Blast from the past

Now that we live in an ad-free world, let’s reminisce on how TV ads kept us entertained. They were our daily sing-alongs and two-minute gags. This blog is dedicated to the 90’s ads that made us appreciate advertising.  



Watching this little guy have so much power compared to the big Scottish guy was amazing! All that from a chocolate bar. 


Sasol Super 100 

A lot of us grew up associating Sasol with “glug glug”. A lot of their ads were centered around this tagline. Imagine having this infant drive past you and there is nothing you can do.  



It’s not inside, it’s onnnnnnn top!  


Cadbury’s Chomp 

Remember your parents eating something that you were not old enough to eat? 


Adcock Ingrams Camphor  

Why didn’t we grab the water?  Maybe someone can school me. ?  

Post your favourite 90’s ads in the comments. Hope you had a blast reminiscing with me.