6 of the best shows coming to ShowMax in June

Africa’s biggest online collection of series and movies keeps getting bigger with more shows added every week. Here are some of the best shows coming to ShowMax in June.

1. Kingdom

Go deeper into the bone-crushing world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which has taken the world by storm and is fast gaining popularity in South Africa.

The Navy Street Gym in Venice, California, is a home away from home for some of America’s most promising MMA fighters. Owned and run by Alvey Kulina, the gym is where his sons, Nate and Jay, learned to fight. Today, Jay is battling drug and alcohol abuse, and Nate is forced to stop training after he is attacked. When Ryan Wheeler, who used to be one of the best fighters on the scene before he went to jail, is released, Alvey is determined to get him back in fighting form.

Why watch it?

This hard-hitting series has an 8.4/10 rating on IMDB. Starting this June, new episodes of Kingdom will air exclusively on ShowMax – just 24 hours after they air in the US! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can binge on the first two seasons to catch up.

2. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds has a brilliant cast, tightly-written plot and each episode delves deep into interesting and intriguing facts in pursuit of the truth. The crime drama follow an elite team of FBI psychological profilers who analyse the most dangerous criminals and serial killers to predict their next target before they strike again.

Why watch it?

The first nine seasons of Criminal Minds are available on ShowMax and each season is better than the last! Fans of crime procedurals will love the mystery and intrigue as the team solve impossible cases and profile creepy killers.

3. Gangland Undercover

You’re a drug dealer. You get arrested, and you get offered a deal: serve over 20 years in jail, or go undercover to infiltrate one of the most infamous biker gangs in the US. So what would you do? Charles Falco decided to go undercover. And things get wild.

Why watch it?

The powerful six-episode series is a gripping, raw drama series written by Charles Falco himself. He is one of only three people to successfully infiltrate three outlaw biker gangs.

4. UnReal

Rachel is a reality TV show producer who will do whatever it takes to create a hit dating series. Including manipulating the contestants and pitting them against each other.  This is not your typical behind-the-scenes look at reality TV. It gets dark and gritty, using the theme of reality TV to draw viewers deeper into the personal lives of the characters.

Why watch it?

This award-winning dark show was named Most Exciting New Series by the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in 2015. It’s fascinating and deeply addictive.

5. The Great Train Robbery

This gripping two-part drama covers the Great Train Robbery of 1963, where 15 gangsters stole over £2.6 million. In today’s terms that would be around £50 million. Told first from the perspective of the robbers, then from the point of view of the law, the series portrays the infamous heist from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Why watch it?

Excellent acting brings this incredible crime to life in a compelling and well-produced drama.

6. The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

Her struggles with fame, her husbands, her mental illness, and her institutionalised mother. Welcome to the Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, an intense miniseries revealing the hidden truths behind one of the world’s most iconic stars.

Why watch it?

Marilyn Monroe would’ve been 90 on 1 June 2016, making this the ideal opportunity to celebrate her life. Kelli Garner shines as Marilyn Monroe and the series captures the conflicts, struggles and highlights of an icon’s life in the limelight.

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