberry Pi 3 would a massive leap forward in a home automation scene considering the low cost and bluetooth/wifi capabilities. With the Raspberry Pi 3 I would potentially put together a plan for the unexpectedly disabled and existing disabled community to inexpensively enhance their homes to be as comfortable and easy to in as us all. 🙂 I am sure there are many other uses for the Pi 3! But this one is the most important.. lets hope. I think I’ll get 1 anyway

    • Afrihost

      Very thoughtful idea here :3

  • Abduraghmaan Van Oordt

    I would use it to automate my home. Blinds,Curtain Drops, Lights, Hot Water Geyser, check plug sockets in use etc. Go Green Baby!

    • Afrihost

      Green is good! 🍃

  • Where do I start? Well I’d like to win the Raspberry Pi 3 well let’s all remember that it’s the 3rd generation of the pi’s it comes with a 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CP did I mention the capabilities of it via using the Bluetooth wireless lan AkA WAN? Full hdmi port, video core iv 3D graphics core I mean it’s like the PI 2 but only better and that’s the reason I’d love to own 1 by winning 1 from Afrihost

    • Afrihost

      They are awesome little devices!

  • Johan Laas

    Hi afrihost. I’ve always been into programming and want to study it further. With the raspberry pi 3 which has so much more capabilities than its predecessors, I would make multiple uses of it and make a multitude of projects. Making a door lock with Bluetooth that unlocks as soon as my phone connects to it. Starting a drone and studying all the programming involved with it. Make a media center for my TV that streams directly from the Internet on my very capable data supplied by you guys. The possibilities are endless. The main job I have for it though, is to develop it in respect of my career. I’m a student studying quantity surveying and thus I would make it a handheld organizer to use on site and the office by easily feeding drawings to the pi and program it to analyze the quantities needed in a flash.
    Awesome little device with endless possibilities.
    Thanks you for considering this entry.
    Johan Laas

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for the entry Johan! And best of luck 😋

  • Alon Nitzan

    Simply put i would use it for Retro Pi. Who does not LOVE old retro games

    • Afrihost

      Oooooh we love retro games ‼️

  • Jaco Theunissen

    Want make my room automated. Lights. Tv on. Feed my fish. Or saw a video of a guitar effects maker. That would be awesome

    • Afrihost

      Pretty cool ideas Jaco!

  • Nikheel Rajman

    I would love to make a media centre with the Raspberry PI! Also I would love to run Linux on it and learn to use Linux on it

    • Afrihost

      It’s a great learning tool!

  • Marius Meyer

    I would use the Raspberry Pi 3 as a controller unit for a home-build 3D printer.

    • Afrihost

      Ooooh, that’s a super cool idea! 👌

  • Michael Bredell

    We have a problem at home. My girlfriend is attached to our cat that has never been outside. I am trying to train him to go outside but she is worried he would run away so the cat lives inside 24.7. With my Raspberry Pi 3 I would turn our cat into “Internet Cat” by attaching the Raspberry Pie to a harness attached our cat. Raspberry Pie will use mobile and GPS technology to send our cats GPS location to the cloud and then back to me so he can never get lost. Girlfriend will be happy and so will I. And “Internet Cat” can terrorize the neighborhood in peace with his cool new tech. 🙂

    • Afrihost

      PieCat 😺

      • Michael Bredell

        haha I almost forgot – The Raspberry Pi has the ability to cater for a camera. So that has to be added! would be so awesome to watch!!

  • Wayne

    I’ve wanted a Pi for so many years but have never taken the leap.
    Would love to have one so I can finally get a home theatre up and running and play around with some home automation projecs.

    • Afrihost

      They’re great for home media :O

  • James Pearce Lishman

    I have been craving to dump DSTV and make a network coupled access point to Showmax Netflix and Youtube and at 70 years old this could be my last project before I get too old

    • Afrihost

      Never too old to have fun with technology! 👏

  • Jaco Roselt

    I would like to build a Touchscreen Car PC for my 1975 Chev C10. It will have a GPS receiver, FM Radio Receiver, a harddisk, 3G Modem and DVD-drive. I will use the Raspberry Pi 3’s built-in Bluetooth and Wifi to enable music and video playback from any cellphone or tablet. The GPS will be used for navigation and tracking of the vehicle. The 3G modem will give access to the internet on the Pi and it will create a Wifi Hotspot for use in the car. I would also like to connect various sensors from the car to the GPIO and display it for information. Using the internet connection, the CarPC will also be able to stream music from the internet. Would really like to have the Pi 3 for the extra speed!

    • Afrihost

      Yeah, that’s awesome! 👌

  • mohammed moolla

    Firstly I would like to finally get rid of DSTV and their ridiculous prices. More importantly, I think the Pi will give me what I truly need, an outlet for my 3 year old as we embark on training the next generation of Gian Vissers!

    • Afrihost

      Hahah 😂

  • AshtonKJ

    I would love a PI. Want to set up a home media server / file server. Might also do a little home automation with it.

    • Afrihost

      Excellent! 🙂 Thanks for your entry!

  • Danny Baromen

    I have been turning Rpi’s into home media players for about 2 years now… the new Rpi3 is just going to make them more powerful and intuitive!

    • Afrihost

      Building your own super server! 😄

  • ian_stagib

    I would like to create a retro gaming console with my raspberri pi in the same spirit as the snes pc’s. I would retrofit a broken console with the pi and end up with a nostalgia inducing machine powered by the versatility of the pi and a linux OS and some loving care put into the interface and art of the platform.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds awesome! We’d challenge you to Street Fighter II! 🎇

  • Joshua Alexandre

    This is perfect. I would use the Raspberry Pi to build an ‘analog clock’ for my mom that shows the location of our family throughout the day.

    Taking the original idea from the Weasley Burroughs (yes, as in Harry Potter), instead of numbers I’ll have labels such as ‘Home’, ‘Work’, ‘Travelling’ etc. on the face of the clock, and pictures of each family member on the hands. I’ll then send data from an app called Life360 to the Raspberry Pi which, connected to a small motor, will set the position of each hand.

    IoT for the win!

    • Afrihost

      Is your mom a Harry Potter fan, perhaps? LOVE your idea! Good luck! 😄

  • Luke Hibbert

    I am currently working on a gesture controlled robot arm. Input is provided by an IMU as well as bunch of EMG sensors that wirelessly communicate with a PC base. The PC then interprets the command, does some inverse kinematic calculations and sends the specific movement commands to an Arduino to move the arm. The end goal is to have this be a device for partially disabled or bedridden people, to use to assist them in everyday life in an intuitive way that is non invasive and easy to learn. The major problem at the moment is that it is going to need a base PC connected all the time limiting mobility and user friendliness. I want to use a Pi as the base station PC and make the entire robot arm one package with no peripherals required. Using a PI may even make it worthwhile to make the entire device mobile. Thinking of putting it on a moving base with omni wheels, greatly increasing its usefulness to all. So yes, a Pi would be great.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds very high tech, but at the same time, visions of the movie Idle Hands come to mind! 😁 Good luck, Luke!

      • Luke Hibbert

        Well if the user is the Devil and Anton Tobias is the robot arm then vaguely yes. Although this will most likely be used for more average tasks, like making and pouring coffee from bed with the flick of a wrist. With the Pi i could make it mobile and have a video stream. So with a few flicks of your wrist you can make coffee in the kitchen from bed and have it delivered to you. The hardware design is done and the last few parts are being manufactured or are on their way to me. Will he starting the software side of things early next month when I have time again. Being able to run it on the Pi and through Linux will also make it far easier to open source the whole thing eventually.

        • Afrihost

          Sounds like you’ve got some pretty great ideas! best of luck 🙂

  • Kyle Liebenberg

    I’ll use it to build a BrewPi – a pi and arduino based temperature controller used to control the temperature in the fermentation chamber that I ferment my homebrew beer in. The built in Wifi means that I won’t need to use up a USB port for a Wifi dongle and the extra RAM and CPU power will handle the web interface of this contraption without breaking a sweat!

  • Hugo Coetzee

    To be honest I’ve got no idea what I would do with it. I would search online for awesome projects and start from there. Maybe build a 3d printer with 10 micron capability with an auto detecting coffee mug warmer on top. As I said I’ve got no idea but it would never end up as an white elephant.

    • Afrihost

      You had me at coffee! ☕ Good luck, Hugo!

  • Dean Kennedy

    I would like to use the Pi to create low cost internet access interfaces for poor rural schools using WiFi.

    • Afrihost

      Let’s get the whole world connected! 🙂

  • Shayur Kisten

    I would use a Raspberry Pi as a makeshift home surveillance system (mainly from my room). With the Pi as well as any camera that is able to connect to the Pi via a USB cable and of course some coding (most likely in Python), the Pi would be able to save the recorded data into an external hard drive. If the camera could connect to the Pi wirelessly (through Wifi or Bluetooth), the Pi and camera wouldn’t even have to be in the same room. This would also enable multiple cameras in multiple places to be connected to the Pi. If there was also an infrared sensor or any other motion sensor, the camera could be activated only when the sensor is triggered and monitor whoever triggered it. To take this a step further, to disable the recording when the sensor is activated (like when you are allowed to be in the room), a biometric scanner (such as a finger print scanner) could be available for the person to use and if the fingerprint is aproved, the program running on the Pi will switch off the recording. The possibilities with this kind of project are almost endless

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for your entry! 🙂 Good luck!

  • DarrylBoy

    Would love me some Pi. Have a few projects I’d like to do starting with and internet connection monitor! Absolutely love this little guy! Maybe I’ll finally even learn Python!

    • Afrihost

      This is a great device to start learning most coding languages! ☺

  • Kalvin Guhring

    I’ve been looking at Raspberry Pi 3 for a DIY quadcopter I’m looking to build, using a 3D printer I’ll print the chassis and the mounting area for the board, using basic gyro boards with on board digital outputs ill be able to control my motor relation speed, this speed will be controlled with a built on H-bridge (or dc motor driver built onto the gyro board) in which a PWM signal will be sent (changing the duty cycle will be the way to change rotation speed of the motors). You may think the Pi is not the correct chip for this application and the main reason why I’m choosing to use the Pi is due to the fact that i may need a strong processor to live stream an 8MP camera through the WiFi without an external dongle (thinking of using a short range antennae adapter to increase my receive range of my controller).

    The second project I’m planning is a low power NAS (Network Attached Storage) for a mobile 4×4 home, due to the fact that there is a restriction in the solar panels capacities the lower the consumption the better, which is where the Pi 3 is the best due to the fact that the internal WiFi capabilities use extremely little current to operate in combination with 2.5″ hard drives plugged into the Pi’s USB ports (this has been done by many however they usually have external power sources to power large capacity drives, which for me isn’t an option).

    I have some other ideas but these are my main two that I’m looking to complete in the near future.

    • Afrihost

      Love your use of the new built-in features! 🙂 Good luck, Kalvin!

  • Werner

    I would do one of two things…

    1) Integrate this Pi into my home security system, so that it can send me a push notification whenever my alarm goes off and also automatically arm/disarm the system when I leave/arrive home. This Pi would also allow me to hook my smart lights to my home security system.

    2) Use it convert a an HD projector into as smart wireless projector that runs Kodi/Plex/Netflix/Showmax etc. This will clean up my living room nicely.

    • Afrihost

      You could do both. Scare off intruders by automatically playing the worst movies rated by Netflix/Showmax! 😂

      • Werner

        I like it! Maybe some lines like “you’ll never get away with this” of “freeze mother$%@#$%” from various movies. 😛

        • Afrihost

          “Say hello to my little friend”

  • Mary-Rose Nel

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3, I use it to replace my old mediaplayer which is a piece of crap. I’d download and install XBMC or OpenELEC
    The new version 3 of the Pi is powerful enough to show Full HD videos.
    Whoop Whoop

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! 🙂 The built-in WifFi will come in handy here!

  • Henry Kotze

    I use my Raspberry Pi for an autonomous car which finds blocks with given colour. It uses OpenCV and determines the nearest block. Than It will drive to it, pick it up and return the block. With the raspberry pi 3 I will be able to use SLAM algorithm’s with my xbox kinect sensor to create a 3D graph of the car’s environment.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like an AWESOME project! 🙂 🚙

  • I saw a post on the internet a while ago about a guy that used an antique radio shell and built an “antique” internet radio. I would love to take that idea and build my own jukebox. Get an old jukebox that is not in working order for cheap, Get the Raspberry Pi in there with a decent hard drive and a touchscreen. I think it would look friggin amazing in my living room. The cool thing about the Pi is that you can always do more. Have a jukebox that can connect to your tv for video playback or whatever. Endless posibilities.

    • Afrihost

      Ooooh! Make sure you invite us for the party! 🎶

  • Doné Else

    Turn it into a media home centre by using a open source

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! 🙂 What OS would you use?

      • Doné Else

        The OS I would use would be linix mint since it was developed by a South Africa and I would install KODI as my media centre player

  • Matt Merks

    I’d use it in conjunction with solar panels and a 3G stick to create a solar-powered camera setup that would take photos every minute in a game park.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds amazing! How would you store the photos?

      • Matt Merks

        Uploading to ftp(already an afrihost client) and displaying on my website

        • Afrihost

          Love it! Good luck!

  • Bernardt Joubert

    I have an idea to build a device with a Raspberry PI. It will capture foot traffic in shopping centers, or wherever there is a need to capture foot traffic.

    I will use either a range finder or an infrared sensor to detect the movement at entrances. The code in the Raspberry PI will handle all the traffic logic and POST the data back to an Azure Web service that I will create with ASP.Net MVC 5, and will also expose a web client with a url to access the relevant data based on time and date. The data will be saved in to a SQL Server database.

    I will then create a Windows 10 application that will consume the Azure web service API and display similar data to the web client – this allows for 2 flavours of client access. I want to build in some logic that will send a mobile SMS to the relevant customer who is interested in this data, such as daily, weekly or monthly foot traffic stats. This also allows for further types of sensor data to be sent and saved in the Azure web service, to make the solution extensible.

    This data could potentially be captured by one of the Azure Machine Learning API’s, and traffic patterns can be established to determine which time of the day, week, month or even year is the busiest. This could lead to some really good reports for owners of shops, showing them when they might need more staff on a shift or when they should keep more stock at hand because of busy traffic. They could also compare foot traffic rates to sales rates, to determine whether there are periods where they have visitors in the store who aren’t buying as much, relatively.

    • Afrihost

      Really cool idea for lots of juicy data analytics! 🙂

  • Ashley Rajam

    I would use this as a hybrid media center PC and download PC. Always wanted to try a Pi, tried an android player before but it wasn’t dope. Would like to know if this performs better.

    • Afrihost

      The beauty of the Pi is that you can turn it into whatever you want! 🙂

  • SemiautomatixZA

    I’m looking at Pis to bring cheap “build your own PCs” to scholars. The concept is a little rough around the edges as the majority of learners won’t have access to HDMI capable TVs. Once the Pi Zero becomes readily available this could become even more realistic!

    • SemiautomatixZA

      Philanthropic projects aside, for a personal project perhaps an old skool arcade machine for my kids (OK, for me).

      • Afrihost

        Oh yeah! Retro gaming! 😄

    • Afrihost

      Awesome idea! 🙂 Education is one of the core purposes of the Pi!

  • Daniel Novello

    Never been shaped, throttled, limited or Capped. The bees have knees and they below to Afrihost. Kodi on my pi for AirPlay streaming.. Also love tinkering with Python.. RuneAudio also works awesome on the Pi

    • Afrihost

      Hi five! 😄 Sounds like music streaming is your primary focus!

    • Daniel Novello

      Only problem with my current Pi is the quality of the analog sound… If only I had a new Pi that has the better audio… Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

  • Jaco Groenewald

    It would be a great device to use as a web server in our office to host our companies CRM (vTiger) and a custom cloud storage for the reps to get pricelists on the go while in the field with the clients.

    • Afrihost

      Great idea, Jaco! 🙂 You could even link it to an in-field sales app!

      • Jaco Groenewald

        The more I think about this idea the better it gets. Have the CRM, accounting software and maybe even a zencart. The ideas is to deploy this as a low cost IT solution for start-up businesses. Especially in our country with its unique challenges. If an individual start up a company with very little funds this could be a great tool. The business can then be run from your house and when the company gets an office just take you PI-Server with you.
        Even in low cost areas of living townships where people cant afford a pc. Just hook up your TV, keyboard and mouse. Done. A business in a box. Run it from anywhere.

  • Emile Roux

    I would use it for home automation or as a xbmc media centre. Or I might incorporate it in my following university project. Sky’s the limit

    • Afrihost

      Sounds awesome! 🙂 What’s your project on?

  • Richard Stark

    I would use my Raspberry Pi 3 to create an internet traffic light!!
    An internet traffic light? You’re wondering what the heck that even means – let me explain. As most of the people reading this can probably identify with it, you’ll be wanting one when you’re done with this post!
    So this is the dilemma, we set up the internet, and we fix it when it’s down so clearly we are to blame when ANYTHING goes wrong with the internet. So I want to build a traffic light.
    Green = good! Internet is all good and working, your internet connected device is being dumb – go fix it yourself.
    Orange = the internet MIGHT not be working, intermittent connectivity or extreme latency on the line – give it some time it might come right on its own
    Red = All systems dead!! Don’t worry, I already know whats happening (And if not – it’s a quick call to Afrihost to have it sorted out)

    The way I would build it is to have a fairly basic script run once every 10/15 minutes to ping a couple of sights such as,, etc. Maybe around 20 sights that are known to be very reliable in terms of uptime.
    If all of them return positive results, it’ll send a little juice over that 5V I/O pin and light up the green light.
    If more than 3 (I think 3 is a good way to see if there may be isolated issues on the network) fail, it sends a signal through one of the 5V I/O pins to light up the orange light.
    Once this happens, we may already have an indicator that theres more issues on the network, this will initiate a deep scan script (Yeah, it sounds a bit cooler than it really is) which will ping plenty more websites from 2 different categories.
    Red means dead, and by dead I mean completely dead, almost all pings failed and the internet is well and truly not working. If it lights up Orange & Red – this means theres no international connectivity but local internet may still be working to a degree.

    And all of this… just to answer the question of: Is the internet working!?

    • Afrihost

      Great sales pitch here, Richard! 😄 Hopefully you won’t ever have to see that red light!

  • Ben

    One thing I would really love to do: think Jarvis(aka milo)
    Integrate X10, have pi3 control it all. little java springboot rest service. having a rest service controll all of it, you can interface via app, web, or the little walley like robot I’m planning. I’m already starting to work on the brain. AIML v2.0. However, aiml only process xml elements. You can embed xml attributes inside with server messages. so check for attribute on command, then process. thus, have an ai that can have a basic conversation, along with commands like switch on the kitchen lights, and it is done. Brain is in development on, Don’t judge. Works in progress. #devops at absa comes first. (dayjob)
    I do have a c# cli app that reacts to that service via voice/microphone. next step is to teach it afrikaans, so the kids can play along, and to increase it’s general knowledge. For that I’m planning to write a middleware service that integrates with wolfram alpha. It will be a learning service that adapts over time. the aiml database will grow, and get smarter with every query. Then I’m also looking into sentiment ai that we use at work.
    Think of it. pi3 sits at the center of it all!!

    • Afrihost

      That’s amazing! Good luck, Ben! 😀

  • Waanie Simon

    schools project to build a weather station. The school in question is Al-azhar in Port Elizabeth and we have identified many kids with an interest in electronics and programming. this would get the project started nicely. Would just have to get the remaining sensors

    • Afrihost

      That’s awesome! 🙂 Get the kids involved!

  • Akahadaka

    Phase 1 would be to connect it to a hobby grade Li-ion battery, add some hobby car tank treads and motors. Use a proximity sensor to start mapping out the home. (Actually already started prototyping my mapping software.) Be sure to make the distinction between permanent and temporary objects. Add a vacuum nozzle and bag recovered from a small portable cleaner so your Pi can start to earn its keep as it roves around the house. Possibly save a few Rands as compared to buying an off the shelf robo vacuum.

    Phase 2 is where it gets interesting (barring putting freakin’ laser beams on its head). Add a wireless charging module (probably easiest to salvage one originally for phones) and send your Pi-Bot-Vacuum-Tank-Thing back to the base station autonomously when it’s running low on juice. Make sure it’s connected to the home Wi-Fi and Afrihost ADSL, soon to be FTTH, right 😉 at all times. Then you can add an infrared camera (more privacy and hack resistant) and with the help of a neural processor (Watson/AWS AI APIs, etc, but oneday this can be on-board), add pet/child/face recognition. Build in a “fear factor” to keep away from dangers such as aforementioned pets and children. Also big feet. Add audible alarms and an app with push notifications for emergencies. Be sure to have chosen a vacuum with a reverse suction function, this should allow for the addition of a deposit area for the dust back at the base (charging) station. Next, upgrade the treads to include a pivot, allowing them to form a triangular shape and climb stairs.

    Phase 3… we’re already borderline for only a hobby project, so perhaps this phase should stay in the realm of the imagination for now.

    That is all.

    • Afrihost

      Love it! Nice and sneaky inclusion of Afrihost data in your idea, as well. 😉 Kudos!

  • Kobus Olivier

    I would use my Rasberry Pi3 to control a robotic arm build up from plastic model kit parts to assist me with building more plastic kits. It will be able to provide stability for tasks that require fine motor skills, that would be superior to human movement and stability.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds great! 🙂 Best of luck, Kobus!

  • Jaques Rautenbach

    Well I have came up with a idea to use the raspberry pie, placing smart sensors in South Africa water systems, to reduce wastage, it detects water pressure and will notify staff of water leaks that they are unaware of, will help community save water

    • Afrihost

      Awesome idea that will benefit the environment! Thanks for your entry, Jacques! 🌍

  • Honestly I’m a sucker for retro games and I love my emulators so I guess I’ll use it of retro pi. So I can just play those sick old school retro games even use it for arcade pi as well. That is all. Awesome-sauce. Obama Out.

    • Afrihost

      *mic drop*

  • Afrihost

    Great idea – and energy efficient! Good luck! ⚡

  • yeboGogas

    Peacemaker “The new Raspberry Pi 3”. The wife got her Embroidery machine I only have DSTV. Due to a retrenchment exercise am I working on the wife nerves and have to find something that I can put to use to uphold house hold activities and peace. The Raspberry P1 3 will service that purpose for me to be challenge with something new and a happy wife household.

    • Afrihost

      Love the name Peacemaker! 😂 Good luck!!

  • melesomancer

    I want to use it as a controller for a cnc router which I am planning on building soon. This will help me grow my small laser cutting and routing business.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds great! 🙂 💫 Best of luck!

  • Dale Donnolly

    I would like to use the Raspberry Pi 3 for a Greenhouse monitoring and notification server. #BottledGardenProject

    • Afrihost

      Fantastic idea! Would you be growing some raspberries too? 🍇🍓

      • Dale Donnolly

        Hehe #WhyNot #Afrihost #ForTheWin

        • Afrihost

          Berry good idea 🙂

  • Slash_DJ

    I can’t see my comment from last night? I was posted but had to be approved?

    • Afrihost

      Oh no! Please post it again, your entry will not be lost. 🙂

  • Slash_DJ

    If i might be lucky enough to win the new Pi i would build another arcade machine only with better graphics on the games. This one has 1200 games and an argument can be settled with a quick pac-man or street fighter. Who knows…. maybe ill build a red one for the Afrihost team. 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Hey – we’re all big fans of Streetfighter here! Hadoken 😀

  • cval

    If I won the rPi3, I would donate it to Nicolas Saal for his idea to teach Mitchells plain kids to code and help him with the programme

    • Afrihost

      It is a pretty great idea! ✋

  • If I won the Raspberry Pi 3, I would build a miniature Arcade Cabinet and set it up for multiple different classic systems like C64, NES, Atari etc…so that I can show and teach my kids of where gaming began and where it is now. Almost like a portable Gaming Time Lapse and make it a streaming device for the Modern consoles today.

    • Afrihost

      Vintage/retro games are amaaaaaazing 👍

  • Test out how this device can create super inexpensive computing devices with Windows 10 IOT, running UWP apps. You can integrate Cortana into your apps to enable voice commands for Home Automation tasks.

    • Afrihost

      Home automation on a budget, what’s not to like?! 👌

  • Put on raspbmc.
    Then attach to the TV.

    BUT I won’t use a HDD on the Pi. I’d install Kodi on my desktop. Then turn on UPNP and have the media stream over the wifi, that way having the space of my desktop for media and almost cableless clutter at the TV. No need for BluRay players or anything. Just the Pi and the TV.

    Then take a cheap tablet, build it in to the coffee table and install the Kodi Remote. Use this to control the media I watch.

    Full touch enabled media center experience without needing to put in a heck of a lot of effort. It would also turn my TV in to a Smart TV. Win all round

    • Afrihost

      Very nice 😀 Fancy media table 👍

  • Belligerence

    Any techie with a significant other will understand my struggle.

    So the girlfriends laptop broke, We are now using my desktop to watch movies – with a top of the line gaming system, It is being underused by games and being used as a media center (Happy wife happy life am i right?)

    This being said, I really would need something like this to make a media center for her to watch.

    Obviously XBMC to start and make use of the Pi and the TV that is collecting dust


    • Afrihost

      We do understand the importance of media streaming! Best of luck 😉

  • The Blunt Bodkin

    If I win the Raspberry Pi 3, I’d buy a cup of coffee and ponder on what to do with it, as the options are limitless.

    • Afrihost

      Hmmm, limitless possibilities await!

  • Andrew Moneron

    I would use the Pi to complete my smart home integration to control and manage all the various Arduino Controllers which control the relays around my house. The Pi will help create easy remote access to my internal controllers and IO devices.

    • Afrihost

      Loving all the home automation ideas! ☺️

  • Frank Montgomery

    Seeing that I am in the education sector, it can only be beneficial for those purposes!

    • Afrihost

      It’s a great tool for education and a great starting point for tech! 🤓

  • Jonny Petet

    I’d like to use this lovely gadget to do programming on, and also to use it as a HD media player for my TV. It’s nice and compact, so it’ll be very convenient for me to carry around. It would be perfect to have Visual Studio on it for all of my programming needs.

    It’ll also be nice to watch HD movies and Series on. I’ll probably get rid of my decoder and use this instead, linking it up to Netflix to stream Television. Maybe I could even use it as a media server to share files with everyone nearby.

    Overall, this is a really great addition and awesome device! (that i need :P)

    • Afrihost

      Best of luck! Streaming is awesome 😃

  • Julian

    i would make in in house jukebox system so i can up playlists and handle music through an app that plays through a system

    • Afrihost

      Found the music lover! 🎼

  • merlin_mb

    I would utilise my raspberry pi to monitor my router: if it stops functioning (almost daily due to connection pool limitations) it would hard reboot via a relay triggered off the Raspi GPIO. Another cool project would be to drive a servo, unplugging the copper line, based off readings from a Mod1016 lightning detector board, to protect the modem if lightning is incoming!

    • Afrihost

      Woah ⚡️

  • If I won the RPi3

    1. Add sensors required
    2. Automate a Small Batch Brewery
    3. Open Source the Software
    4. Open Source the Technical Drawings
    5. Taste amazing beer, everywhere, fresh, local

    No more unsanitary man-handled ingredients and packaging = micro brewed beer, Perfected!

    • Afrihost

      Cheers to that idea! 🍺

  • Afrihost

    That’s a fantastic idea! Good luck 🤗

  • Mathew Atkins

    I am a homebrewer, conjuring up superb ales that would suit the season. The Raspberry Pi 3 would be a perfect partner in my brewing arsenal. Loading the Rasberry Pi 3 with the Brewpi software (already developed using a Raspberry pi hardware) to effectively control, monitor and log my fermentation phase of my brewing process. This would be connected to a Fridge/freezer to allow the perfect temperature during this crucial phase. Currently I am only able to create Ales, using room temperature (South Africa our temperatures vary by up to 10-15 degrees between day and night) but with a controlled fermentation system set up – lagers will be added to my list of beers I could brew, as well as being in control of my Ales. Being able to log and capture the data of every brew day, I can improve on each brew. I would love to add the raspberry pi to my collection of brewing equipment.

    • Afrihost

      Woah, you’ve got some great ideas brewing! 🍺

  • Kevin Rheeder

    Ive always wanted to build either a retro pi arcade or an obd2 interface for my car. Ive been thinking about doing the obd2 one but with a twist. Modifying my original idea and adding a HUD to display ECU PID data. I think this will be really awesome!

    • Afrihost

      Retro Pi Arcades are super cool! 👏

  • sherlock

    I will take it in my hands and rub it untill the usb drives come to life. I will lick the chip and lan chip to ensure it doesnt get too hot for the moment. I will plug my usb stick into it’s Usb port. I shall drool over the noob interfase and whisper sweet love songs into the sound card mic port. I shall then eat a rasberry in honor of it. I cant wait to run it’s sexy wireless connection over the sweaty and smooth connection of an afrihost 4 meg line and then brag about my 200 gig cap that will run through it’s circuits. Or i can use it for a media player becuase the rest suck.

    • Afrihost

      😂 Good luck!

      • sherlock

        Let me know when the mysterious delivery of craft beer arrives 😜

        • Afrihost

          We will 🍺

  • Jaco Kornelius

    Actually have two pet projects. One will definitely be a multimedia /tv streaming/PVR project with Kodi/XBMC, but also more inline with upgrading a standard (non Smart tv) to a tv with smart capabilities and network without replacing the tv set. The other is a VPN/Firewall ísh type of solution (untangle like).

    • Afrihost

      Helping your TV get smarter is a great idea! 👍

  • Salie Hendricks

    I am a simple man.

    I would like to use the built in HDMI CEC protocol and relay the commands to a desktop pc running Kodi so that my parents and kids and wife can use the TV remote to navigate the media pc and simply play or pause things.

    And with the other IO pins, I would run Node-Red and hook it up to my home to automate Geyser, Garage, Sprinklers and lights.

    • Afrihost

      Home automation is the next big thing! 👍

  • Dominic Schorr

    I would build an automated hydroponic greenhouse (see Open Agriculture) that could simulate growing conditions of plants around the world by controlling light, temperature, and nutrient concentrations. The main use would be in education where young students, by way of a very simple interface, could tweak certain conditions and monitor the effect that those have on plant growth. This way we could see how global warming or pollution affects our environment or simply encourage interest in agricultural innovation.

    • Afrihost

      Agriculture is a great idea for using a Pi 🍓

  • Thys Kotze

    Easy, Will use it in the cnc’d scale airplane cockpit i’m planning to build for my boy to play in. it can run the simulation and control the stepper motors to make to cockpit move. Its just what I’m looking for.

    • Afrihost

      That’s a great idea, Thys! ✈️

  • Yusuf Khan

    I would use it to control my OpenAg automated aeroponics greenhouse. It will be used to give high school learners a graphical overview of the health of the plants within the greenhouse and give them control of many factors such as spectral distribution, temperature, humidity, day length and more. The Pi will also be used with a camera in the greenhouse that will take photos to compile time lapses of the plant growth. The Pi will be internet connected, allowing someone to monitor and control the plants from anywhere in the world. The purpose of OpenAg is to get more people interested in farming, growing their own food and learning about nutrition.

    • Afrihost

      Fantastic idea, Yusuf! 🌿

    • AnRkey

      Awesome, teach the kids to run their own greenhouse 😀

      This is so funny (and cool)

  • Jihaad Boonzaier

    I would finally be able to watch some Netflix in the bedroom and not disturb my wife is busy studying in the living room area. Once she has finished exams we will finally be able to snuggle and Netflix&Chill during the cold winter nights 😉

    • Afrihost

      Hahaha Netflix & Chill 😂

  • AnRkey

    I’d use it to power the robot I’m building, Driewiel. It’s a basic robot platform with two wheels at the back, each with separate motors and a third swivel wheel at the front

    You see, I have been planning to hack an old first-gen Xbox controller. I’d remove the cord and guts of the controller, then build in an esp8266 and connect the buttons. I’d code everything so the esp8266 controller in the Xbox remote would connect to the Pi for sending control signals. There are more than enough buttons to make the robot look and move around.

    The Pi 3 is powerful enough to encode video and stream it back to me from a Pi camera.

    If I get a prize bundle, I commit to releasing all my plans online for free. (Under the GNU GPL v2 of course and only after I’m done with the project)


    • Afrihost

      It’s Robot Wars!! 🚦

  • clint “clintsiren” ben

    The first thing i would do with it is automation in my home, iv read alot about the Sainsmart relay boards and others similar to it. I would look at slowly rewiring the house to have automated lights I would then look at doing motion sensing lights for the bathroom and the passage, imagine as you walked down the passage at night lights would gentle come on ahead of you and then slowly turn off behind you as you leave the area, then as i progress in learning how it all works i would move over to remote access to the system to turn lights on and off, something else that i have read alot about is electric curtains, imagine that your curtains could be opened and closed all remotely, no more paying someone to look after your house whilst your away. Iv seen the arduino stepper motors and boards, and iam sure that with some fiddling and playing around it would be more then capable of the job, think about mounting the motor on the outside edge of the curtain rail then running a “belt” ( for the lack of a better description ) to a center pully that gently pulls the curtain from the first eyelet to a middle closed position, and then automating it so that if your home late or early, you can plonk on the couch and jam some PS4 whilst the house shuts it self up and turns on the necessary lights around it. I think the possibilities of this device would be endless the only thing that would hold you back is a limited or no imagination at all.

    This is all providing that i win one of these awesome devices, otherwise ill just have to keep scratching the pennies together 😉

    • Afrihost

      Home automation is definitely the next big thing! 🏡 Best of luck, Clint!

  • Iain Dormer

    Get a usb thermometer and attach it to your geyser. Using the Pi’s ability to switch things on and off you now have a high tech geyser controller. With the Pi’s wifi you could setup an interface that allows you to control your geyser from the internet. Running late because of a meeting and you need to offset your geyser timer, no problem, login from your phone and change it. While it is in your roof you can also add a bit of home automation and turn on the outside lights so when you get home from that late meeting you have a hot geyser and it isn’t dark.

    • Afrihost

      Love your energy saving approach! 🙂 🌍

  • Renier van Schalkwyk

    I already use a Pi 1 for my media centre using OSMC. Awesome. I have another that is hooked up to my home automation. These are trivial improvements for my own comfort. What I really want to do is us the Pi 3 to build alternative communication devices for people with physical disabilities. Think Steven Hawkings wheelchair. There are so many bright people out there that don’t have access to AAC devices because of budgetary constraints. The Pi could really help solve this problem by making a solution that is affordable a reality. Put that Pi in my hands to make this project a reality.

    • Afrihost

      That’s a really cool idea! 🙂 Improved specs on the Pi 3 will definitely allow you to do so much more! 🚀

      • Renier van Schalkwyk

        Exactly. With the hardware on the Pi 3 I can run existing software and wouldn’t need to write the code myself which means the time to market is much much faster.

        • Afrihost

          Gotta go fast! 💯

  • Sergio Alho

    Just Let me win the Rasberry Pi…

    • Afrihost

      Haha! You’ll have to tell us what you want to do with it first! 😉

      • Sergio Alho

        As a business owner i would use the raspeberry Pi to advertise not only products on special but offer Afrihost 😉 the opportunity to offer their services on various monitors through out the store.

  • Tiaan Kruger

    I have always been interested in home automation. and would probably use this to do some of the automation around the house

    • Afrihost

      Clap on! Clap off! XD 👐

      • Tiaan Kruger

        Kind of, more like that if I get close to home, my phone asks me(for security it checks) if it should open the gate. If I confirm, it triggers the gate remote, opening the gate. Once that trigger is hit, it turns on the lights, sends prompt to my pc to play music.
        Stuff like that

  • Jeremy Hao-Yang Choi

    As a medical student and a tech fanatic, I’ve been fascinated by the use of VR and motion controls and its possible applications in medical training. With the recent rise in popularity of VR headsets, there have been numerous VR videos or surgical procedures released on Youtube, which shows the possibilities of merging VR and medical training.

    As a tech fan with a love for practical experimentation and a dream of becoming a surgeon, I am very interested in the possibilities.

    I would like to use Raspberry Pi to experiment with the possibilities of manipulating 3D objects (with Wii remotes, or lego mindstorms sets) in virtual reality space, starting with basic shapes and objects, and moving on to more complex simulations, like basic procedures, including suturing skin, etc. I have a smartphone, Google Cardboard VR headset, a whole arsenal of 3D sensing devices including a Leap motion controller, Wiimote with motion plus, and gyroscopic sensors, and all I’m missing is the Raspberry Pi device itself.

    • Afrihost

      That sounds pretty amazing! Good luck, Jeremy! 🙂 ^SP

  • We live in a housing estate with a dam that’s home to all kinds of wild ducks. Ducks are being killed by something, mostly during the day so I figure it’s a dog on the estate that’s getting out while the owners are at work. I need to monitor the dam for about a week or two. I’ve decided on a cheap build of something that I don’t mind losing and that can stay powered for a long-ish time. Raspberry Pi is the obvious solution. The problem is that I need to power the device in an isolated area where getting electricity or a ethernet webcam is impossible. Using a Pi and a 10000 mah Ronda Power Bank (awesome awesome awesome quality powerbanks) I’m able to power the pi and the camera for about a week at a time. Sure those estimates are based on standby mode but I’ll definitely be able to go at least 24-48 hours before needing to charge it again. Using a python script I could take photographs automatically and even some video using the logitech 1080p web cam (modified drivers). It’s like using the Pi as sort of a cheap mans GoPro. Anyway, the project is not working, I’ve managed to take photographs but the pi freezes up after taking about 20 or 30 pics. The problem is the Pi B+ power source powering both the pi and the camera and also the python and OpenCV app i’m using is just too much for that little ARM processor. The device is remotely controlled using wifi (the estate is covered with wifi). So I have an added burden of a small wifi adapter.

    So Afrihost, if you care about the poor ducks, please give me a new Pi with better power management and a built-in wifi adapter. My little pi / poor man’s goPro needs to be upgraded so that I rescue these ducks from that savage beast thats eating attacking them. Quack Quack Quack (Translation… Please help us)

    • Afrihost

      Nice job with the emotional blackmail! 😉 Up to our panel, though… Best of luck, Paul! 🐊

  • Luke Hibbert

    The Pi 3 has more than enough extra processing power to run both a small home automation server (over killed topic on here by now) as well as running my 3D printer using Octoprint. It will allow my printer to be networked and not dependent on my main machine yet still controllable by any internet enabled device. The reduced power requirements of the Pi vs a PC will also save many a print from the darkness of load shedding when it returns. My printer currently runs off a deep cycle battery when the power goes out but having to power the computer from the same source is a major power drain and it often doesn’t last the duration of load shedding. Whats more, with the Pi running Octoprint and a camera I can live monitor my prints when I am not at home.

    • Afrihost

      That’s definitely bound to save you a lot of power! 🙂 ⚡

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  • Werner Dorfling

    I am amazed. That is the future. It will really come in handy as a media pc. I own/manage 3 small businesses from my study at home and that would make a really nice addition to my setup. I love the compact design and portability of the Pi 3.

    • Afrihost

      Awesome idea Werner! It certainly is a really compact solution!

  • Techedemic

    Right…so 2 thinks I would do include:

    1. Home Automation – I want to create an automated sprinkler/irrigation system that I control via the Pi. I have already soldered the relay board and tested the idea with my own RPi1b. Got the relays clicking by using code – there’s nothing quite like seeing something work that way for the first time! It will work, but I need some of the components (including another RPi because the other one has been repurposed) first. I want to built a ‘service’ that wil do the irrigation based on forecasts from an online weather API in order to only do it if it’s not forecast to rain in that day, etc. If I can get this done neatly and packaged properly, who knows – I might just ‘productify’ it and sell to other people
    2. I’m working on an IoT project (there is an NDA attached to the actual details of the project, sorry) and the RPI would make the perfect on-premise device to use in my solution. It’s low powered, has WiFi and can be inconspicuously hidden out of sight. Perfect for what we’re trying to achieve, especially with the extra horsepower that the RPI3 now offers. Now I just need one to do my Proof of Concept with

    • Afrihost

      Love the photo and nice use of the new Pi 3 features! Good luck! 💦

  • Derek Crosson

    I am going to be starting PPL training soon so I would use the Pi to build a flight computer. I’ll add a gps receiver (adafruit ultimate gps might work) and good transformer. Will also look at possibilities of adding a camera via the usb port… Maybe a backup battery too?

    • Afrihost

      Awesome 🙂 Thanks for entering Derek! Best of luck 👌

  • Elf_Lord_ZC5

    Well, I write and print on a small stack of CD’s for members of my chuch’s community – each month. Each Sundays Sermon is recorded, and each Sunday orders get placed for however many CD’s a member wants.

    Money is tight and getting tighter, so what I have in mind is, a little black box, acting as a hotspot, containing the last six weeks sermons.

    Members can connect with their cellphones / tablets / laptops, to the hotspot, select the sermon they require and download an MP3 version to their device of choice. For free – no costs of CD’s, CD envelopes, or inkjet printer cartridges to recover.

    I will also save the time writing CD’s, printing, and creating labels for each sermon. No need to remove most of the Praise and Worship singing due to CD size limitations.

    Just put the black box down at the mixer, plug in, at the end of the sermon, take home, edit, load and take back to church.

    The RPi 3, with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth fits the bill perfectly for the black box. Less bits sticking out to break or get lost.u

    If I can get a solution to using 2x screens on a single RPi 3, I will also have a song sheet and weekly bulletin solution

    • Afrihost

      Nice and modern, also a money saver! Good luck Mr. Elf! 😉

  • Ice_Bunny28

    I would start o e project at a time, first i would create home automation, start my coffeee at a certain time or from my phone say go! Yes coffe in my house is that big of a deal… I will also (try) automate my doors and or windows opening and closing, this will all lead up to try and create the home of the future! I would then make my own gameboy, get an old casing and try to retro fit the rasberry pi to fit, a black and white screen tho. Once i did all those, i will then make a smart mirror that tells you, you are awesome and the time and todays temp… The list can go om for days

    • Afrihost

      You had us at coffee! ☕ Great list – Good luck! 😀

  • Ronald Bartels

    I already use a PI 3 as media player but would want another one to interface to an energy usage and monitoring device to enable me to lower my Eskom bill. That way I can spend more money on bandwidth.

    • Afrihost

      The more Pi’s the merrier 😀

  • Jean-MichelYaskeYath

    When I win one, I will build an IOT based security system, that is integrated with sensors and a gsm to send out notifications to both smart phone and non-smart phone users, whenever something goes beyond the set threshold value 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Good luck 😀

  • Werner Ekron

    I really need the Raspberry Pi 3 to complete my Interactive Hyper-Virtual-Reality-Product-Feedback-Selector by combining it with my Leap-Motion virtual 3D ligth sensors to turn any product shelf into an interactive information feedback center… 😎
    So please pick me !!!!

    • Afrihost

      Are you a wizard? Thanks for your entry Werner 😀

  • Bianca Mayer

    If I’d won the Rasberry Pi3, i’d write the face detection application I’ve been wanting to develop. I’d order the Camera Module and start playing with OpenCV on the Pi. Some serious tech can be written with the Pi3 – you’d make a developer very, very happy with this prize!

    I will catch anyone red-handed that empties my cookie jar (my boyfriend) 😜

  • Franscois Weideman

    Arcade cabinet, using Retropie and a arduino as a HID. Extra processing power would be great for more graphically demanding games like Metal Slug, and Mortal Kombat. The built-in wifi and Bluetooth would add a lot of extra functionality to the project, to manage ROMS and settings remotely, without populating the usb’s.

    • Afrihost

      We’re big retro gaming fans, this sounds awesome! 😀

  • Bianca Mayer

    If I’d won the Rasberry Pi3, i’d finally get to try out the face detection application I’ve been wanting to write. I’d order the Camera Module and start playing with OpenCV on the Pi. Some serious tech can be written with the Pi3 – you’d make a developer very, very happy with this prize!

    I will catch anyone red-handed that empties my cookie jar (my boyfriend) 😜

  • Bianca Mayer

    If I won the RasberryPi 3, I’d finally get the opportunity to develop the face detection software I’ve been wanting to write. I’d order the Camera Module and attach it to the Pi. I would use OpenCV to assist with the face detection algorithms. I’ve attached an example of OpenCV detecting people and their faces. Such a cool piece of tech to be able to create and the RasberryPi is perfect to create it on. Its compact, cost-effective and has enough processing power to detect and identify people. The detection even differentiates between people/animals/objects etc. How could I not dream of creating that!!

    The first place I would mount the Pi is pointing straight at my cupboard where my cookies keep dissapearing 😐

    The RasberryPi 3 would basically enable me to use my wildest developer imagination and write any cool piece of software future-me would want to create!

    Please make me a very, very happy developer 😀

    • Afrihost

      This is a flipping awesome idea! Thanks for entering Bianca 😀

  • Sean van der Westhuizen

    So I have played around with the Raspberry Pi 2B for a bit – making a small media server (XBMC & Plex), using it as a transparent proxy and busy with a home automation project to control my geysers and sprinkler system.

    With the Raspberry Pi 3 I would do the following:
    – Improve my sprinkler system as I don’t have to buy an extra Wifi dongle to make it work
    – Convert a small radio I have into a bluetooth / wifi enabled internet radio
    — I want to use the wifi capability to connect to my home wifi (& internet) and control the radio stations I can stream from via the internet
    — I also want to add bluetooth functionality (which is now built-in on the RPi 3) to make a bluetooth connected speaker to use outdoor next to the pool 🙂
    – Want to improve my wifi reception outdoors (next to the pool) and make a RPi access point to repeat my signal
    – For my home automation I’m currently working on an internet connected system where I can control my geysers while away
    – I want to be able to remotely switch the geysers off and then when I’m on the way back from holiday send a command to switch them on – so I have warm water to soak in when I get back 🙂
    – I’m looking at adding wifi cameras at home and having the RPi 3 capture the video for me to a HDD and notify me via SMS/Email if anything out of the ordinary is “seen” (motion detection, doors opening)
    – Further I’m also looking at connecting my RPi to my alarm system to notify me of a problem as well as control my alarm remotely (like arming it, etc.)

    All of these items are a Work In Progress at the moment, but I need some more hardware (like a RPi 3) to make it happen 🙂

    Choose me !!

    • Tekk ninja

      Ive been wanting to do something similar for a while. Only difference is i don’t have a pool and i want to control house lights as well. This could be fun for when you go away as you can write a little code to make it look as if someone is home.

      I was also looking into automating out geyser (we have a solar geyser). A simple LDR, temperature probe and RTC. If the temperature has not reached a certain threshold by a certain time the geyser would turn on. The LDR might be used as machine learning (in a sense) to figure out the relationship between light intensity and water temperature

      • Afrihost


    • Afrihost

      Nice! Like your suggested uses of the new Pi 3 features! Everyone needs WiFi by the pool! 🍹

    • Afrihost

      Some nifty ideas here 🙂

  • Vìçrí0

    Ooh I’m so excited ! So many things to do. For one I would use to manage my media and install Xmbc plex and the works and then hook it up to my TV , enable/setup AirPlay so I can stream to my TV ! Finally I can get get rid of DSTV ! And when I’m bored probably use it as my hacking tool ! All ethical ofcourse !

    • Afrihost

      Great idea! Good luck, Vicario! 🌟

  • Stuart Mack

    This would be a great upgrade over my Pi 1B
    The Pi is a trusty piece of kit but it is battling with the newer HD content with surround sound

    • Afrihost

      Ah it sounds like it’s time to retire the old gal. ❤ Good luck, Stuart!

    • Afrihost

      The Pi 3 is a great upgrade! Good luck 🙂

  • Michael Louw

    Oh boy oh boy. I got the Pi Zero, and i want a faster one. Oh please i want dis!!!!! Woop woop

    • Afrihost

      What would you do with the Pi 3? 😀

      • Michael Louw

        I would turn my tv into a super cool media centre with Netflix and youtube and the like 😉

      • Michael Louw

        I would turn my tv into a super smart media centre running my Netflix. Ah man, ill freak all my friends out by showing them what such a tiny thing can really do. Maybe even play some minecraft on it 😛

      • Michael Louw

        Wish i was as clever as these other guys but i would just turn my tv into a super smart media centre and the missus and i would be abke to watch netflix on the coolest littke gadget in the house…… And ill play minecraft also. Haha

    • Michael Louw

      Why dont my replies work?

  • Joshua Eddy Niraj Knight

    i would use the Pi to connect it to my 50 inch flatscreen and Netflix and chill hehe would definitely come in handy

    • Afrihost

      High five to that! 🌟

    • Afrihost


  • Hanno Schoeman

    If I won the Rasberry Pi 3, it would kickstart my plans for world domination. Just one Rasberry Pi 3 is enough to power the first of my stealth bunny army minions. Beware, they be cute, but don’t fall for their charm, they pack a nasty bite… Who am I kidding, I don’t have plans to take over the world, I just want this prize to say I have won something in these few years I’ve been graced to live on this earth. Please let me win… Pretty please…

    • Afrihost

      You had us at Stealth Bunny Minions. Good luck on your quest, Hanno! 🐰

    • Afrihost

      Oh no… Everybunny would be in trouble 😂

  • Zech Moodley

    Sweet-Grandmother’s-Spatual!! This is the what I’ve been looking for, the final piece for my time machine. At last the time is at hand, to be able to travel back in time to help save Neo, free the minds from the matrix, and stop skynet from ever being deployed! #VivaLeResistance

    • Afrihost

      Great Scott!! 😲

    • Afrihost

      Matrix and Terminator references?! 👌

  • Gareth Hall

    I would either make a media player (xbmc) or make a mame arcade machine. Maybe dual boot and make both.

    • Afrihost

      Epic combo! 🌟⚡💥

    • Afrihost

      Arcade machines are a great use for the Pi!

  • Ahmed Karolia

    If a hungry man is an angry man, then pie would cure him of this anger. Now imagine how a Raspberry Pi3 would cure a fella’s technological frustrations. FYI ……. π = 3.14, where if you invert the 3.14, the numbers 41.3 spell PI.E #mind #blown

    • Afrihost

      You have successfully blown our minds! 😄

  • Deon C. Louw

    My other Raspberries are lonely. They can really use another pi to talk to.

    • Afrihost

      You can never have enough Pi! 😁

  • Euan Johnstone

    Mmmmmmm Pi… Actually I have no idea how raspberry pi would taste, probably crunchy and full of metal… Maybe I should just use it the way it was intended, for awesome computer purposes!

    • Afrihost

      We’ve tried. Don’t try it. 😖

  • Mark Morcom

    Working with children who have been abandoned in gutters on the street full time in a place of safety run by myself and my wife, I would look for a way of using the device to help save babies. I would take already existing hardware and combine it with the Raspberry Pi to create a safe and reliable baby box where mothers who do not want their children can safely give their child up in a way that is Anonymous, and not harmful to the baby. I would use the Raspberry Pi to communicate with an android app on volunteers phones about the status of the safe. It would also alert volunteers about any drop offs in the box ensuring the baby is collected in a timely manner. We have run the baby safe in Pietermaritzburg for over 7 years successfully using the GSM Commander device. I believe it is time to take it to the next level and get this Raspberry Pi rocking for a good cause

    • Afrihost

      Wow! Rocking it for a good cause, indeed! Keep up the good work, Mark! ❤

  • Bazil

    If i win the R PI 3 i will cure world hunger , ask for world peace , and have the anwer to the greatest question in the world !! Why are we here ? ……. Hang on this is not a pagant ? Hmm i will use the R PI 3 as braging rights to all my friends ! And be the the new owner of a R PI 3 and win a competition…

    • Afrihost

      Didn’t deep thought take seven and a half million years to calculate the answer to that question? 😛 I remember the answer wasn’t very well received…

      • Bazil

        So true but they did not use a R Pi 3 😉 , What they did not know that the answer was not the earth but R Pi 3 ! it would have cured all the troubles !!! 😉

  • Gert Rosslee

    I would use the Pi 3 in amature radio applications mainly SDR (software defined radio) or simple FM transmitter or maybe a radio repeater….. So much can be done its hard to pick just 1

    • Afrihost

      Yeah it’s super hard to pick only one! 😅

  • Byron Travis Trent

    Oh man I’d dig to win one. I actually want to use one with a mic for voice automation of the lighting in my home studio. 😀

    • Afrihost

      Oh yeah! Less buttons to press! 😎

  • Albertus van Rensburg

    I would love to create a Linux based media player setup with a local webserver on it where I can remotely log in from work, setup a playlist of music and movies/series I want to watch that night and have it ready when I get home. I tend to only know what I will be in the mood for watching after I have experienced a good amount of time struggling through real life adulting, so I want to have a playlists ready when I get home instead of spending precious chillaxing time creating it at home. Linking it to a smart coffee machine will not hurt to have the brew done for my consumption and enjoyment. Now I need a smart stove, shower and bed to make life that much easier. These PO’s are super powerful and I wantsssesss eeet soooo much. 🙂

    • Afrihost

      You have described… The Future! 😁

      • Albertus van Rensburg

        I see all…. lol

  • Adrian

    So my downstairs neighbors are loud, inconsiderate, and obnoxious. The noise from their parties has been keeping me up way past my bedtime, just when I need my beauty sleep. A man needs his sleep, particularly after staying up until 3am to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones.

    But sleep is an elusive, fickle mistress once my neighbors get going. I’ve tried everything: Begging. Shouting. Ear plugs. Noise cancelling headphones. Prayer.

    There’s only one strategy left. You know what I’m talking about. It’s called revenge. Cold, sweet revenge.

    I’m not going to lie – if I win a Raspberry Pi I’m going to use it to turn my subwoofer into the ultimate revenge machine.


    1) Raspberry Pi

    2) Arduino Uno

    3) Old, monstrous Logitech subwoofer

    4) Complete Metallica discography

    I think you can see where I’m headed with this.

    First, set up that beautiful little Pi with something light and open source – Ubuntu, perhaps. Load her up with my beloved Metallica albums, starting with the most grungy and face-melting songs.

    Next, my subwoofer. It was part of an old Logitech speaker set – the speakers died a long time ago, and the subwoofer remains as 500-watt relic of the magical times we spent together. Rest well, my sweet Logitech Z-5500s – never fear that your oversized and power-sucking bass will still be put to good use long after your humble but poetic tweeters served their final ballad. :’(

    Of course, that subwoofer consumes far too much energy, which is where the Arduino comes in. Write a simple program to control the power to the sub from the Arduino, and connect the sub to the Pi. Install a media player (or just use XMBC) and set up the Metallica playlist. Set the EQ to pump everything it has into the low frequencies to get that sub working its venerable electronics.

    Now, the timing: After a hard night of partying, my neighbors are at their most vulnerable at around 8am on a Sunday morning. From my research I’ve concluded that this is the time when the ringing in their ears is at its loudest, the churning in their stomachs at its most unbearable, at the need for sleep is at its peak. Perfect.

    Using a Cron job in Ubuntu, start that puppy up at exactly 8am – I’m thinking we begin with “Seek and Destroy” off the album “Kill ‘Em All”, perhaps ending at 2pm with a little “For Whom the Bell Tolls” off “Ride the Lightning” for its particularly penetrating, hypnotic bass to wrap things up.


    The hardest part will be restraining myself from giggling like a schoolgirl when I hear the agonized groans emanating from the stairwell.

    Look forward to sending you the pics!


    • Tekk ninja

      Ditch the Arduino and power the sub directly from the pi with a transistor and a relay.

    • Max G

      hahahahaha! get that man a Bell’s

      • Tekk ninja

        no no… give that man a Pi!

    • Afrihost

      We certainly don’t condone revenge of any sort, but, your reasoning, methodology, taste in music and helpful infographic certainly stands out. Good luck Adrain! 😂😂

    • Advice Lolwana

      Hahahahahaaaa. Yooh. Never laughed like this. I do not often so much noise especially at night but need to check if Adrian is by any chance my neighbour or not, cause I foresee other innocent neighbours suffering beacuse of one noisy party freak next door. If you are not in Cape Town, I am then safe

  • Jonathan Beech

    My old raspberry pi died when it had a drink spilled over it 🙁 If I won the raspberry pi 3 I would firstly, create a new WATERPROOF case from lego. Then start to replace the original system I had which was a portable emulator.

    Basically its a lego case that has a wireless receiver inside for xbox 360 controllers to play emulator games. I used to take it around to friend’s houses as its plug and play!

    My old version was the model B version 1 but with this latest board and all the new power I want to look into setting up some voice control commands so I can do things like restart the system, open other applications and do general board control without having a physical keyboard.

    Please pick me, I really loved my emulator!

    • Afrihost

      Love your combination of modern tech and old-school Lego! Best of luck, Jonathan!

  • Tim

    I’ve recently lost almost all of my hearing and I’m really struggling to hold my own in conversations (believe me, you don’t realise how many conversations you have on a daily basis until you all of a sudden can’t hear/follow them anymore). So, if I win this fantastic Pi 3, I’ll create a speech-to-text device that I can use at home or at university (anywhere with a relatively fast and stable internet connection) to follow conversations. A good quality USB microphone will be used to pick up the speech (likely only 1 person at a time to improve speech quality). The official Pi 7″ touchscreen display will then be used to display the translated speech in an easily readable font (possibly in a Notepad like app). The user (me!) will be able to delete unwanted text, save conversations, and reset (clear the slate, if you will) the screen for the next conversation. An on-screen keyboard can also be used for text input if the internet connection is bad or the microphone is not working properly, making the touchscreen very useful indeed. I’ll admit that I’m a complete noob when it comes to programming, but I believe the Google Speech-to-Text API can be used to convert the speech to text (as the name obviously imply!). The Jasper Project can also be considered for this, as well as the new Google Cloud Speech API (I’m very excited for this one!). The Pi 3 is lightning fast, but it’s still not powerful enough for proper real-time speech-to-text processing, hence the requirement of a good internet connection (data will be sent to Google’s servers, where it will be translated, and back to be displayed on the screen). Afrihost’s mobile data will come in very handy here if no WiFi is available – might even negate the need for a WiFi hotspot completely! An external battery will be added to make the whole device portable. And finally, I’ll design an awesome case that will house all the components and make me look beyond epic when I use it. The components will set me back about R1300 to R1500 – so you see why it would be fantastic to get the Pi itself for free! If this idea’s not good and exciting enough for the awesome tech savvy folks at Afrihost then I’ll suggest the TeaPi (Google it! – can be adapted to CoffeePi or MiloPi). for winter is coming!

    • Afrihost

      Wow! Would definitely like to see that in action! Good luck, Tim. 🙂

      • Tim

        I’m sure it can be done. Current smartphone apps aren’t working so great for real-life applications, but I’m hoping Google Cloud Speech will change that. This setup should work well while I finish my PhD and then I’ll tackle hearing loss at it’s biological root.

  • John DeVries

    As a kid I was obsessed with robotics. I used to build all sorts of weird creations in my parents’ basement.

    There has never been a better time to get back into it and this little guy could be the motivation I need!

    • Afrihost

      Oh yeah! ⚡ What’s the first thing you would build?

      • John DeVries

        Well I’m also an avid Star Wars fan so I could go super ambitious and make a remote controlled R2D2 🙂

  • Steve

    I have a power hungry i3 running as my media centre now and it needs a graphics card upgrade to run the latest version, a friend bought a pi 3 to replace it the other day and his is running so very well i’m going to buy one soon as well, would be awesome to win it instead, open elec runs so smoothly on it!

    • Afrihost

      Yeah the Pi 3 streams effortlessly! Holding thumbs for you, Steve!

      • Steve

        Not even just the streaming, the power reduction from a PC to a PI would be awesome! Ive been working on a thing for a vehicle too, the touh screen module and the 8mp cam available to plug into a PI would mean dash ca and in car unit.

  • Let’s just say that in this instance I’d be racking up some major mommy browny points with my son if I won it and gave it to him as a gift. He is doing his final year in electrical engineering and doing some really really cool stuff using the Raspberry PI. It would make him beyond happy. It’s an absolute joy seeing him succeed with his projects. #RaspberryPi3 #Afrihost #Competition #Technology

    • And not having to plug in a LAN cable…bonus!!!

    • Afrihost

      Very nice idea! 🙂 This little device would be great in the hands of an electrical engineer! ⚡

  • Danis Le Roux

    I would love to do some network automation with the PI whilst also using it as a device I can cast to like a Google chromecast. The PI would be hooked up to a old projector mounted on my ceiling, this can then be used to watch movies directly from any mobile device/pc in the house which is on the home network. Then I would like the pi to do some network automation in the background, simple stuff like: 1.On request via the internet see who is currently home by pinging each person’s mobile device on the home network. 2. Turn a individuals PC/laptop on when they arrive home (this will be done by sending a WOL packet to the person’s PC when his phone connects to the home network). 3. Let a PC/laptop sleep when the person leaves the home, say if the person’s device has been disconnected over an hour from the home network his PC will then be put in sleep mode (Software can be used to turn off a PC remotely over the network with the pi). And finally I would like the pi to also be a download server. A device on the network that is constantly powered on and highly customised to only download at specific times ,such as early mornings when local internet traffic is minimal downloads may proceed, and during the day times the downloads will be paused to not put extra strain on the bandwidth when people are actually using it. Ofcourse this download server will be accessible to everybody throughout the network to easily load there downloads for later downloading, the pi will be connected to a hard drive which will be the destination for all the downloads and will also be shared so that all the files downloaded will be accessible over the home network. Hopefully this all could be done with a single pi!

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like your house will be where the party is at! 😎

  • William Segal

    Winning this super prize would be an awesome way to experience something good after a year of debilitating back injury and a super way to celebrate my birthday in June. A breath of fresh Raspberry air indeed.Would be a wonderful gift. What would I do with it…PLAY of course 🙂 Seven years with the AH team, kewl reward 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Wow seven years? Good luck, William! 💪

  • William Segal

    Says: “The project does not exist anymore.” Pity

    • Yusuf Khan

      I get the error on the website now and then. Try once more

  • Daniel Keith Steyn

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3 I would use to it to design and create my very own UAV! As my brother is in law enforcement, I would try design it so as to assist in catching the bad guys in areas where air support would come in handy…

    If it’s a success, I would then approach local Aero-Defence companies to see if they would be interested in creating a civil-defence UAV to assist with law enforcement on the homefront.

    Who knows, one little Raspberry Pi package could be the beginning of an entire technological industry for South Africa?

    • Afrihost

      That sounds amazing! 👮🚁

  • Pierre-Benn de Villiers

    Since I can remember, I have been tinkering with electronics and computers, breaking them, fixing them, pulling out my hair and giving myself high fives when something works.

    My next project would be to build a mini “robot” that would be able to respond to questions and commands, using a siri-, google- or cortana-like system at home. This would then be used to play media, answer questions, respond with breaking news and report on weather and traffic before leaving home.

    It would also serve as a security unit notifying me of movement in house from its centralised position, take a picture and send it to the cloud.

    • Afrihost

      That sounds awesome! 🙂 Have you thought of a name yet?

      • Pierre-Benn de Villiers

        Most certainly! That is the most important part of the project!

        I will call her Athena. Named after the Olympian goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, crafts and justice. 🙂

  • BMZA

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3, I’d use it to teach Scouts programming. We have a few of them who just passed their Amateur Radio licenses, and so much can be done within the Ham radio field with this device, would really assist with growth and pushing technical ability.

    • Afrihost

      Invaluable skills! 👌

  • I would make a Magic Mirror – cool tutorial on the net – a mirror that shows weather, your calendar, news headlines, etc! Very cool and futuristic! 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Definitely one of the most impressive and aesthetically pleasing things you can do with a Pi! 💫

  • Jan-Marais Sans

    I’ll use it to build my very own retro Arcade machine for my Braai area, feeling the need to jam some classic Mortal Kombat 1 after your team lost, go right ahead, feel like bursting bubbles in bubble bobble, why not, or even better, challenge your mates to beat your score, the loser must drink up!

    • Afrihost

      Love it! 🙂 We need one for our break room too!

  • wingnut7710

    I bought an Android TV Box the other day, it keeps freezing and only has 1GB RAM, not happy.

    I want a Rasberry Pi 3 now 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Your options are nearly limitless with a Pi 3! 😁

  • Tekk ninja

    If I won the Pi 3 I would use it to control my homemade P3steel style 3D printer. The Rpi would run OctoPrint to allow full control and monitoring of the 3D printer. I’d add in a 7″ tft capacitive touch screen to allow the user to control the printer from the OctoPrint interface without the need for a cellphone or PC. I would also pick up a Rpi camera for monitoring of the printer on long print jobs remotely via the web interface. I have a bunch of Pi B+ but they just aren’t up to the job of OctoPrint + live feed streaming.

    I May be starting up a small 3D printing club at a local high school that I work at. There seems to be some interest in the idea of it and I feel a handful of the kids here aren’t academically inclined. Giving them something to play with on the tech front, or with their hands for that matter, could help them further on in their lives. If this club does end up becoming a reality I’ll end up moving a lot of the gear to the schools premises.

    The students involved in the club will learn about CAD software (sketchup/123D not sure yet) and designing products for 3d printing. They will also learn about 3d printing tech, how it works and how to use it. Ill be looking at getting funding to let the students build up some printers from scratch allowing them to dabble in electronics, Raspberry Pis and Ardunios.

    Down the road i plan to build this into the local makerspace and invite the general public.

    Good luck to all entering.

    • Tekk ninja

      mumble mumble.. no network cables… mumble Bluetooth for file uploads…

    • Afrihost

      3D printing plus Raspberry Pi 3! Fascinating stuff! 👍

  • Nkk800

    For starters, simple web server providing my household with access to websites that can control the other services. Then using a DHCP and a DNS server, I can make sure no one is typing in silly IP addresses to reach those services. Once that is set up, I would like to develop a handy interface that not only, allows users to turn their computers inside the house on and off using wake on LAN, but will also intelligently do it if there is a particular shared resource on that computer such as media or any sort of file that you may want to retrieve. This way the pi, being the DHCP and always being on, can deal with managing the IP addresses for fetching the files, instead of the user having to type in an IP every time, or choosing static IPS on the network in order to use a DNS name to fetch the files etc. Further than that the pi will offer home automation (have to use those gpio headers for something) in the sense of ambient led lighting, as well as the main lights and heaters/airconditioners. (I did encounter a small problem considering the amount of Pi’s I’d probably end up needing. I’m considering buying arduinos to use instead, and then use a single pi to communicate with the arduinos. Everything is up for testing at this point as I’m still doing the previous software). And then most important of all, external access to all of these features, integrated in any, and every way. I was considering programming my phone to automatically turn my heater on when I start going home so that by the time I get there it is ready. So I’ve already developed a web socket server to handle the communication. As for how to access it, the next step is for the pi to broadcast it’s external IP if it ever changes. That way in the app I’m doing for my phone, I can handle it, and there will always be communication as long as there is power in the house.

    I’ve been doing the software and circuitry prototyping for months and nearly finished with the most of it. Now it’s just up to getting the pi 😀

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like all you need is the Pi! 😁 Good luck!!

  • Charlton Solomons

    On a level, I’ve always wanted to dabble in eye-tracking technology. What we have so far is very good, but it’s also very expensive. Imagine having to spend thousands upon thousands of rands for a disease like Lou Gehrig’s or similar which has already cost people their lives, just to talk to your loved ones who have already offered so much. I want to help people just live a little easier, for a lot cheaper, with technology that’s already at our fingertips.

    • Afrihost

      High five to a very noble cause! All the best, Charlton! 👌

  • Schalk van Zyl

    Raspberry pi3 is the first generation of circuit board computers with the power and feautures to make a decent bargain basement pc. Theres so many little projects to setup I wont even know where to start. Firstly a raspberry pi wall mounted calendar that will proof usefull in my office. Something just for fun can be to power a camera that can take animated gifs(Off to 9gag I am). Then ofcourse arcade gaming for them classics like pac-man pong or even pinball :D. Whatsapp chats to brag about my new rasberry pi3 and current prjoects im doing with it. Maybe createna weather forecast on the mirror instead of my phone then i would know exactly what to wear 😛

    • Afrihost

      Almost too many to choose from! Your possibilities are endless. 😀 ⚡

  • Steven Nel

    I need a replacement for my PI2, firstly because she’s being used to prototype a great innovation you’ll be reading about one day soon (top secret stuff), but also because I need the wifi on the PI3 to stream to my TV on the other side of the house. Pretty please?

    • Afrihost

      Oooh we’re intrigued… 👽

      • Steven Nel

        I suppose it all hinges on me getting my hands on a Pi3… 😉 But in a nutshell, the device could potentially save lives and the consumer a whack load of money. Lets see where this goes though!

  • Juan de Beer

    It would help with my studies(A+ and N+)to surf for explained answers,but will as well be doing some live movie streaming and sports.sorry ppl i can feel its coming may way

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for entering Juan 😉

  • Sean Evan Pritchard

    I would definitely use my Afrihost Raspberry Pi3 for Ham Radio, to connect to the world of technology via this hobby Ham (Amateur Radio)

    • Afrihost

      Niiiiice! Good luck Sean 👍

  • Afrihost

    Good old ethical hacking! 💻 Best of luck,Dave!

  • Riaan Van Der Merwe

    I would use the Pi to control my WIP 3DOF motion simulator.

    • Afrihost


  • Grant

    Well with 3 geeks (and a mom/wife) – I’m sure we’d be able to come up with a whole bunch of fun stuff to make mom even more confused – like home entertainment (she’d like that); home security (always wanted to play around with security cams linked to the net); online gaming (at least we’d be out of her hair on weekends! But most of all – it would be great to be able to build up a system together as the 3 guys in the house.

    • Afrihost

      Some fun ideas here, Grant!

  • Winning a Raspberry Pi 3 will allow me to further develop a portable/mobile educational platform running on a Linux repo designed for the Pi with Moodle installed ontop of it. Phase 1 has already been deployed before however the power of the Pi3 will continue this dream to create a cluster setup.

    • Afrihost

      Pretty fantastic idea – best of luck 👍

  • Clyde Locker

    Raspberry Pi would make a great firewall or a staging server for websites or link up a few of them to be a mini super server or use it for IoT server

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for entering Clyde! 🙂

  • Jaco Ferreira

    would love to win a Raspberry Pi and turn my development skills into a
    hobby and not just a way to pay the bills at the end of the month.

    • Afrihost

      What awesome thing would you make using a Raspberry Pi Jaco? 🍓

      • Jaco Ferreira

        Home automation is a nice idea to start with. Start with developing an interface that will allow the control of a media center, sprinkler system scheduling, gate access control, geyser scheduling, from your cellphone. That would be the starting point. from there the possibilities are endless. The second would be for AI capability to pick up nearby cellphones and calculate things according to music and movie taste, temperature preferences, everyones scheduling and adjust every protocol to best suit surrounding occupants.

        • Afrihost

          Cool stuff 😉

      • Jaco Ferreira

        I’m sure I replied earlier, but I’d basically start playing around with home automation and then from the home automation look at AI integration into the home automation. I just hope nobody stole my idea in the previous reply…lol

  • Emil Lourens

    If I won the raspberry pi 3, i would turn him into Jarvis, and make it control my gate, garage, TV, air-conditioner, lights and even my computers at home and connect him to a speaker so he can tell me in a thick British accent with some sarcasm what he has just done. And this all I would be able to control from my phone, or rfid tags when at home. I would also connect him to a wireless Webcam so I can keep an eye on my house while I’m abroad. And make sure my dogs aren’t up to no good.

    • Afrihost

      Sarcasm is a must! 😂

  • Dirkie Gertenbach

    Need one to automate my house! #AfriSwag

    • Afrihost

      What would be the first thing you automate? 😁

      • Dirkie Gertenbach

        Sprinkler system and then lights for security.

  • Conway Pretorius

    Like choose me! 😎😎😎

    • Afrihost

      You’ll have to tell us what you’re planning to do with your Pi, first! 🍇

  • H Justini

    I would use my Raspberry Pi to setup a smart home/media server. People at home can easily get weather reports, lights in empty rooms will be automatically turned off. The server will also broadcast general info from wikipedia when people walk into rooms using motion detectors and speakers. If a room is empty for a certain period some appliance will automatically be turned off. When a person walks into the house they will be notified that there is a wifi network available in the house. My family will be able to browse and stream music/Tv series and movies available on my media server. I would also use it for testing all my applications and websites that I design.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like a house I want to live in! 😁

  • Amarjit Singh

    Pi 3 would be a great replacement for my Media Player (currently running on Pi 2) with OSMC.

    • Afrihost

      The upgraded processor and built-in WiFi will be perfect for this! Good luck, Amarjit!

  • CAIT


    There is a lot of circuit board computers around these days. But no other circuit board computer touches what the Pi 3 offers If I won this ‘ MY GAMING GATES ARE OPEN” the built in Wifi will work well with my uncapped data I have with Afrihost, now this is red-hot appeal. The performance increase is pretty massive, I’m a huge online gaming addict More power, more convenience. What more do you want?

    • Afrihost

      The Raspbian OS comes with a pretty awesome version of Minecraft! 🙂

  • Khwezi Phumlani Mgoduka

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3, I’d definitely use it as A: a mobile for my programming and music production, and B: a Guinea Pig for my AI & Robotics practice at my school We Think Code in the Robotics club. Its genius because with all it’s features, I can make something with remote programming and have write code in itself, even in pocket. Might screw around and enter Google Science competitions. The possibilities are endless really.

    • Afrihost

      The possibilities really are endless! 🙂 Good luck, Khwezi!

  • Firoze

    Are you kidding me. It’s a Raspberry pie, every geek dreams of having their own.

    Keen to try it out as a super tiny media player, it packs enough CPU cycles for HD movies and wifi out tge box . . Yesssss please

    • Afrihost

      Upgraded specs makes streaming a breeze! 😎

  • Antonio Soldat

    I have one of the earlier pi’s at home and have that running Kodi on my flat screen nice and smoothly. I’m currently building a new house which will have network points throughout and also a central server room. Thinking to get a touchscreen display that can be wall mounted and use the pi 3 to monitor the network, check cctv, check status of my battery / inverter setup. Smart as Pi Home 🏡

    • Afrihost

      You should call it the Gingerbread House! 😛 Okay… Bit of a stretch…

  • CAIT


    There is a lot of circuit board computers around these days. But no other circuit board computer touches what the Pi 3 offers If I won this ‘ MY GAMING GATES ARE OPEN” the built in Wifi will work well with my uncapped data I have with Afrihost, now this is red-hot appeal. The performance increase is pretty massive, I’m a huge online gaming addict More power, more convenience. What more do you want?

  • pcb1981

    if I won a raspberry pi 3 I would use it to setup a octopi server for my 3d printer, allowing me to monitor my 3d prints and remotely upload new prints to my 3d printer, the wifi enabled module of the raspberry pi 3 will be very useful with my house’s wifi network, allowing me to check in on my printer from any room in the house, as well when I am away from my house.

    • Afrihost

      Love it! 3D printing on the go! 📳

  • Kevin Tolman

    Would really love to win one of these baby’s,would either turn it into media server/player or build my own nes system for some old school Sega emulation. Fantastic giveaway by the way,wish there could be more of these. Oh,and stay awesome Afrihost!

    • Afrihost

      Kickin’ it Old School! High five, Kevin! 😎

  • Heino Colyn

    Build a custom handheld gaming machine!

    • Afrihost

      Oooh! What’s your favourite game? 💥

      • Heino Colyn

        I’d love to revisit old favourites and play old emulated games on it. But… favourite game? Probably FEZ 🙂

        • Afrihost

          FEZ is awesome! Retro Gaming is the best 😀

  • Nico van der Merwe

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3 I would use it as the PC backbone of my arcade machine. I will download the software to run it, the game disks and the artwork. Then spend my time to craft the cabinet from wood. It will take a while to make and I can involve some family members to join me.

    • Afrihost

      Sound like an amazing idea! We need one for our break room! XD

  • oltman

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3 I would use it to build a timelapse rig for my DSLR camera.

    Using the precision motors from old floppy and cd rom drives, connected to the Pi’s IO port, I can program the Pi to move the camera sideways along the rig just a fraction, take a photo, wait a short while, and then move again. This will allow me to take great timelapse videos with an added sideways movement of the camera, not usually possible with timelapse photography. The open platform, compact size and low power consumption of the Pi makes it the perfect tool!

    Thanks for the chance!

    • Afrihost

      Love your “lateral” thinking! 😉 Best of luck, oltman!

  • Wow I think I would use it for a few things. Like the idea of a media player. But also think that a security setup would be awesome with some iot in it, switching lights off from a warm bed in winter. I could also imagine using it with my children and setting up a near space balloon with a cam. What a great real time learning setup, could get some other kids involved also. Well done afrihost on such a creative prize.

    • Afrihost

      Getting the kids involved is an amazing idea! 👍

  • Mohammed Mayet

    Want to start automating all my electronic’s at home and get my family so jealous of my geekness 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Show off! 😂

  • Ashley Swartz

    I would use it so i can tune my in car radio and be able to play music from the internet to entertain people at car shows and family events

    • Afrihost

      Super cool idea! 👌🚙

  • I plan to overclock my Raspberry Pi 3 and bake it. Really hoping it will taste delicious.

    • Afrihost

      Just don’t overcook it! 🔥

  • Hannelie Barkhuizen

    Oh wow! I don’t really know a lot about Raspberry Pie. Just think up all the possibilities if I did manage to win one. How exciting to investigate how to set it up. How I can harass my colleagues to help me. Whoop, I can see them running away from me, hidingin the cupboards. This would be a truly amazing journey for me and the Raspberry Pie 3! Please sir, can I have one?

    • Afrihost

      Love your enthusiasm! 😁 The Raspberry Pi is perfect for people who would like to learn about software and development!

  • James

    For myself and my friends 3rd year computer science project we developed a home automation and security system using raspberry pi 1 model B.
    The security was done using an NFC enabled smart phone with our application that we developed and a NFC board attached to the raspberry pis uart. The phone had logged in with a unique user ID and each security point had a unique Id. When the user reached a locked door they would put their phone against the nfc reader and send the id, the raspberry pi would verify the id combination of user and security point… If the user was allowed the locking mechanism would open…
    The locking mechanism could be one of 2, firstly a magnetic lock which is simple and secondly a servo for bolted doors or standard doors which would unlock for a time period…
    This was done on one raspberry pi…
    Luckily we were sponsored another raspberry pi, so once the phone received an acceptance code from the security point the application would open a new screen displaying all the connected devices in the room about to be entered… The users then can turn on or off appliances with their phone, incorporated was an ir blaster which enabled control of infrared devices… All this has been completed…

    However we had some major delays with regards to the updates, since we did not want to pair devices we used a ‘remote’ (separate ftom the system but still on the same local network) database in which the raspberry pi had to poll the database every second or so… This limitation and delay was due to the number of devices having to get checked and cpu usage being quite high…

    Using a raspberry pi 3 not only enables the much faster check speeds but due to a few more gpio pins extra features including pattern recognition, user defined settings (ie user enters room certain things must switch on), a few extra devices and switches (we included switches as a legacy support), as well as voice recognition (current project) and ultimately using decawave technologies for user positioning to control certain devices and accurately identify and create patterns

    • Afrihost

      Love your detailed entry! 😁 This sounds like a great project. The upgraded processor on the Pi 3 will definitely open more doors. 😏

  • Taahir Khan

    Create Jarvis! Or a realistic version of him/it. Nuff said hehe.

    • Afrihost

      Don’t forget to program in his compulsory sense of sarcasm! 😂

  • Isgak

    I have no idea what the Raspberry PI does lol. So i dont really want to win that. Lol all im interested in, is a DSL voucher, so the missus can have more data to watch her shows, be quiet and calm, so that i can peacefully watch the Champions League final next week. Im not asking for much, just a bit of Freedom for this game. 😀

    • Afrihost

      Cheeky entry, but noted! 😁 Who are you supporting?

      • Isgak

        i am supporting whoever it is You are supporting…. Im trying to win something here dude, i cant go against anything that might make me not win lol 😉

        • Afrihost

          Hala Madrid! (Real)

          • Isgak

            Yeeess me to. hala Madrid, Hala Afrihost, Hala at me with that PI if you hear me

      • Isgak

        I am supporting whichever team it is you are supporting. Im trying to win, so ill go with your team lol

  • Roan Roestoff

    First off, I am a huge Raspberry Pi fan. Reading about new projects and the progress thereof is a hobby of mine.
    So here goes:
    I would setup a home automation system. This would include the following: 1. Monitoring of geyser (switch on just before use and switch off just after); 2. Connect all lights to rpi and switch off when there is no one in room (this is done by using camera {basically compare two frames to each other, when frame changes movement is detected} to detect if someone is in the room); 3. Setup rpi as security camera for gate monitoring as well as recording (live feed can be dumped to external drive or to a connected pc via network). The recording is for review purposes.
    I could Setup rpi as Home Theater PC, for all intensive purposes.
    The Raspberry Pi 3 can basically do anything especially due to expansion boards and USB ports.
    I could locally host a website that unlock password protected outside gate from the click of a button, therefore basically never take out a key or remote. Just open cellphone that is connected to the network, enter password and open gate.
    If you need to open the outside gate for someone and you’re not at home, log in remotely and use rpi camera to see that they are actually there and open the gate from work for example. Like I said, you can do anything with a Raspberry Pi 3.
    However, the first thing I would do is ask my (now) girlfriend to marry me. This can be done using a series of LED lights connected to flash or scroll the words marry me after I got on one knee and declared my love to her.

    • Afrihost

      Great home automation ideas, but you closed off with a bombshell! She’s bound to say yes! 😁💍 Good luck, Roan!

  • oldhat

    Plan to use it for a basic home security setup. Connect a few cheap usb cameras and run Zoneminder on the Rasberry Pi…

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! 😎 Best of luck, oldhat!

      • oldhat

        Thanx 😉

  • Ruben

    If I’d win, I’d use the Raspberry Pi to start my proof of concept for home automation. Linking Arduinos for various tasks such as CCTV camera monitoring, garage gate opening / closing, monitoring of open windows and doors, smoke detectors for kitchen, power consumption monitoring for various core appliances (geyser, washing machine, …), integration with the Amazon AI and so forth.

    The initial stage will prioritise some of these as implementing all of it will take some time.

    Ultimately, I’d like to be able to offer something like this to my mother who stays alone at home quite often as an added security measure and something to fall back to to check everything is fine at home when she is away.

    WiFi capabilities will come in handy as it will significantly reduce the amount of wiring required for a project like this.

    • Afrihost

      This would definitely be ideal for someone who stays home alone quite often! 👌 Good luck, Ruben!

  • FriedPet

    I’ll use it as a toy. I’ll try different projects, automate my home. Set up my own wireless home theatre system.

    • Afrihost

      Tinkering is king! 😛

  • Brian

    I would set it up as a streaming server and a NAS server, with a bunch of drives, bye bye DSTV

    • Afrihost

      Great idea! Best of luck, Brian! 😁

  • Peter Phillip

    Do the right thing! This baby could bring level 2 of my start to life. I have been developing something for restaurants… that could change the game simple idea with a lot of technical aspects. I can’t afford to get the current version however I feel it would do better than what I have…

    • Afrihost

      The words Raspberry Pi and Restaurant seem to fit together nicely! 😛

  • Saajid S

    I have three options….I would consider building a Kodi Media Center for streaming in the house (including streaming to tablets/mobile devices/laptops/Desktops).

    The 2nd option is to consider using it in a home automation project – link it to the current alarm system and cctv systems at home, and expanding on that with RFID tags for auto opening/closing of gates and garage doors, etc.

    3rd would be to build my own car-pc with this (i know you get all the preset stuff), but i would prefer building my own – complete with the GPS/Wifi access, etc. A personalised device for my car.

    It will be a learning experience for me, as i have not worked with the R-Pi’s previously. Always have been intrigued at how a match box sized device could be value for money.

    • Afrihost

      Versatility is what makes the Pi so awesome! 😎

      • Saajid S

        Indeed it is, there are so many uses for the device. I just had the idea that it can be used to make a 360 degree car-dash cam (so to speak) – as you do get camera modules for the Pi..
        or use it to convert your standard TV into a smart Android TV using Remix OS’s Android for desktops/PC’s that is freely available…

  • BigTree

    I would use it to control my 3D printer using octopi that way I can fully control and monitor my printing remotely and with the built in wifi opens up a USB port to stick a camera on there to make time lapse videos

    • Afrihost

      Love the idea of Time Lapse 3D printing videos! Good luck BigTree!

  • amarullz

    I am software developer, and love developing software (also embedded fans). But it’s hard to get an interesting device like Raspberry Pi 3 Here, the price is too high here.

    If I Won Raspberry Pi, I want to use it to develop (open source) minimalist but usable graphical user interface (GUI) library that works without using X Server, it will be usable for developer that need to make an embedded application that runs right after it boot.

    I already do it in Android Recovery Mode with AROMA Installer and AROMA Filemanager (But not as library yet), the library is almost finished for that platform ( with name libaroma: [ github dot com/amarullz/libaroma ] … .Here the video I made to demo it’s library: [ youtube dot com/watch?v=3hPMhBXhpqQ ]. Trust me, it’s wasn’t Android Material UI, Smooth right? and it’s just software accelerated – currently works for Android Recovery, QNX Neutrio, GNU/Linux but not yet optimized for Raspberry Pi ), but It will become an awesome and more usable if the library is ready to use for Raspberry Pi with some modification in source code.

    What I love about Raspberry Pi 3 than 2 is in fact it have new processor(s), It also have ARM NEON Instruction, so I can optimize it speed.

    If the library finished and ready to use for developers, they can easly developing (something like) standalone professional PoS application that launch right after boot (Just need to load kernel and framebuffer, other things can be loaded in background while UI was already showed). The apps doesn’t need any OS GUI Toolkits (like GTK, QT and even X-Server or Desktop Environment like Gnome/XFCE/KDE), so the operator can only operating the apps, not music player or playing games 🙂

    Hope I got the prize….

    And sorry for my English 😉


  • col_green

    So I work late most of the time and when I get home at night it’s all dark, I’ll use the pi to connect to my adsl with email support, when I send an email to home pi with subject on it Wil trigger relays that will switch on all my lights at home. And if I send subject as off the pi will trigger relay as off so the lights can go off as well.

    • Afrihost

      Bright idea 👌

  • Darren Grant Carter

    What an awesome prize! I’ve been after one of these as the Pi community has outgrown my old model A Pi. Green tech is the buzz word nowadays right? So I figure what better way to utilize such an awesome little gadget than to create an automated hydroponic garden, seems like the perfect symmetry between green goodness and all things tech. Using the Pi’s powerful GPIO ports and a bit of coding magic I plan to configure my hydroponic grow box with an array or sensors measuring metrics such at temperature, humidity, pH of the water and light level. Then, the all powerful Pi shall crunch the numbers and using some pre-configured parameters it will control a few gadgets such as a fan for cooling, a light to keep the plants growing and a water pump with a set of 2 peristaltic dosing pumps to ensure the plants get all the yummy nutrients they need. All this coupled with a cleaver little PHP web interface (served by the Pi of course) will form the center stage of this Hydro”PI”nic gardening system. Fresh veggies every day, yumm!

    • Afrihost

      That’s a super cool idea! 🍃

  • Henry Horne

    I would use this to enable the control of a wheelchair for a disabled child.

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! How would you configure it :O

      • Henry Horne

        Not sure yet sir. It will be a learning curb.

  • Isgak

    Can i use it to fly to the moon? 😉

    • Afrihost

      Woah, that’s a Pi in the sky idea 😉

      • Isgak

        You guys said be creative… i always wanted to be a PI Lot and fly somewhere, so i hope its not a PIpe dream. 😉 Im off to get me a PIneapple now. Actually, im going to be a PIrate, instead of a PI lot. All these talk of PIes are making me hungry lol

  • Afrihost

    That’s a pretty awesome idea! 👍

    • amarullz

      + The library can be modified to run on any display, not just main HDMI/TV Out display.

  • Afrihost

    Awesome write up, and a great idea! 👌

  • Afrihost

    Very cool! Best of luck 😀

  • Isgak

    One day I was sat at the pool, when I saw Gian I thought wow, he looks cool. I asked him sir, what do you, he said I am with Afrihost, and I said WHO? He told me we give you the web, and we save you a rand. I said wow, you must be Spiderman? He laughed and walked away, I told him ill join Afrihost someday. He turned around and gave me a thumbs up, and walked with away with a swagger. I called out to him, and told him, I know now who you are, you must be Mick Jagger

    • Afrihost

      Nice rhymes! 😂

  • Hayden H Naidoo

    Guys, it is simple. I like Pi.

    • Afrihost

      Don’t we all 😀

  • Chris De Beer

    I want to built an antenna rotator controller.

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for entering Chris! 🙂

  • Roelf Pringle

    I would like to connect a camera to it. Use OpenCV to do some number plate recognition. Connect the whole system to my motorized gate. TADA, i have a gate which opens when it recognizes my number plate.

    • Afrihost

      Very cool idea Roelf 🚗

  • Justin Brown

    I really could do with a Pi3 as a birthday present (28 May). Been wanting a Pi for some time now.

    • Afrihost

      Any cool ideas on what you’d use it for Justin 🙌

  • Stewart James Macdonald

    I would like to use the Pi 3 for doing a home automation project to monitor temp and humidity. Using the PI as the main interface it can then control the ESP chips and that is turn will allow me to have a lot more options. using it all through the smart phone using Blink which you can custom to what you want. You can could go as far as to automate a camera or 2 into a ptz configuration which would be very cool.

    • Afrihost

      That’s a nifty idea Stewart! Good luck 🙂 👍

  • AB

    simple… fully automate my place along with the other pieces of Pii i already have..

    • Afrihost

      Go on… 👌

  • Sascha Herrle

    What would I do with a raspberry Pi3? Get started with programming one of them. First things first: find something I want to build. I haven’t got any grand ideas yet, but I have watched some videos of them in action and have always wanted to try it out. They are a bit pricey to start off with, so I’ve never went further than day dreaming about it. Seeing the pi motto is to get people started with programming, I might just as well give it a minority attempt at getting one first. Thanks at least for providing the opportunity.

    • Afrihost

      Not a problem Sascha! Good luck 😉

  • Gavin Nel


    • Afrihost

      Way awesome!! 💥

  • Eishman

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3, I would strip out the innards of my old radio with a beautiful wooden case and throw in the pi loaded Raspian OS and connect a little LCD display … From old time radio to internet radio!

    • Afrihost

      Best of the old and the new! 🙂 👍

  • easterbunny

    i’d go with a variation on the laser engraver i saw a few years ago:

    get some cd-roms (and other old things), strip out all the parts and join them in a way that i can cover a cookie-sized area. instead of a dvd writer’s laser attached to it, i’ll have a +-1mm diameter pin attached to it.

    next i roll out some custard cookie dough, shape and flatten it by hand and put it on the “working area” and load the low resolution black&white image, or maybe not low such a low resolution (i’ll have to see when the resolution is too high to make out the image) onto the pi and have it “poke” out a picture on the cookie. 🙂

    i got this idea when i was making custard cookies and doodling pictures on them with my wife. the cookies don’t expand and go out of shape, so all the faces and words we etched in with toothpicks came out pretty good. would be a totally fun and delicious project.

    • Afrihost

      Very creative idea! You better ship us a box if you win! 🍪 Good luck!

      • easterbunny

        how’s this:
        you send a raspberry pi, and i’ll empty the box, fill it with cookies and send it back. 😉

        • Afrihost

          Somehow that doesn’t seem entirely fair… 😛

          • easterbunny

            i agree… i’ll need more incentives if i’m going to give away cookies. 😛

          • Afrihost

            Well played!!! 😂😂

  • Samildanach

    Well, even is the Raspberry 3 is awesome, I would still say I am happy to be with the #1 ISP in South Africa. All my friends with other ISP’s is suffering, even without a Pi my life with Afrihost will still be Peachy!

    • Afrihost

      Wow! Thank you for the amazing comment! What would you do with a Pi if you had one, though? 😀

  • Nathan van Niekerk

    I would use the Raspberry Pi to create the perfect car pi system.

    As it stands I have what one would say a Standard Radio setup. And it does its job, I however want a little more functionality.

    The options are, well the obvious, get a new Radio System. They are great, But at a price tag of R5000+ it has limited added bonuses.

    My option is to create the same kind of device, at half the cost, yet has TWICE the functionality of the “upmarket” device.

    Using a Raspberry pi 3 in conjunction with an Arduino UNO could create the ultimate car pi.

    The media center:
    Adding a 7″ touch display to the pi, creates the perfect media center, allowing one to select ones own music.
    Seeing as the pi already has a wifi connection, and I always have a wifi hot spot with me, you could also stream music straight from the pi.

    Well as we all know, the Pi does not have the chops to play straight to my amplifier, so using my Standard Radio as a pre Amp, one can run the audio via an Auxiliary to my amplifiers.
    (Although it does require me to keep my Standard Radio, its a cheap way around the problem)

    My problem does however have some light, which concerns normal FM radio, I would need a fm board for the pi, but if I am keeping the Standard Radio, why not use it what it was intended for 🙂

    The added features:
    Using Raspbian Jessie, I want to add the following:
    * GPS pi hat, enabling navigation.
    * USB OBD2 cable, allowing the pi to monitor the car ECU, and feed out real time data, indicating how the car is performing. Which if you are a Petrol Head, could be very handy information.

    As we South Africans know, we are all paranoid about our vehicles…

    * Using the Pi GPIO to control a relay board, one can beef up security, by placing those relays in key strategic places, cutting power to the Ignition coil, fuel pump, etc. You could immobilize your vehicle, deterring potential thieves/hijackers. You could even code in a timer, so you can get to safety before your vehicle dies at the hands of the hijacker.

    * Removing the option of a key. You could replace it with a finger print reader, using the pi to
    authenticate the entrance to the vehicle. However NO key, no ignition, using an Arduino to create a push to start ignition system, which only activates after your finger print has been approved by the Pi.

    Now to the power concern:
    You could modify the Pi to run off a small battery, and program the pi to go into a low power state, waiting for a command from the fingerprint reader, before activating normal state, and switch it over to the car battery.

    • Afrihost

      Love this idea! Good luck, Nathan! ☺

  • Yster37

    On the shooting range, spotting your impact at long range is very important for adjustments.
    While spotting with optics will suffice at close range, even the best optics struggle at long range.
    Especially with mirage on a hot Karoo day!

    Build a ShotCam!

    Using a RASPBERRY PI with an attached camera in a steel enclosure placed closer to the target, connected to a Wifi network, will enable you to clearly view the target and impacts on your mobile device of choice.

    By connecting a few sensors, you could even turn it into a weather station, further assisting you in calculating better firing solutions.

    Data can also be logged, helping with record keeping and may even assist in pattern recognizing.

    Adding a Solar Panel and battery, this same setup could be used as a TrailCam, monitoring Water points, dam levels, animal shelters and so much more.

    This project could turn out to be a valuable tool on the farm…

    • Afrihost

      Hopefully you’ve got a good “shot” at winning. 😉 Good luck!

  • rbekker87

    Dajaaaamn! Thats nice! Ill run it as my internet gateway! Dual ppp connections, use the wifi for my wifi ap, squid and iptables for getting all the hosts through webcache, nginx with mysar for reporting, some scripting to generate connection related data, apache spark to run some analytics, ruby dashing for some dashboards.. Oh did i mention this is for my home network..? Haha. RaspberryPi’s is awesome!

    • Afrihost

      Sounds great! You’ll have a ton of connection data! 💪 Best of luck!

  • Jonathan

    I want to build a interactive mirror. That will give me the latest weather, a different motivational message each day. That way my wife gets her hair done and I have my toy running in the background and I get to practice my web-development. But there is so much cool things to do with it and I have not bought one yet…because then it will just be used for one project…. so if I won 1…then I can buy another one….and that I can use to teach my son how to code and try and build things based on his imagination… he is 3…imagine what ideas he will come up with…robots, cars controlled by the Raspberry
    the list is endless…hahaha..I’m getting excited already….

    • Afrihost

      Those mirrors are AWESOME! 🙂 Good luck, Jonathan!

  • Giovanni

    I would turn my raspberry pi into a low-cost HD surveillance camera to monitor our puppy using Motion Web. I would like to see what she gets up to when I’m not home and I’d like to make sure that there is no separation anxiety. I’d possibly even look at adding a speaker to talk to her.

    • Afrihost

      The secret life of pets! 😁

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  • Sean Botha

    If I won the RPi I would stick it on my custom built quadcopter and be flying all over jhb! Would be awesome

    • Afrihost

      Lots of awesome footage! 😎

  • Mauritz Kloppers

    Although you can accomplish very complicated and awesome things with the PI, My idea is plain and simple.
    I want to mount a thin screen on my living room wall where I spend my mornings eating breakfast and coffee. During this time, I would like to see news feeds/videos, run through my daily schedule and check mails. After this, the screen will show art/backgrounds throughout the day.
    I will host a web page on my Afrihost account which will be the main interface shown on the screen. In “breakfast” mode, this web page will be capable of showing news feeds/videos from sites like Newzy, Haystack, etc. as well as display my daily schedule and mail from gmail.

    Now here is the cool part – As part of developing the capability to display the web page on the screen, I will use an open voice recognition API (there are very nice free APIs online) with a microphone, which will permanently listen for key words. Between 5AM and 7AM, I can activate the “breakfast” dashboard by using a simply greeting. After 7AM, the screen will go back to default mode and display art/backgrounds. Throughout the day you can use keywords to do extra things like search for youtube videos, check for emails, play music etc.

    Maybe later, I’ll include controls for lighting in the house, activating the alarm, put on the coffee machine, etc.

    Simple, but very useful 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Simple and awesome!!! Good luck Mauritz! 👌

  • Jason Hodgkiss

    I would use Piaware version, to track aircraft and shrae it with all those fr24 fans.

    • Afrihost


  • Rodney Gee

    I’ve got an idea, how about reducing water wastage? If you take a rain water collection tank (or a few). Connect it to a pump and sprinkler system for your garden. Then get use a floating device to measure the water level. Connect the Pi online to a weather api (possibly even a database of plants and their water requirements). Based on the water levels in your tank and rain predictions vs. your plants specific water requirements. The Pi operates the sprinkler system to optimally water your garden… With no (or little) use of valuable municipality water. While providing excellent rainfall data 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Love your eco friendly approach! 🌍

  • Deon Louw

    So this may be a little overkill but I am a little paranoid about network security so I would use my PI to create a dmz between my router and my network. I already have my server linked to everything in my house, now I will set up my security so that I can safely access it from outside. The PI is great because I can plug it into a usb port on the router to power it 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Security should always be a priority! 🔐 Great idea, Deon!

  • kmf

    I would run the Amazon Echo OS on it.

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! 😎

  • Richard Eades

    Pine car racing is popular in the US and is a great way to teach basic (and not so basic) science principles to school kids. I would like to build a racing track so schools can use this as a tool to build enthusiasm for science. I would use a Pi to control the track and start sequence, and to calculate and display the times and “driver” stats, all helping to keep excitement levels high!

    • Afrihost

      Very original idea! 🚙 Best of luck, Richard!

  • Ricardo Ludeke

    I would build a retro style “hidden” game arcade / media player coffee table.

    Firstly a wooden box will be built to store the electronics, house the Raspberry Pi and seat the TV screen. The table top itself will be made from a large plasma or LCD TV with a one-way perspex glass overlay that only lets light through when the TV is on. The perspex will protect the screen and when turned off blend-in and stay under the radar, just chilling in the middle of the living room like a regular old coffee table.

    Using the Raspberry Pi I can play old TV games, like Mario or Tetris using old school arcade joysticks and buttons that are built into a slide-able drawer that slides into the side of the table when unused.

    With a wireless mouse and keyboard the Raspberry Pi can also be controlled to play media or simply browse the internet while wirelessly connected to my Afrihost powered router.

    Admit it… you know you want one of these too!

    • Afrihost

      That sounds like a lot of fun!! 😁

  • Aubrey

    Media center, for sure. Running rasplex. Plugged straight into the 📺, and using the 📺’s remote ‘cos the RPi picks up the remote signals via HDMI. Lovurly.

    • Afrihost

      Nice touch! Good luck, Aubrey! 🙂

  • Jacques Van Zyl

    So many ideas… Search for ET with seti@home, Reef Aquarium controller/monitor for heating, cooling, water levels and remote viewing with the Raspberry Cam, media server client with openElec, retro gamebox, home automation, photo booth controller. Solar tracker for solar panels, paired with a SDR dongle it could be a ADS-B tracker. So many more ideas, so little $$$

    • Afrihost

      👽 Good luck, Jacques!

  • Rico Visser

    I would setup another media point for streaming from my server using Openelec. Also would be great to stream from Microsoft Edge directly to the Pi 3.

    • Afrihost

      OpenELEC is one of our favourite OS!

  • Indrin Govender

    Seeing as how the home automation ideas have already been taken, i’d like to slap this pi into my radio control toy 4×4 with a camera module and rechargable battery pack. I would be able to connect this 4×4 to my home wifi network and control this remotely from an app on my phone to keep an eye on things when I’m not around. My home and mobile networks would be powered by Afrihost data of course 😉

    • Afrihost

      Gotta get some eyes on the ground! ☺ Awesome idea, Indrin!

  • Olivia Tubb Schroeder

    I will use it to connect a pos touch screen lcd monitor to be used as a hmi for a water cleaning plant

    • Afrihost

      Sounds awesome! Best of luck, Olivia! 💧

  • De Wet Pienaar

    I would set up a linux based opperating system that resmbles windows in opperation and add appache open office to the installation to see if i can create a cheap alternative educational computer that can be used to teach people basic computer skills in rural areas as they use basicaly no power compaired to normal computers, if the project works i would lik to see if i can set up a company thatvsells them to privelaged schools at a price so that each two sold can sponser one to the charity side of things.

    • Afrihost

      Love it! These Pi’s are built to be affordable! ☺

  • James Burger

    These babies are the best, I know some friends that have the earlier models and they love it. Id love to convert one into a media center at home

    • Afrihost

      Can’t go wrong with that! 📹💻

  • Peter French

    I’ll use it to build a continuum transfuctioner … because we all need one of those! Jokes aside – I’d like to build a dog monitoring system that will detect noises in my courtyard and alert me on my mobile if there is a repetitive disturbance. I’d attach speakers so that I can speak to my dogs (simple VOIP intercom function) while I’m at the shops and tell them to keep it down. Although my dogs are not left alone for long in a week, I believe it’s a responsible approach to monitor them and ensure awesome pets are not a noise nuisance to my neighbourhood

    • Afrihost

      Very considerate! 🙂 Good luck, Peter!

  • Donovan Steyn

    Hi all. I would use the pi 3 for one of the following projects I’ve been planning for awhile.

    1) Build and implement a raspberry pi wireless router and firewall. This would be a nice project after my pfsense box last year.

    2) Access control using nfc tags using the raspberry pi and a nfc reader. Adding a lcd screen for confirmation purposes or pin entry.

    3) Would like to test Windows 10 IoT on the raspberry pi.

    4) Design and build a light weight dvr system using a pi 3.

    So there you have my ideas. (Or at least some of them)


    Good luck all.

    • Afrihost

      So many options and they all sound great! Best of luck, Donovan!

  • Johan Steyn

    I want acruise control for my bakkie. I’ll use the RP to create a car computer that will be controlling my car’s throttle. This is very ambitious but I’ve really wanted one of these for this very reason. I also want connect a small screen to it to make it more useful.

    I’ll use an old usb mouse’s internals for controls and maybe even voice recognition. This will all be done on Android of course. I was even thinking of going for Windows. We’ll have to see…

    I have an Isuzu kb300 2003,which is relatively old. I just miss cruise control a lot and installing a unit is ridiculously expensive, more than R8000. miss also run more than R3000 and then you have no guarantee it will work. RP will be the answer. There you have it…

    • Johan Steyn

      I’ll also connect a large storage and a camera for a dashcam. It will run so many things. This will be crazy.

    • Afrihost

      Great entry! 🙂 Good luck, Johan!

  • Triscal2000

    I would turn it into a media center for streaming netflix to my tv to replace the pc that is currently there so I can drop my monthly electric bill

    • Afrihost

      Great idea! ⚡

  • James Dean Cuthbert

    There have seen a few tutorials on something that I am very interested in doing, which is…. using the Raspberry Pi 3 to create a drone. I would then use it to take aerial photos and video, currently drones are rather expensive and creating my own one would not only be a fun project but would also keep money in the bank.

    • Afrihost

      A Pi in the Sky! 😀

      • James Dean Cuthbert

        Well you know the old saying, “if pigs could fly”. Lets update it with, “If pi’s could fly”.

        • Afrihost

          Well said! 😂

  • Alien

    Firstly I want to turn it into a media server and mini arcade emulator and plug it into my TV to free up my gaming rig grin emoticon

    Next thing is I have an idea to build an educational platform using a raspi. And also create a application for irritation automation and advice with schedules.

    Have another cosmetic project with a friend that I can’t say anything about X-O

    Thanks for the competition. This is why Afrihost is awesome

    • Afrihost

      Your secret is safe with us! 🙂

  • Heinz Da Hammer

    This is exactly what I need, I am busy with a few ideas of turning my vivarium into 2 different automated types, Australian outback and Amazonian rain forest. it should control humidity, lighting and UV .Then while at work I will be able to keep an eye on my scaly friends. (with video if all stays stable).

    • Afrihost

      Sounds fascinating! 🐛

  • Dean Wright

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3, I would use it to create a personal/residential and mobile water and electricity usage tracker, calculator and checker with the goal of having it approved by Government to remedy all the current billing inconsistencies and problems residents are having with the various municipalities.

    With its built in wifi, it would be able to upload all recorded data to central database and would be low cost and use little electricity itself to be on continuously.

    • Afrihost

      Go for green, Dean! 🌍

  • Saurabh Bali

    To me Education, Knowledge and Wordly exposure are key for the society. Given the price point and capability of Pi3 I would create Tech Labs for under privileged and rurals kids. There is great potential in every human being and it’s just not leveraged to its max. Setting up these low cost labs will expose the wider society to be knowledgeable, experimental and innovative. Rural (where the masses live are not necessarily SA) faces it’s own set of challenges and people resort to tricks and ideas that work for them with the limited exposure. E.g. agriculture where dependency on nature is high, however with the innovative products like Pi3 and Sensors the predictabilty can be catalyst in preparation for better agricultural produce or even lowering the damages. Like this there many such situations that this extremely economical yet powerful device like Pi3 can be used to educate, control disasters and empower people.

    • Afrihost

      Great entry! Education is a key focus with the Raspberry Pi! 👍

  • Willem Agenbag

    If i won the Pi 3 i will use it do build a project that i am working on that will change this country and help a lot of people.Will also use it as a media player and connect my ip cameras on it to keep an eye on my property.

    • Afrihost

      Good luck, Willem! 😁

  • Yuvaraj

    I am currently working on AI with python and looking forward to integrate with Internet of Things for school,colleges and other educational institution. Where each student will be analyze based on their marks, skills and other things, so teachers and their parents will know that in which part their students or children has interest and help to achieve their dream. In this AI will help you to achieve, even AI may interact or even take lectures using IOT. This will not only help in education but it can be used for many other things because AI is future… If i get Raspberry Pi 3 with some modules it would be very helpful.

    • Afrihost

      Would LOVE to see what you can come up with! 😁

      • Yuvaraj


  • Redewaan Williams

    It would give me great pleasure to help the blind fly helicopters and perform open-heart surgery via creating tools to teach braille, will be awesome

    • Afrihost

      That sounds amazing! Good luck, Redewaan! 👍

  • Afrihost

    Very noble cause! ❤ Good luck, Hanif!

  • Redewaan Williams

    Yes what I will do with my Raspberry Pi 3, my friends will be jealous with my super awesome inventions.
    I will create a system that pick up conversations worldwide of all superstars,villains actors world leaders and sell it to film companies just awesome

    • Afrihost

      🎥 😎

  • Breakfast

    • Afrihost

      Blend it up in a smoothie! 😁

  • dawie180

    Aaaah, i already done my research on this!!! I will turn my raspberry pi into a adressable LED controller for my PC that reads cpu/gpu temps via serial from ur PC to display current temps of your hardware (eg green is cool, red be hot)… there will obviously be more patterns/effects or solid colours to choose from aswel. And for the music lovers, we will add some beat detection so our PC’s can rock out to some beats. This was already my plans, the free hardware would be epic.

    • Afrihost

      This is really cool!! 👌 Good luck, Dawie!

      • dawie180


  • Andrew Nigel Parkes

    Designing a kill switch in a car that scans for nearby Bluetooth devices and if it can detect your paired devices Mac adress it deactivated the kill switch else it will stay active and your car cannot start

    • Afrihost

      Car thieves beware! 🚙

  • Andrew Price

    If I were to win a Raspberry Pi I would setup a setup a VPN router that would have python scripts to start the VPN and to check every 30 minutes where the VPN was up and connected to the VPN server. The script would also run a randomisation to connected to one of fifteen servers to ensure that the PI is always connected to a server. The strips also need to be able to check response time to server to and compare to maxtime response and move on the next server if it is response time is too high. The server will run bind to do names server lookups. I have to also setup a DHCP as well. Will setup Webmin on
    the PI to make admin easy. Shorewall will be doing the firewall to protected the network. Squid with gzip compression to compress data between the proxy and the webserver to reduce the bandwidth consumption. The should also be SARG running with dansguardian or squidguard for content filtering. I think I should add in squidclamav in to the squid. The side project to work on would be the follow me sound and a home automation system. One of the important functions is should have is to allow me upload and download file between different devices on my internal network at home and my
    laptop where that may be at that point in time.

    The Bluetooth could be used to as a proximity device to allow access to the house. This can be done by using the Bluetooth on the phone to authentication and unlock the door no keys needed.

    Going to really need the heatsinks and use all of those quad-core CPUs.

    The on-board Wi-Fi can be turned in to an AP using these packages rfkill zd1211-firmware hostapd hostap-utils iw. This is starting to look more like a few Raspberry Pi running with in a cluster with heartbeat to check I one drops so that roles can be moved to other servers in the cluster. If that happens would have to setup a whatsup /ISQ/jabber chat between the cluster and me to be notified if something goes down.

    • Afrihost

      That sounds awesome! 🙂 Good luck, Andrew! 👍

  • Simon Theunissen

    Set it up as a home control hub to manage all the things around the home digitally and on a timer basis: Attach it to my home espresso machine and write a program for it to start up and produce coffee in the mornings; turn on the sprinkler system and off again after sufficient watering, monitor the baby’s room and external cameras as required. Yeah!

    • Afrihost

      Coffee and Pi = match made in heaven! ☕

  • I will probably use it to do network monitoring to see how often I get packet loss, and see at which times in the day it is more common.

    • Afrihost

      :O Anything we can help with?

      • It would be a bit hard to get assistance unless you can monitor every packet sent and see if it reaches a client 😛

        So I find it easier to make something that can work as a middleman to pay attention to the traffic on my own local network 🙂

        With the infrastructure problems at Stellenbosch it would be interesting to have a look at it.

  • Dennis Young

    Working on an education application to allow delivery of coursework s to remote areas in venues with less than basic facilities. Power will be from solar sources, RPi’s as the PC,s to teach basic Open Office skills with low power flat screen displays, LTE router for Internet access etc. Pi 2B is a bit underspec’d, would love to see what Pi3 can offer in performance.

    • Afrihost

      Rad idea Dennis, good luck! 😉

  • Edwin

    I have a game that runs on a PC (the PC hosts the games’ server), and then you connect your phone as a controller via the WiFi. This is a nice party game since it supports multiple players, and thus we play it on the big TV screen. The Raspberry Pi 3 would allow me a quick and easy solution to host the game and not take up too much power or space behind the TV.

    Plus as a added bonus I can use the Pi as a media center and turn my TV into a smart TV.

    • Afrihost

      Oooh, what game is this? 😁

      • Edwin

        Jackbox Party Pack

  • Hook it up to a camera, full weather station, solar panel & battery, and install it on a river to keep an eye on the water levels… so we can know when the levels are right for a good run in the kayaks, rafts & riverboards. Would save a lot of petrol and time…

    • Afrihost

      Weather monitoring is a great use for the Pi! 🌤

  • Pets are dear to us all. Would it not be wonderful to track their walk-abouts, particularly cats. I would build a Pet-Tracker. It would consist of a tracker collar for your pet, that would send to signal to a Raspberry Pi and plot this on a screen. Now for the kicker; the tracker would work in conjunction with a pet-door flap, when the flap in triggered with a micro-switch the Raspberry Pi would then monitor the animal. The door flap would also have a magnetic lock that could be set by a schedule and allow the pet to be locked inside, assuming the windows are closed for cats, one could also monitor and lock the pet-door by mobile app on your smart phone. As an added measure other wireless beacons would monitor if a cate left the building via a window when open. Now who let the dogs out? Pi of cause!

    • Afrihost

      That sounds like a pretty awesome one! 😸

  • martinmenge

    Add a little sensor and Afrihost SIM and I can secretly install it along the “very” reliable metro line to send a message to me with enough time to walk to the train station. Cause I don’t like sitting and waiting for the train for a half hour…. Grrrr #capetownwantsagautrain

    • Afrihost

      Hahah 🚄

  • Tinus Jordaan

    I have 6 old arcades consoles and want to use the Raspberry pi to simulate my games. Eant to have better graphics. New screen. Wil be awesome. Completely make over of the arcade console.

    • Afrihost

      Game on! 👍

  • James Taylor

    I’d use the Pi as an IoT server for all the IoT devices I’ve been building, and plan to build. Including temperature controlled cooling systems to ambient LED lighting etc.

    • Afrihost

      Good luck James! ✋

  • Dez-Luan Pieterse

    I don’t have fancy words, just a fancy idea..automated coffee grinder and percolator connected to GMaps. Whenever you’re near home or the office, it starts brewing a sweet cup o’ Joe! #AfriHostforthewin #RaspberryPI

    • Afrihost

      Coffee ☕️ is everything. Good luck!

      • Dez-Luan Pieterse

        Can’t wait for the winner to be announced!! I want it so bad!

  • Duncan Klassen

    It would be the Apple of My Eye! #RaspberryPi3 #Afrihost and teach my 4yr old daughter to code! #TheRealAppleOfMyEye

    • Afrihost

      🍎🍓Good luck Duncan 🙂

  • Darren Isaacs

    I’d create a new mini PC with a totally new OS that’s able to run applications from all the other platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX) without having to dual boot. It would be a completely new operating system. It would probably be apple to play both PS3 and XBox games.An obviously the usual, some incredible graphics and the latest standards (WiFi, USB-Type C,Bluetooth, WiFi Direct and throw in an internal modem and router. A truly all in one PC that can be connected to any screen or TV.

    • Afrihost

      😂 Do you have name for your project :D?

      • Darren Isaacs

        I’d probably call the OS EOS or ElementsOS or something, the device not so sure haha, probably something like “MotherBox”, reference to DC Comics technology haha

  • Chris de Jager

    I would use my raspberry pi to create a home entertainment centre.

    • Afrihost

      Nice! Good luck Chris!

  • Kevin

    Ooh nice! I will make a media center to stream my movies to my tv from server, And i will use Raspbmc for the media centre.

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for entering, Kevin!

  • Ryan Blake

    If I won a raspberry pi then I’d build a 3d printer and use the raspberry pi as the main processor to control it. I’d use the wifi of the raspberry pi to send the 3d models from my tablet.
    I’d then take it to my kids school and teach them all about technology and 3d printers and how to design 3d models for the printer.

    • Afrihost

      Nice use of the new Pi # features! 🙂

      • Ryan Blake

        I agree! you can use an app like 123D Catch by Autodesk from my Galaxy S6 to turn photos into a nice 3d Model then send it via WIFI to my Raspbery PI 3D printer!
        With the extra juice in the processor I can get it to play a theme song via it’s Audio Jack every time it prints a new items like “Eye of the Tiger!”

    • Jeanne-Mari Jeanne-Mari

      I am a teacher and my kids would love something like this!
      Being able to tap into both their creativity and logical ability at once.

      • Ryan Blake

        Yes! there opportunities are limitless if you can create affordable 3D Printers!

    • Ryan Blake

      Here is the kit that I intend using to modify my raspberry pi to become a 3d printer.
      I will connect it to one of the many open source 3D printers and use the raspberry pi’s quad core processor for the heavy lifting.
      The cost of building this will be way less than buying an expensive R30 000 3D printer.
      So scaling it out so that it can be used at more schools will be easy and affordable.
      You can even offer the more advanced kids the opportunity to build the 3D printer themselves which will allow them to take ownership. So then if there are problems and they need to be repaired then they will know what needs to be done.

  • Gavin

    I’d love to use the Pi and infuse it with Lego to create a somewhat more powerful version of the Lego mindstorms currently in production. I’m passionate about robotics and this would allow me to really push the limits of my imagination!

    • Afrihost

      Lego robots! 👽

  • Jaco Steenkamp

    Used one to build a lamp that follows you around on servos,made a kettle wifi ready….The next one will definitely be a tracked drone with a 12dof arm with a prusa extruder head. I need a 3d printer thats not confined to a bed. That or a I might hook it up to a 9 inch screen and build a full on computer into my car.The choices are literally endless

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like you’re a Raspberry Pi expert! 😁

  • Kobus Van Wyk

    I need to upgrade soon and the pi3 will do the job. Pick me please.

    • Afrihost

      Good luck, Kobus! 😎

  • Edward

    I am an inspiring entrepreneur. Unfortunately following ones dreams and aspirations comes at a price and as a student with massive student loans capital for development does not come easy. However if I were to win this competition you would be giving me the opportunity to create an innovative way of monitoring and managing power and water utilities efficiently by creating an initial mock-up using the Raspberry Pi 3 hopefully leading to a potential investor seeing the dream I have and believing in it. This hopefully will be an answer to the never ending question of “when will things get better” with regards to South Africa and its utilities management systems. I always believe that if you have the means to empower someone to follow a dream then you should do everything to encourage it because it may very well lead to an innovation that will blow your mind. If I do win and my mock-up and dream are found as a success I will be sure to give back to the community by creating a software and technological development program, empowering the innovators of the future and making sure that the skill and passion and drive I have lives on in our culture. This is why I believe I would be best fit to win this device and I hope that if not me it goes to a good cause. Thanks for reading and sorry for the essay. 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Best of luck, Edward! 💪

  • TiredOfTheBS

    The built in WiFi will really bring Kodi to life now. OpenElec all the way!

    • Afrihost

      Well said! 😀

  • We all have a passion about our pets! I would design a Pet Pi-pal device using a Raspberry Pi 3.

    This tracker system would consist of the follow; a tracking collar for both cats and dogs. This tracking collar would connect to a Raspberry Pi 3 via a RF signal, to allow tracking and monitoring of pets via browser or mobile application. The tracking would be activated when a animal leaves the residence. Ideally entry would be controlled via a external Pet-Flap, which has a microswitch to detect direction and activate/deactivate the tracking. There would also be a magnetic lock to prohibit access using a schedule or override on the locking on a mobile app. Assuming the windows are closed.

    For further access control during “free roaming” when the windows are open (one or many) can have a RF detector to active the collar for roaming.

    Raspberry Pi Pet Pi-pal tracker would have the follow components; Wifi/Lan connectivity, RF receiver, Wireless RF detectors, magnetic lock, web server, location rendering engine, mobile application, tracking collar, power supply.

    • Afrihost

      Love it! Good luck, Marc! 😺

  • Francois Zinserling

    I’m doing an online Python course at the moment. That Pi-3 will come in real handy for testing the code!

    • Afrihost

      Best learning tool! 🐍

  • Stephan Potgieter

    My NAS server recently stopped working, so I will use my Raspberry Pi to create a NAS to stream media to all my devices in my house. I will also use it for my hobby Python programming

    • Afrihost

      Pics or it didn’t happen! 😎

      • Stephan Potgieter

        Give it to me and I will absolutely send you a pic!

  • Andre Smit

    If i got it i would turn the Pi 3 into a automated home controller to control my House lighting, gates and cameras, maybe see if there is a way to get my phone to be a universal key via bluetooth for my doors

    • Afrihost

      What would you name it? 😀

  • Mighty Meh

    I’d be using my raspberry pi as a dedicated media player to stream all my media content thanks to my rock solid ADSL line hosted by Afrihost.

    That or I would connect a relay to my geyser controlled by a raspberry pi to schedule when it needs to turn on or off. I’d even be able to access it remotely to make sure I never have to have a cold shower again!

    • Afrihost

      Full stream ahead! 😎

  • Set it up as a computer for my son so he can learn how computers work and how to code. Quite honestly, minecraft will end up being a major factor of that activity.

    • Afrihost

      The Pi is an excellent educational tool! Good luck, Phillip! 👍

  • Theunis Swanepoel

    I heard ‘drone’. Yes, I made one. And it’s autopilot software is programmed entirely from scratch in C# 6 using FRP (Functional Reactive Programming). It runs on Windows 10 IoT Core and is the first of its kind. This open-source project also publishes a number of reusable packages on Nuget. Sadly, it is now grounded after frying a 2nd Raspberry Pi lent to me by a good friend (shhhht!). Until I can afford to replace it with (or perhaps get sponsored :P) a new Raspberry Pi, I can only continue talking about it.

    • Afrihost

      Really cool video!! Best of luck, Theunis! 🚁

  • Rail Da Ribeira

    I would create the ultimate Land Rover Defender car system, ODBC readouts, FM Radio module, GPS for accurate speed and location, music, dashcam and reverse camera setup to boot! All neatly implemented with the Raspberry Pi Official Touch screen. Landy magic with a Raspberry Pi 3 car system, cant think of anything better.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like an awesome addition to your off-road adventures! Good luck, Rail!

  • Sven

    First some shameless butt kissing – Afrihost is the most AWESOME ISP ever! Whoop! Excellent service and excellent pricing. I would use the Raspberry Pi as a firewall device to protect my home network.

    • Afrihost

      High five, Sven!! 🙂 Good luck with the completion!

  • Michael Louw

    Im not as fancy as everyvody else but ill make a killer entertainment system in my lounge using the Pi and my Tv and sound system. #NetflixAndChill

    • Afrihost

      Nothing wrong with that! 😁 Best of luck, Michael!

  • Ahmed Rawat

    I would use it to teach myself how to code. I’m 14 and have a passion for coding. Using the raspberry pi I’ll be able to code and maybe one day make something that can change the world for the better.

    • Afrihost

      There are few better things to do with a Pi! 👌

  • Andre Smith

    -Full home security and home automation
    -Give it wheels and use facial and voice recognition to give it commands(my own humanoid)
    -Program it to give a live feed from a drone that is processed and sent through to the raspberry pi system.

    • Afrihost

      As long as it doesn’t betray you! 👽

      • Andre Smith

        I’ll definitely have to implement Asimov’s laws to my programming(the 3 laws of robotics) 🤖

  • Jared Van Der Berg

    I’d probably use it as a media streaming device for the first weeks until I’m ready to use it as an electronic controller for my biltong box. It could even send me emails at specific periods to tell me the temperature inside etc. I think it could be used to do both, media when I’m not making biltong, biltong spy when I am. They’re useful little things after all.

    • Afrihost

      You just made us hungry! 😜

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    I would love to make a Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming console. The old arcade games are still fun to play. I would also like to try my hand at a Raspberry Pi fm transmitter.

    • Afrihost

      Great ideas! Good luck, Brian! 😎

  • Wilhelm van der Linde

    If I won the raspberry pi I would turn it into a wireless media streaming centre! Awesome giveaway Afrihost!

    • Afrihost

      Awesome idea! 🙂 Best of luck, Wilhelm!

  • Javonne Martin

    If I won a raspberry pi I would complete my mini sentry gun, currently have 2 motors running off raspberry pi 1. It doesn’t have the computational power to run my opencv program that detects humans using a HoG detector in a real time. Will be used with my paint ball and nerf guns.

    • Afrihost

      Intruders BEWARE! 😱

  • TuRdle

    I want to build a crime prevention drone that monitors a set list or coördinates and alert the owners!

    • Afrihost

      That would be a useful neighbourhood watch tool! Good luck, TuRdle. 👮

  • Lenard

    I am lucky enough to have an awesome internet package from Afrihost so combining my internet and the new PI 3 I can finally run my HD movies and a lighting program so I can light up my babies room with awesome lighting effects. The built in wireless feature and the new processor will allow for this while I stream her favorite movies as well. The Pi2 I have is just not strong enough to run both and the new unit will remove the need for a long network cable. This will finally be the PI we need to make Leandre love her room even more.

    • Afrihost

      The improved features on the new Pi 3 will be perfect for this! 👌

  • Okkie Momberg

    If I won the Pi 3 I would use it to build a bar robot that can serve any beverage (wine/beer/cocktail) and bring it you wherever you are in the house. This all controlled wirelessly from your phone/tablet via wifi or bluetooth. By interfacing the gpio pins of the Pi with peristaltic pumps and/or solenoid valves (through N-channel MOSFETs) any drink could be poured in whichever ratios you require. This can be pre-setup on the pi or be changed as per your taste. Is there better way to create your own signature cocktail other than lying next to the pool on your phone and having a robot serve it to you?

    • Afrihost

      Awesome idea! 🙂 Can it brew coffee? ☕

      • Okkie Momberg

        Why not? I’ll add a percolator or a capsule coffee machine for good measure.

  • Alasdair Prestedge

    If I won I would use it onboard my home made, long range UAV.

    The dream: internet enabled UAV!

    Currently the video feed is sent back using traditional analogue signal (limited range & terrible quality), but i think I could use the raspberry pi onboard to transcode a much higher quality video feed that I could then (with the help of an Afrihost dongle plugged into the pi’s usb) send the high quality feed back over 3G. Thus, solving the problems of both range, which would then be limited only be 3G coverage and quality!

    I’d even consider putting a little branding on the UAV if both the PI & internet connectivity were afrihost powered!

    • Afrihost

      Great idea!! 🙂 Good luck, Alasdair!

  • Dhiren

    For home use, I’d want to use the Pi to control a diy quadcopter, but what i really want to try is build drivers for my line of work, where the Pi could act as a Remote Terminal Unit (gathers sensor information locally and transmits back to a central point for monitoring). It could form a very cheap alternative to whats out there already.

    • Afrihost

      Very cheap indeed! 🙂 Good luck, Dhiren!

  • Kyle Burriss

    The RPi1 has more than enough power under the hood to showcase anything and everything in HD, whilst you cuddle your partner and drool into the sofa.

    The RPi3, on the other hand, requires the pomp and ceremony it deserves. Let’s start by calling it Jarvis.

    I would start by installing Raspbian, since it has all the libraries one could ever want. We would follow that up by installing Deluge on the box, turning it into an ultra-buff BitTorrent box. Deluge has many nifty plugins for other apps, allowing me to keep an eye on things without ever tunneling into Jarvis itself.

    Now that we have that setup, we can install Samba, and allow anyone on our home network to grab anything off of the Pi, by auto-mounting any drives connected to it, and then serving them as Network drives. Why only use the Pi for viewing, when it can serve data to anyone, anywhere? Now we can say we have a cloud in the house.

    What’s better than having something once? Having it twice, of course! Thankfully, the Raspbian Debian libraries will allow for us to download and run Mdadm, which can help us turn Jarvis into a lean, mean, replicating machine. There are few things worse than having a hard-drive crash. Aside from visiting the dentist. With 4 USB slots, that’s a lot of hard-drive space.

    So now we have an auto-downloader, replicator, and file server. What else could we need, right? Well, how about a home entertainment system!? Enter stage right, Kodi’s latest version of OpenElec. Watching those home videos has never been easier. With Kodi on Jarvis, and Kore on your cellphone, you could go back to drooling into the sofa with your favourite person, whilst Jarvis takes care of the rest…

    • Afrihost

      Awesome ideas!! Best of luck, Kyle!

  • JP

    Some pretty solid project ideas here. Mine is the idea of a Raspberry Pi scientific research node.

    Being an engineer and having an interest in the sciences, my idea will use the Pi to interface with various meteorological sensors and record their data. Initial readings would be temperature and pressure, but later will be expanded to humidity, wind speed and solar insolation. This data will be made available to research entities for climate modelling and weather prediction. Of course, one location isn’t going to help a whole lot so I plan to get my friends involved, or at least get their permission to set up additional nodes at their houses. Other sensors will include a seismometer and Geiger counter for further grid-connected data gathering.

    That handles the I/O capabilities of the Pi, but now we have that processing power to use. Having an interest in distributed computing, the Pi will be added to the BOINC distributed computing network to help work towards solutions to problems proposed by FiND@Home, LHC@Home, Rosetta@Home, and other worthy scientific research projects. Every MIPS helps.

    WiFi coverage is a little poor in the farthest reaches of the house, so the Pi 3’s WiFi would be used as an additional hotspot allowing the main router to have its transmitting power reduced and the chances of us cooking our brains reduced ;).

    To top off it all, and given the lowered power consumption of a Raspberry Pi, the whole setup will be run off of a small 10W solar panel along with battery backup for the night (and for when Eskom strikes).

    Thanks to Afrihost for this opportunity and keep those ideas coming, guys!

    • Afrihost

      Love the scientific approach! 👽 Best of luck, JP!

  • Andrew William Lloyd

    If I won a Rasberry PI I would 3.14159265359 everyday!!!

    • Afrihost

      Pi is endless, after all! 😂

  • Clinton Armitage

    Fully going to use that as a Media PC running Kodi.

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! 🙂 Good luck, Clinton!

  • Danie “Daaintjie” Mostert

    What wouldn’t I do, I’d go crazy. Give the kids a go so they can learn (or maybe teach me a thing or two). I wouldn’t know where to stop…

    • Afrihost

      Best thing you could do! 😀 ^SP

  • Jared Robson

    If i won the raspberry pi i would install openelec and Kodi to create the most amazing home media streaming system

    • Afrihost

      Love it! Full stream ahead! ⚡

  • Andrew William Lloyd

    If I won a Rasberry Pi I would 3.14159265359 everyday!

    • Afrihost

      LOL! 😀

  • Luis Jardim

    If I won the rpi3 , I would use it to build a monitor for my aquarium. I would write a custom Web site to poll the parameters of the aquarium like it’s temp. That or the same concept but for my home beer brewing. Would also keep track of the brews temperature and keep logs etc. If not one of those ideas, maybe a mobile gaming device to use on the gautrain.

    Or a custom made baby monitor. Camera, temperature tracking, movement sensors. The works. And develop a mobile app to connect to it as the parent device.

    • Afrihost

      So many options! Good luck, Luis! 🍺

  • Leon Lewis

    If I won a raspberry pi I would look into one of two projects I have in mind. One would be to build a management system for a tropical salt water aquarium. Because tropical salt water fish are very sensitive to change its a lot of work to correctly maintain a suitable environment for them. This system would have to monitor Ph, kh, calcium, magnesium, water level, temperature, light, water flow, over flow and have a leak detection system. It should also be able to send alter emails. Having a tropical salt water fish is a lot of work to maintain and they are very sensitive to change. Having a system that constantly checks and keeps every thing in balance will ensure maximum enjoyment for the fish. There are an array of sensors you can buy and hook up, and using simple motor controllers you can build some sort of mechanical dispenser to add calcium or magnesium to the water as needed. When you top up the tank the water needs to be preheated before adding because the shock of cold water could cause the fish to die. Having the pi first heat up the water to the temperature of the tank and then adding it would be ideal.

    My second idea is a little more complex to pull off. Cars already having advanced ECU’s but I have seen a project where a pi controlled an engine. Replacing the ECU with the pi, I would write my own software to control the petrol engine. In addition to this I would add a object tracking around the car. There is a wonderful kickstater project that has a camera that can track objects extremely well. The basic idea for this project would be to gain more control of the car, and having a system that can monitor the area around the care to detect collisions early on. This project would require a lot of work to get the tracking correct around the car and to get a realtime engine control working.
    I can have control unit show a warning and adjust the car’s engine’s fuel and air mixture, and possibly adjust the suspension to a higher performance in case I need to swerve to avoid a collision when another care is detected within half a meter of the car. I believe it would be better to have the car in a sporty mode to add more control so that you can safely avoid crashing. The active object tracking can also work out at night to keep a look out if anything is getting to close or if another driver did not see you and will potentially hit you when he is changing lanes while you are in his blind spot you will be notified and the car already in a high performance mode should you need to accelerate to get out of the way. As soon as the eminent danger is away the car goes back to a fuel economic mode.A few tweaks could also allow you to better adjust for heavy traffic.

    This could in turn also be used on a smaller scale to control a RC car and have it safely drift around a track by controlling the amount of power each wheel gets and tracking if its too close to a corner.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this already! Best of luck, Leon! 🐠🚗😀

  • Christopher Buchanan

    My neighbours have two of the cutest and friendliest cats. They’ll run across the street just for a pat on the head and sometimes their cats come over too. But the problem is that the cats like to poo in our garden and that simply won’t do. I’d use a Raspberry Pi 3 to create an automatic cat sprinkler:

    I have a solenoid valve which will be activated by the Pi when an input from a motion sensor is detected. I’ll connect the valve to a hosepipe with one of these fan style sprinklers positioned to spray parallel to the ground at cat belly height.

    That should get the job done but it’s a bit boring. So I’ll connect a camera to the Pi saving a ten minute loop which will capture the cat wetting in action. This will be uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

    If that works and the Pi is out of a job, I’ll make a security “laser” maze with a couple of the sprinklers positioned around a pedestal on which sits the jewels beer. Perhaps we’ll see some fun winter videos on YouTube soon?

    • Afrihost

      Cats + Water = 💥

  • Danie Van Der Walt

    If I won it, I will use it for a media center box, and add it to my existing media center network

    • Afrihost

      Love it! 🙂 Good luck, Danie!

  • Reyn Kapp

    I’m planning to use a Pi as a platform for rapid control prototyping in order to find optimal controller parameters for an automated beer brewing process. This will be done by using the Matlab/Simulink Raspberry Pi hardware support pacakge which allows me to connect a Pi in external mode and ‘download’ a Simulink model to the Pi via automatic code generation. This enables me to observe states and tune parameters in real-time on my PC. When done the final model is ‘downloaded’ which then runs ‘stand-alone’ on the Pi so I can disconnect it from my PC. All switches, pumps (for heat exchanger – chiller) and valves will be controlled by digital/PWM outputs. Temperatures and flows will be measured on A/D inputs. I can also create a web interface on the Pi showing all telemetry (temperatures etc) which will then be accessible via wifi. All data will be organised and stored to a SD card which (after a few batches) will allow a statistical analysis to be done in the quest to find the perfect brewing times and temperatures.

  • Gideon Keyser

    I will make a wifi amp that can stream music from a phone and computer over the wifi

    • Afrihost

      Gotta have them tunes! 🎶

  • If I got the raspberry Pi. I would give it to my nephew so that he can finally have a PC, I want his future to be brighter than mine. Open source has altered my technological perceptions but I want to spark that creativity in his mind, he comes from a tough history and he deserves to be ushered into IT because his mind is young and curious, there’s a programmer in there but he needs to be guided. This PI will give him that chance. I want one for myself but he deserves it.

    • Afrihost

      This is a fantastic idea and the main focus of the Pi! 😊 Best of luck, Gabriel!

  • Ruairi Sheridan

    I’d like to experiment with remote home automation to help my folks while I am out of the country so often. Being an only child and the family tech means that they are often at a loss while I’m away. Thankfully broadband gives me the opportunity to keep helping them, the raspberry Pi would simply give me greater abilities to help out from a disrance

    • Afrihost

      Staying in touch! 👆 Great idea, Ruairi!

  • Sgt.Romeo9

    Yoh, there are so many side projects I’d be able to complete with a pie. Everything from running a very basic yet effective home automation system that communicated with Chromecasts and x10 plugs throughout my flat to building my own retro arcade. Mmm come to think of it why not both and we even throw a media center in there. 🙂

    • Afrihost

      What to do first!? 😱

  • Reyn Kapp

    I’m planning to use a Pi as a platform for rapid control prototyping in order to find optimal controller parameters for an automated beer brewing process. This will be done by using the Matlab/Simulink Raspberry Pi hardware support pacakge which allows me to connect a Pi in external mode and ‘download’ a Simulink model to the Pi via automatic code generation. This enables me to observe states and tune parameters in real-time on my PC. When done the final model is ‘downloaded’ which then runs ‘stand-alone’ on the Pi so I can disconnect it from my PC. All switches, pumps (for heat exchanger – chiller) and valves will be controlled by digital/PWM outputs. Temperatures and flows will be measured via ADC on digital inputs. I can also create a web interface on the Pi showing all telemetry (temperatures etc) which will then be accessible on my cellphone via the Pi’s new built-in WiFi. All data will be organised and stored to a SD card which (after a few batches) will allow a statistical analysis to be done in the quest to find the perfect brewing times and temperatures.

    • Afrihost

      Wow! Hopefully this will result in a winning recipe! Good luck, Reyn! 🙂

  • Divan Ras

    If I’m chosen and win.the Raspberry I will build a new videowall consisting of multiple TV’s making one big screen that is used at expo’s for advertising. The process of doing this requires a Raspberry on each TV to driver the part of the display puzzle and one more Raspberry to broadcast the video or pictures to the other Raspberries. This Raspberry is known as the master which requires it to be overclocked to keep up with the processing and that is why I need a more powerful raspberry pi 3 to replace the weak pi 2…. After doing the upgrade I could build one for afrihost on 24 x 40″ screens working as one

    • Afrihost

      Amazing! Next step would be to set this up in your home. 😛

  • Petrus Johannes-Pierre Smit

    I am not a programmer but if I win this. I will then learn the ways of the prammers. 🙂 I want to make a rc car with a normal small 2 stroke petrol engine. That I can use my tablet or phone to control it.

    • Afrihost

      No better thing to learn on than a Pi! 🙂 Good luck, Petrus!

  • Sabir

    I’ve been wanting a Raspberry Pi since like forever. Well, my idea is to build a smart room. As a current BSc student of Computer Science, I think that the possibilities are virtually unlimited with one of these Pi 3s. First, I would turn it into a small server. Next step is to add a layer of security, not only to the server, but to my room. How that happens is basically adding a tiny camera to it and a very simple mechanical lock to my room’s door which opens/closes using a command/switch. Next is the smart mirror. That Microsoft dude who did it in 1 weekend inspired me with that project. I will definitely get a Phillips light that changes color. Also a microphone that could be used for voice recognition. The mirror will act as the Smart Center for managing the different “modules” of the setup. Language of choice would probably be Python and Javascript. I want the UI to be as clean and minimalist as possible. I might even push it further and add some Kinect and interact with the mirror easier. Maybe add some smart wardrobe thing as well. Pushing it further, make something that can allow me access visual to my room via a secured network. The possibilities are endless with couple of sensors, camera and a microphone. Data could be gathered and reports generated to make my life more comfortable. :-D. I will stop right here or I might go overboard. *lol*

    Well, having a smart room would be a fun thing to do and maybe move to a smart home one day. I think it’s always good to start small and move on to a bigger problem, which in this case would be the smart home. I can see a future where the smart home is based on a couple of Raspberry Pis or maybe even 1 making it a low-cost affordable system. I believe that the raspberry pi will be really useful in lots of stuff in the future. Just imagine using a simple PI to track faces of people showing up in your garden? Just imagine hooking a PI to your car, add a couple cameras and turn it to a self driving one(Geo Hotz is working on this right now, but I’m not sure he is using the PI)? Would be cool, right? Hopefully this could be a start for me to build these stuff in the future. In my mind I really do live in a sci-fi world. Hehe.

    • Afrihost

      So many smart ideas! 😛 Best of luck, Sabir!

  • Roger Conroy

    I’d use the Pi 3 to control media, home and office appliances from my wheelchair.

    • Afrihost

      The Raspberry Pi can make anything super convenient. 😎 Good luck, Roger!

  • Richard Pierpoint

    The latest edition of the Raspberry Pi with built in wifi will go great with my work in progress custom built reprap 3d printer. I’d get octoprint installed on it so that I can interface with it over my network and also via the Internet. Further expansion will be to add a camera to the build to allow monitoring and time-lapse videos.

    • Afrihost

      More time-lapse 3D print videos! 😀

      • Richard Pierpoint

        The biggest issue faced at the moment is being able to remotely keep an eye on the print, especially long running prints where a simple failure could ruin the print and cost quite a bit in wasted filament.

  • Pieter

    When I win my Raspberry Pi 3 I want to build a Logo turtle like robot with it which my kids can control from their tablet. This is so that I can teach my kids all about coding. The pi 3 will be an overkill for only a pair of steppers and a pen up/down, so I will add al lot more sensors liks distance etc and a robotic claw etc. . Come now guys, don’t take that piece of pi out of my kids mouths! 😀

    • Afrihost

      Robo Turtle! Love it! 🐢⚡

  • Jonathan Brown

    I would run VM machines in the cloud, using aws and using the pi to control the configurations of my VM in real time. Perfect for an arcade or media player setup too since there are so many tutorials 🙂

    • Afrihost

      That’s what we like to hear! Good luck, Jonathan! 🙂

  • Nicholas Dennis

    Hi Afrihost love you as a service provider wink wink nudge nudge 😉 If I had to win one of the raspberry Pi’s I would like to automate my home, using relays I would like to set up automatic lighting. Ie can turn on vacation mode to turn on certain lights at certain times of the day. There is a lot more that I would like to add such as mood lighting in my bedroom clap lights. All is possible if I had a raspberry pi 🙂

    • Afrihost

      Awww… We love you as a client! 😉 Good luck, Nicholas!

  • Marcél Swartz

    If I were to win the Raspberry pi 3, I would just keep it simple and set it up as an arcader. I mean it’s always good to go back to our gaming roots.

    • Afrihost

      Retro gaming is very near to our hearts! 🙂

  • Pieter

    When I win my Raspberry Pi 3 I want to build a Logo turtle like robot with it which my kids can control from their tablet. This is so that I can teach my kids all about coding. The pi 3 will be an overkill for only a pair of steppers and a pen up/down, so I will add al lot more sensors liks distance etc and a robotic claw etc. . Come now guys, don’t take that piece of pi out of my kids mouths! 😀

  • Taygan D Bartlett

    1st project:
    I was looking at a four-bay USB enclosure, fill that up with some drives, install OSMC on the SD for the media centre goodness then PyLoad for HTTP downloading and Transmission for torrents. Java and Filebot for sorting. RAID5 on the enclosure, use the USB to connect that to the Pi for storage. Will need either some Python or Bash scripting to automate all these good things. Then I always have Kore remote for Android to control. Have to also setup some networks shares to stream to laptops or other PCs in the house.

    Project 2:
    A bunch of temp and humidity sensors around the house. Python script to read sensors and log to MySQL database. Setup email alerts for hi/low readings. Maybe I could read the relays from my UPS so Pi could email me when my power is out and I’m running on battery. Have to learn some php to build a web front end.

    • Daniel Mostert

      Project 1 is the ultimate home media centre for entertainment love OSMC. Project 2 is awesome, you could have a blueprint and overlay your sensors for your house to display temp readings in each room. Need to get yourself a 7 inch touch display and the glove to house that, Mount that at ur houses entrance and start adding automation. Big dreams little Pi, so powerful.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds awesome! Love your use of Python. That’s what the Pi was named after! 😁

      • Taygan D Bartlett

        Learn by doing. That’s what I normally do. Already know a little Python but would love to expand. 🙂

  • Mark Warner

    I have one of these bauties already using it as a media server and it does it like a Boss! Next on the todo is to setup a home automation grid with various nodes controled by Pi2’s but would need a main control unit with more grunt to mange the nodes, the Pi3 would be perfect for this role as the interface and controling the nodes. With the added integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, the options for connecting to the control unit becomes so much more fun and easy. Holding thumbs!

    • Afrihost

      The Pi 3 to rule all Pi 2’s! 🙂

  • Kyle Appollis

    if i win it would help me build the internet cafe for students in my local area i have been planning this year. there is alot of struggle in technology in my community and helping them with technology for their school work and teaching computer classes would go a long way to educate the young ones in today’s technological world and perhaps change a few lives ( i believe thats possible through technology)

    • Afrihost

      The Pi 3 would definitely assist you on your way! 🙂

  • eugenejvr

    If I win a Pi 3 I would definitely build a prototype of a in-vehicle wifi router. I will market this to public transport companies. It will provide Internet access, cache some pages, do content filtering (for kids) and make public transport much better. Please choose me!

    • Afrihost

      What would you call it? 🚙

      • eugenejvr

        That will be the hard part. The “Jobs” will have to help that… 😀

  • Mikaeel Van Vuuren

    I would use it to create an FTP server to move large files across different computers or create a portable WiFi Access Point that I can take anywhere.

    • Afrihost

      Love it! 🙂 Good luck, Mikaeel!

  • Theo Pretorius

    If I got a rasberry pi I would build a firewall/proxy to manage my connections in my home and apply proper QoS.

    • Afrihost

      Awesome! ⚡ Good luck, Theo!

  • Kamal Ambrishapal

    If had one I’d build one kick ass cellphone and also enable it to work with my drone. Rasberry ok is one of the coolest inventions and it deserves a noble prize

    • Afrihost

      Best of luck, Kamal! 🙂

  • Chris Tomlinson

    Well if I won the pi 3 it’s would be a great start to my life with pi .. Been looking at getting one for some time.. Would build a mobile security device which would use a Afrihost MiFi modem and a high quality night vision camera. The device would be light weight and compact making it very easy to deploy and hide away from criminals. The reason it needs to be wireless is to target criminal hotspot in different areas and having a remote connection with the pi will make it easy for the police , community policing members and me to have fast access to this important feed and try reduce the crime in the area I stay in.

    • Afrihost

      Criminals BEWARE! 👮

  • Chris Posthumus

    I will make a fully home automation system that is hands free to turn stuff on and off with either voice recognition or by actions with small camaras everywhere to monitor your reactions and by learning what you are doing to react better to it. It will also be a fully security system that will alert you on your fone or Apple Watch what is going on and where in the house the problem is and what is going on there. Ther is alot more things that I would like to implement into it as soos as I get going

    • Afrihost

      Thanks for entering! 🙂 Good luck, Chris!

  • Leon Snyman

    Raspberry Pi 3 would work a treat: am creating an interactive sound installation in a maze (possibly VR) using a Bohlen-Pierce tuning (no octaves) allowing users to work both independently and collectively to interface with technology. Big words for let’s have some fun. Prototypes had adults running around like kids again

    • Afrihost

      Love the “sound” of that! 😉

  • J-P Edwards

    I would mount the Pi into the body of my guitar, and replace all if my effects pedals with digital versions. Will save me from lugging all my gear with me to jam!

    • Afrihost

      That’ll save you a ton of setup time! 😛 What guitar do you have?

  • Eugene de Beste

    Our house got broken into after 22 years of being fairly safe and secure. They forced up our electric garage doors and went through our garage and cars parked inside. Took a bunch of tools and other electronic equipment.

    Since that day I’ve had the idea of setting up a home security system using a Pi and some IR IP cameras. This would basically allow us (my mom specifically, since she works from home and I fear for her safety) to monitor the outsides of the house as well as the doors (including the garage). I want use the Pi as a hub for these IP cameras and build a platform for my parents to live view footage as well as to store and report on movement activity. I want to program custom alerts and triggers for lights and try to use OpenCV to do facial recognition (if possible).

    Basically I want to use a Pi to protect and secure my family.

    • Afrihost

      Safety first! 🙂 Good luck, Eugene!

  • Muller Strydom

    Hi, if I win the PI3, I would use it to build a remote control car. The remote would be an android device.

    I would use the PI3’s build in wireless for communication with the android device.

    The car will not only be able to move, but also have lights (head lights, brake lights and reverse lights and indicators). I would also use the pi camera and show a live feed on the controlling device. The car/pi would be powered by a powerbank.

    I would try to build a the car so that the pi can easily be plugged in and out, so that I could use it in other projects as well.

    This whole exercise would help me learn more about nodejs (controlling the IO points and setup a server that handles the communication from the android device) , java (to do the exact same thing as nodejs), sockets and streaming.

    • Afrihost

      You’ll definitely learn a lot working on a project like this! 🙂

  • Bernard

    I am involved with a company that works with connected care and connected healthcare solutions. I would love to explore the possibilities of using the Raspberry Pi for Remote Healthcare solutions. It would be the perfect solution to help bring quality and professional healthcare services to remote communities.

    We are working on a software solution where community members can remotely communicate with a healthcare professional and get medical advice and information. The Raspberry Pi would lower the barrier to entry significantly and enable more units to be distributed to more communities.

    • Afrihost

      Great idea! 🚑 Good luck, Bernard!

  • Clayton5913

    I’d be using the Raspberry Pi 3 to interface with a analogue HAT I am developing to read electricity consumption in real-time. I would be using Python to take a reading every second and report it to a MySQL database. A web server will enable a user to login and view current and historic data in reports form. This will help people see when their power usage has been peaking and why. I would make use of the Raspberry Pi’s easy Serial IO to read from the HAT. I am currently using the Pi 2 to develop the entire system, but the built in WIFI and Bluetooth in the Pi 3 will dramatically change how you connect to the device. Basically, in your web browser, you’ll be able to type in an ip address and access the info instantly on your WIFI or connect via a Android app to it either via Bluetooth or WIFI. So Excited about the new device.

    I will later adapt the software and the HAT to create a humidity and temperature meter that will set off alarms on phones or Desktops when it reaches certain levels. This can help assist companies with server rooms. Most of the time, the rooms are only accessed if hardware start to fail. This way, you can switch off systems the moment the heat or humidity gets too much. Saving thousands in replacement equipment.
    These are just a few of my ideas 🙂


    • Afrihost

      Brilliant! Sounds like a money saver! ⚡💰

  • Pj Prinsloo

    I would use the Pi to do Home automation. Firstly a power saving light system! 2nd will be a camera system to see what’s happening at night. 3: Check for any open doors at night with a reminder via a voice system. 4: all will be controlled via Android! 5: automated curtain and blind closing. All of this will be done via the gpio, small nrf24l01 wifi modules, a 7 inch touch screen for main hub and some arduino boards.

    • Afrihost

      Best of luck, PJ! 🙂

  • lloot

    Just what i need for my media centre goodluck all

    • Afrihost

      Oh yeah! What OS will you be using? 🙂

  • Tyrell John

    Well I’m currently working on getting processing3 to run its network libraries on light weight platforms. The rasberry pi is one platform I want to try. The idea is to control drones and other devices that use micro controllers over the internet with a simple app or PC. Could be used for Amazon delivery drones.

    • Afrihost

      Nice! We’re all for drone delivery! 🚁 Good luck!

  • Jaco Dt

    Ok, some great ideas thus far! Good luck to afrihost to choose a winner.
    My idea involves creating a phone.
    The PiPhone. It needs some additional hardware and custom software but it has been done before and that is the recipe I am mainly following.
    Additionally I will add a doc where you can plug the PiPhone in and use it as a computer. Running Ubuntu MATE it has everything you need.
    So I can get a highly customizable geek phone and with the dock I get a pc all rolled into one. Without screen, kb and mouse it will work out to not more then R2200(estimated) for a phone/pc.
    The pc can then be used for media server(miniDNLA), arcade (MAME) and torrent downloader while you sleeping (Deluge).
    This is like an all in one!

    • Afrihost

      Going to be a super tough call! Love your idea! ☎ Good luck, Jaco!

  • CB

    Imagine connecting a Pi 3 to a leap motion. Think of all the interactive things that can be done, from interactive mirrors, to a hand motion presentation tool

    • Afrihost

      Sounds amazing! 🙂 Best of luck, CB!

  • Elmarie Duvenage

    I will use this raspberry pi to build a ulttimate gaming pc for me and also I will use this to create a ultimate survalience camera system to monitor what is going on at my home when I am not here. Hope I can win this cool prize

    • Afrihost

      Good luck, Elmarie! 🎮

  • As a librarian busy with a media commons project for the students, the educational applications are virtually limitless. I can attach a mobile HD to this and tweak it to so as to offer a VOD service of a core set of free and legal documentaries and other media, or set up a rudimentary messaging/profile(IMDB script-based) service for the students for true 21st century, 24/7 learning and development, including peer learning and student self development . When combined with several other technologies, like 3D printing or media players, several job opportunities can also be created, from media creation for/by students, to integration of other projects like the magic mirror, home automation, music streaming for an online radio station or internal branded TV channel, etc.

    • Afrihost

      Love the initiative! 🙂 Good luck!

  • jss1234

    Would love a new PI. I’ve always wanted one but never got round to buying one

    • Afrihost

      What would you do with yours?

  • Shivaan Devraj

    I would build a Personal Computer There are a few builds out there for making a Raspberry Pi-powered computer setup, from the quick and easy to the more expert-level projects. An all-in-one desktop computer is on the easier end. It has a short list of needed materials and lets you put an old monitor and keyboard to use. The Raspberry Pi gets strapped to the back of the monitor, letting it go incognito.

    • Afrihost

      Love it! 🙂 What would you call your computer?

      • Shivaan Devraj

        I would Call It The Raspberry Beast Super Stealth 3 !! 😀 😀

  • Duncan Withers

    If I won the Raspberry pi 3 from Afrihost I would use it to start developing something that is a little different to what most people seem to be wanting to do with it. Bear with me here.
    I intend to use the the Pi3 to develop a proof of concept of a platform that would help cut poaching numbers in South Africa and abroad. One of the problems facing anti-poaching groups is that there are not enough eyes on the ground (so to speak). Helicopters are extremely effective, however they are very expensive to operate. Drones are proving effective as well, however they are expensive to purchase and there are various problems associated with them as they are currently used.
    I propose the following. Expand the scope of drone operations, incorporating automation, local manufacture and most importantly harnessing the power of social media. I know what you are thinking, and no, this is not meant to be another one of those stupid campaigns that thinks that somehow a bunch of “likes” or bumper stickers are going to make a real difference.

    Imagine if you will a mesh network of automated and semi-automated drones that relay near real-time footage to interested parties. They would potentially relay via high altitude balloons/dirigibles(blimps) to the internet. This in itself is not necessarily new as a concept though (See project Loon from Google). If we harness social media we should be able to get volunteers to “adopt a rhino”, or “adopt a spot” in our national parks using a pop-up window to monitor them. Think of this as a modification of the Free software / Open Source software idea that with enough eyes, all bugs are shallow. Should they see something suspicious they could easily alert the relevant authorities using the popup or an application. Park rangers or volunteers could filter the alerts and forward to the local authorities/park rangers to investigate and take the necessary action. The Raspberry Pi3 is a very capable device which should be able

    Things are of course never this simple, so I propose that through various methods (including competitions and incentives) we enlist the help of technical schools/universities and hacker/makerspaces and Amateur Radio groups to help solve the many (mainly) technical challenges this project would encounter. The hacker/makerspaces would also potentially be able to assist in the low cost production of the drone fleets. I’m aiming for the drones to be made so cheap as to effectively be disposable with repairs, maintenance and manufacturing been done primarily by up-skilled local workers which could also help improve the unemployment figures. I’m hoping this up-skilling would also encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

    A Pi(pe) dream maybe, but it all starts with a dream, and a proof of concept, so holding thumbs.

    • Afrihost

      Fantastic initiative! Keep fighting the good fight, Duncan! 🙂

  • Allen Hilton

    In-car automation and media centre…

    In-car WiFi Hotspot, Simfy Africa subscription to play music thanks to Afrihost Plus+, throw in a WiFi keyboard and mouse for some quick office work while on the road, add in a GPS shield for some nav through a 7″ capacitive touch screen… Automate some cool features like a automated amp rack and some welcome home lights maybe.

    • Afrihost

      Great idea, as long as you keep your eyes on the road! 😀 Best of luck, Allen!

  • Jonathan Brown

    Jonathan CactuarKidd Brown
    I don’t know where to start. Maybe run a VM from it with Amazon Web Services? or maybe make an arcade setup, or a media center. So many tutorials alrrady online

    • Afrihost

      Almost too many to choose from! 😲

  • Yeshan Pillay

    I’d love to get one of these, so I can try out really cool projects like the Magic Mirror, Portable Pi or better yet stick it to a drone and make an autonomous robot!

    • Afrihost

      What would you do first? 🙂

      • Yeshan Pillay

        gaming is my life! i recently read about the RetroPi – a classic gaming console… mario bros. FTW!

  • I would use it as a educational pc for my 8 year old, installing the Kano OS that teaches kids how to code in a fun way, hopefully setting the foundation for a software developer at a young age, or at least computer literate at a high level, regardless of what he would like to study.

    • Afrihost

      Great ideas! The younger you can get kids involved the better! 🙂 Good luck, Jean-Louis!

  • Conal Da Costa

    Insane IoT and light-weight cloud projects galore!!

    • Afrihost

      Oh yeah! 😎 Best of luck, Conal!

  • Hamilton Seshibe

    when I win the raspberry pi3 im going to expand my pentium dual core laptop that has a nonfuctioning screen and connect the Pi to my extended screens and thereby increase my productivity. Im also gonna mess around with some appliances and old tablets i have to create an Internet of Things environment at home.

    • Afrihost

      Sounds EPIC! Good luck, Hamilton! 📺📺📺

  • Adriaan Cilliers

    I’d create a hash processors to process Bitcoin transactions.It is a simple and effective candidate for this.

    • Afrihost

      Straight to the point! 🙂 Love it, Adriaan! ^SP

  • Jared friedland

    There is no way i could use a Raspberry pi for only one function! First thing i would do is set up Kodi for my TV to create the ultimate media entertainment system and with the built in wifi it going to make it even easier than before. Second runner up would be having a emulator to play ROMS of arcade and 16 bit games i used to play back in the day. Ive got a Nintendo NES USB controller which will make even more like playing back then. I would then have to get a 3.5 inch screen to make game play portable, all ill need is power! I could go on and on, i would have to have loads of SD cards for the different functions and im sure with the upgrades on the pi 3 there are going to be even better projects to follow!

    • Afrihost

      Awesome ideas! A portable arcade sounds like a ton of fun! 😀 Good luck, Jared!

  • Karl Schurmann

    If I won the Raspberry Pi 3 I would build an Internet Appliance that controls my firewall, monitoring who in the company is using up all my precious bandwidth, and then I would add a USB to SATA controller that would allow me to run ownCloud 9 (which is friggin awesome in itself) along with RoundCube and SugarCRM. So yeah, it would be the ultimate internet business tool.

  • Mohamed Jassat

    I want to load a camera and facial recognition software on it so that if anyone unauthorized enters my home it must
    message me, it will also tell me when my children return home from school.