5 Essentials for the ultimate Man Cave!

The Urban Dictionary defines a Man Cave as:

“A place where a guy can get away from the outside world. Tends to have a lot of manly things in there. ”

A man cave, also known as manspace, manland or mantuary, is for men and women. This is a space for relaxing, gaming and entertaining your closest friends and relatives.

I’ve listed 5 essentials for the ultimate man cave:


1. The Pièces de Résistance

Projector Screen
Stewart 18-by-10-foot Snowmatte “laboratory-grade” screen and Sony SRX-T110 4K SXRD – R1,260,000+

Not a 50 something inch TV you would put in your lounge but a projector screen that would put most Cinemas to shame! With the help of Stewart’s “laboratory-grade” screen and the projector from Sony, these two will form the star of your mantuary performance. Seriously though, when it comes to screens where you’ll be watching countless hours of sport and series, the bigger the better.

2. An enormously large sound system!

Home Theatre System
Klipsch Home Sound System – R23,644.35

The home sound system made by Klipsch will give your mancave the most impressive high-end sound quality sure to impress all your mates. You’ll find yourself listening to the latest iTunes charts or the ground shaking roar of car engines while watching the weekends F1. Strap yourself in and feel audio that has the power to shake the walls and the very earth your mancave is built on. When you want to get the party pumping, it’s of utmost importance that you get yourself an impressive sound system. This will definitely get feet tapping, hips swaying and heads bobbing. Basically you won’t have the ultimate mancave without a thunderous sound system.

3 . A neon sign that announces


Neon Sign
Man Cave with Cave Neon Sign – R3,607.34

It creates that warm ambient glow which transforms your basement or spare room into a manifested manctuary. If you want that stamp of man cave approval, you’ll want one of these neon signs hanging up. It lets those who enter know that they’ve entered a place of Surround Systems, Video Games and Burgers.

4.  “Fifa Tournament at my place!”

Everyone should be free to settle scores over a match of Fifa or dominate their mates in a 10 Killstreak in Call of Duty. This is a place where friendships are forged and rivalries are born. Variety is key, so you should have the Xbox for Halo nights, the Playstation for Fifa shootouts and of course the PC for pretty much everything else.

5. Couch-zilla!

Cadillac Couch
1958 Cadillac Couch Sofa – R141,657.38

Your mates need somewhere to sit right? Well you’ll definitely need a comfy couch, preferably one made from the tailend of a Cadillac.

These are my 5 essentials for the ultimate man cave.
Men shouldn’t be the only ones who have their own man cave, women should as well. Comment below with your thoughts and what you think should be added to the list!