5 most dank memes of 2018!

We cannot deny that we live in an era defined by memes. As the year draws closer to an end, we’ve narrowed down some of the most memorable and capturing viral sensations of 2018. Let’s share some laughter and reminisce on what we thought were the top 5 funniest memes of the year!



Cardi B often shares cute pictures of herself, which we all love. The day she shared a picture of her 5-year old self, Cardi instantly turned into a viral meme across the world!


Don’t ask us why Pikachu all of a sudden became an internet sensation. All we know is we loved it!



We can never forget Lebrons frustration over JR Smiths mistake at the NBA this year! Little did he know that moment would go down in NBA history for all the funny reasons.


Here’s another one which seemingly out of nowhere- became the subject of meme creativity! Poor Rolf, from the popular cartoon “Ed, Edd & Eddy” became the centre of attention as his character was given a whole new meaning.


This one made it just in the “neck” of time. Charles Dion McDowell’s mugshot went ridiculously viral because of his rather uncommon “Necktile dysfunction”


Let us know in the comment section below which memes made up part of your 2018 highlights. 🙂