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Exciting new features on the Clientzone App!

The new Clientzone App is an exciting evolution of where we’ve come from with the previous version. With some exciting new built-in features such as payment options and network status push notifications. The app is a one-stop place for all your needs. We’ve highlighted some of the cool features of from the Clientzone app that you probably didn’t know about!

Home Screen

The new home screen display shows all your products at a glance!

Pin your faves!

An amazing new pinning feature allows you to pin your favourite, most used products at the top and saves you the trouble of having to scroll through to find it.

View your data usage

Where data usage was only available for DSL packages, monthly data usage, and remaining data is displayed at first glance for all packages.


The ability to top-up straight from the home screen is easy to use and saves you the trouble of having to go through various steps. The best part about it is, you can top-up even if you don’t have any data remaining.

Data Transfers

The all new transfer data feature has been incorporated into the app. Simply tap on the package and click on the “Data transfer” tab.

Management Payment

The new app introduces an easy way to manage your payment details and view your invoices through the “Account” icon at the bottom of your screen.

Access support channels

Get support through the app by clicking on the “Get Help” icon to access all our support channels.

Network statuses

The Network status icon is a brand new, exciting feature which allows you to subscribe to status notifications in your area! Click on the notification bell at the top right corner to get push notifications when there is a problem in your area!

One thing we can assure you of is that the app is never at a standstill! With a dedicated team, the Clientzone App is continuously worked on for new improvements. Be on the lookout for some more new features coming soon and tell us in the comment section below, what new features you would like to see on our app!

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