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Raspberry Pi Competition Winners

Wow! To say that we are surprised by the number of participants in our Raspberry Pi competition would be an understatement! With over 500 separate entries this has been our largest competition to date! The entries we received ran the full gamut from crazy, almost-impossible builds to brilliant innovations that we are truly excited to see in real-life!  After much deliberating, arguing and debating our panel of Judges finally managed to choose…

And the Winners of the Raspberry Pi are…

Oltman: If I won the Raspberry Pi 3 I would use it to build a time-lapse rig for my DSLR camera. Using the precision motors from old floppy and CD-ROM drives, connected to the Pi’s IO port, I can program the Pi to move the camera sideways along the rig just a fraction, take a photo, wait a short while, and then move again. This will allow me to take great time-lapse videos with an added sideways movement of the camera, not usually possible with time-lapse photography. The open platform, compact size and low power consumption of the Pi makes it the perfect tool!

Tim: I’ve recently lost almost all of my hearing and I’m really struggling to hold my own in conversations (believe me, you don’t realise how many conversations you have on a daily basis until you all of a sudden can’t hear/follow them anymore). So, if I win this fantastic Raspberry Pi 3, I’ll create a speech-to-text device that I can use at home or at university (anywhere with a relatively fast and stable internet connection) to follow conversations.

A good quality USB microphone will be used to pick up the speech (likely only 1 person at a time to improve speech quality). The official Raspberry Pi 7″ touchscreen display will then be used to display the translated speech in an easily readable font (possibly in a Notepad like app). The user (me!) will be able to delete unwanted text, save conversations, and reset (clear the slate, if you will) the screen for the next conversation. An on-screen keyboard can also be used for text input if the internet connection is bad or the microphone is not working properly, making the touchscreen very useful indeed. I’ll admit that I’m a complete noob when it comes to programming, but I believe the Google Speech-to-Text API can be used to convert the speech to text (as the name obviously implies!). The Jasper Project can also be considered for this, as well as the new Google Cloud Speech API (I’m very excited for this one!).

The Raspberry Pi 3 is lightning fast, but it’s still not powerful enough for proper real-time speech-to-text processing, hence the requirement of a good internet connection (data will be sent to Google’s servers, where it will be translated, and back to be displayed on the screen). Afrihost’s Mobile Data will come in very handy here if no WiFi is available – might even negate the need for a WiFi hotspot completely! An external battery will be added to make the whole device portable. And finally, I’ll design an awesome case that will house all the components and make me look beyond epic when I use it. The components will set me back about R1300 to R1500 – so you see why it would be fantastic to get the Raspberry Pi itself for free! If this idea’s not good and exciting enough for the awesome tech savvy folks at Afrihost then I’ll suggest the TeaPi (Google it! – can be adapted to CoffeePi or MiloPi).

For Winter is Coming!

Adrian: Ha the time is exactly 3:14, coincidence? I think not. Well played. We all like a sneaking in a bit of non-work browsing while jumping on the work’s super fast connection but are mortified when we feel that ominous tap on the shoulder and turn to face our boss who looks like somebody who has just ingested a box of vinegar soaked lemons right? Well with my Raspberry Pi I would set up a Bluetooth enabled in/out system which tracks your family, family or frenemy’s movements, you’d just need a Bluetooth dongle, a monitor and of course your Pi, easy as Pi right.

We would just like to thank everyone that took part in our Competition, it was amazing to see all of the interest! We’ve contacted the winners directly. Make sure to check back as we share how our Winners are progressing with their Projects!