Online Security

How to prevent spam emails

This morning I received an email from FNB bank claiming that there was a payment made to my account. I opened the email and was prompted to click on some random link to download the proof of payment. I inspected the link and to my surprise, it doesn’t lead to the FNB website which implies that it was not sent from the bank, thank goodness I didn’t click on that suspicious link.

Spam refers to irrelevant unsolicited emails which email users do not want to receive, they are meant to entice the recipients to open malicious links which may load malware and viruses to computers and phones without the user’s awareness. This is different from promotional emails which you subscribe to when downloading ebooks and other resources on the internet. Spam wastes human, computer time and resources and they are used to propagate threats like malware and viruses on the internet. When it comes to Span, prevention is better than cure. 

Top 4 tips to prevent spam emails 

1. Train the spam filter 

2. Do not publish your email address on the web 

3.  If you receive a spam message, do not reply to it. 

4. Download third-party extension like the mailwasher to add another security layer. 

Do you have any other tips? Tell us in the comments.