The Top 5 Music Apps In SA

With little difference in the pricing, the music service you select will likely depend on its features, song catalogue, and user experience. 

Here are five great music streaming apps that you can download on your phone right now!  

The table below summarizes the pricing options available from music streaming services in South Africa. 

Here are just a few reviews from people around the office who have used these streaming services:  

Basically since I do not use data, when I was in South Africa Spotify was rather very expensive and we bought data every 3rd or 4th day using the app. Might have been a trial version but it was milking us a little. 


The iTunes Music App is slow sometimes or freezes. Unless you know the accurate name of a song then you won’t find it. They say you can search based on lyrics, but it doesn’t work. Large file sizes so high data usage and consumes a lot of storage space if you save the songs for offline use. It has good playlists. For old songs or new stuff 


I love Google Music for its radio feature. I don’t have time to go out of my way to find new music, so the radio feature is awesome. I choose my favourite artist or an artist I feel like listening to at that moment, click the radio button and I get artists who are similar. I found so many new songs and that way. 


I love the fact that I can download music into various playlists using Deezer and listen to it even when I’m offline. The data usage is very minimal as far as I’m concerned, and it has a lot of music even from like back in the day. Also, it’s so quick to download new music on the app! It simply amazing!!! 


The Simfy Africa app is easy to download, and you can use it on multiple devices (phone, laptop and tablet/iPad). Supports Android and IOS platforms. It has an offline mode where you can download tracks and listen to them without using your data.   


Which music streaming services are you using? Please leave a comment below or visit us on social.  

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