Bowled Over

Just like that – it was that time of the year again, when all the culinary masters of South Africa, gather to show off their impeccable skills and food lovers from all corners unite to experience the food event of the year. It could only be, The Good Food and Wine show, which took place from the 28th July to 30th July 2017, at The Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa. The excitement was rife in the air and I expected nothing but an abundance of creativity, fun, entertainment and of course, FOOD! If you’ve never been to any of these events, you truly have been missing out! Here’s glimpse of what I experienced…

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To kick things off, the Afrihost team decided to run a competition for this event and it was nothing but AWESOME! Two lucky winners were chosen and they too got a chance to experience the greatness that was the Good Food and Wine Show, 2017 in Johannesburg. We couldn’t leave the Social Team behind either, so we all went along for the jol! I of course, had to be there too. Who else was meant to taste ALL the food on behalf of everybody?

With nine sections, each occupied by specific exhibitors, I realised there was much work (eating and drinking) to be done. The sections were split into the Wine, Beer and Alcohol, Wellness, Baking, Street Food, Gourmet, Kids, Lifestyle and Market sections. I knew that I’d have to spend my time efficiently – no more than five minutes at each stand. I must say, I did quite well until I was let down by my small stomach. I almost made it to the cake section but almost doesn’t count, does it?

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 I can’t forget the amazing local and international Chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Reza Mahammad, Lentswe Bhengu and Jenny Morris – that were included in the line-up, to show off their culinary prowess. One of the finest highlights for me, was a cook-off at the Chef’s Open Theater by J’Something of Micasa – he can sing and he can cook! His Mount Fritter and Lamb Feast were definitely something to write home about! I keep having flashbacks of it on my plate.

 Now to the grand finale! I can’t even begin to describe how incredible the beer and alcohol setup was this year! There was so much to do and take part in, even for those who were not alcohol consumers. I particularly enjoyed the mixology competitions – they were a hit! I never really believed in my bartender abilities but after this, I’d confidently say, I’m a pro. The various local and international brands that came with new products that just put that cherry on top. After that, everything was a blur. I just remember a satisfyingly pleasant feeling of content and then I drifted into a peaceful sleep. I think this is what they call ‘itis”.

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