Horror Movies 101

Now is the time to pull out all the scary movies in your collection and line them up for a Halloween horror movie binge. Grab the popcorn and dim the lights!

Before we go through my selection of “must see” horror movies, let me help you identify and classify each movie separating the one from the other.


Insidious: [ IMDB – 6.8]

This movie is about a young boy whose mind is trapped in a dark place, also known as “The Further”. This definitely ticks the box for a terrifying supernatural movie, that will leave you freaked out for a few hours (or days).


The Ring: [IMDB – 7.1]

I’d classify this one as a supernatural horror, with a hint of thriller.

A movie about a videotape that leads to seven days of torment, before a terrifying death. This movie will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and have you on the edge of your seat.



A Nightmare on Elm Street: [IMDB – 7.4]

This is a horror for beginners. It takes the cup as a classic must-see slasher from the 80’s or a “comedy horror” (starring Johnny Depp nogal!!)

This was about a disfigured serial killer by the name of Freddy Krueger who preys on his victims in their sleep which kills them in reality.

This movie is definitely a classic horror.


Paranormal Activity: [IMDB – 6.3]

This movie certainly ticks all the boxes for a psychological horror as well as classic  “found footage” horror.

Katie is haunted by an entity, but her boyfriend Micah is sceptical and wants more evidence.



SAW: [IMDB – 7.6]

I’d classify this movie as a psychological crime horror.

If you are squeamish then this movie is not for you!

A man decides to play a game with people. His idea of playing involves torturing people with insane life or death choices.


These didn’t make my list, but deserve special mention:

  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Halloween
  • Candyman
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Child’s Play

I hope you enjoyed my list!

If you have already seen these, which one was your favourite?

If you feel I’ve missed any, please tell me, in the comments section.