Top 5 Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now

We’ve narrowed down some of our top 5 picks of the best shows you should be watching this summer!



This is a thrilling and exciting show that never fails to keep you guessing. How does a suburban dad end up working for a drug cartel? (Think Breaking Bad!) The show has a violent streak to it, but the characters always find a way to help you agree with their motives. I must warn you though, the show starts slowly, but there is a hook that will keep you binging till way past your bedtime.

Dr Who

Whovians rejoice! Jodie Whittaker takes on the lead role as the 13th Doctor in control of the TARDIS.  Whitaker’s Dr Who brings a joyful, optimistic energy to the role, all wrapped together with a slight hint of menace that we have come to expect from the immortal Do-gooder. It’s never too late to start watching the series. This is highly recommended for fans of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Wild Wild Country

This is a fascinating six-part series documenting the clash between small-town America and the Rajneeshees, who created the largest social experiments ever. The tension, the drama and the scale of the conflict between the two communities is riveting. If you’re looking for an enrapturing docu-series, this one is a steal! If you enjoyed Waco, this is highly recommended for you.

The Sinner

Now in its second season, The Sinner will instantly hook you from the very first episode. This crime investigation series will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. Expect this show to tell you what happened, but leave you wondering why it happened in the first place. Highly recommended for fans of How to Get Away With Murder and True Detectives.

Somewhere Between

A riveting story about Laura Price who is haunted by the terror of her child’s brutal murder. The knowledge of when, where and how her child will be taken haunts her as she tries to keep her child safe. This is an amazing thriller that will keep you glued to your screen! This is highly recommended for fans of Ran Choi and God’s Gift: 14 Days.
Most of these shows are available for streaming on Netflix. If you don’t have an account, Netflix offers a one-month free trial, which gives you more than enough time to indulge in some of the shows on our list. Get your free trial HERE.

Let us know in the comments below what show you’re currently watching.