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From Sign-up to Client: The 4 Step Journey of Your Afrihost Internet Package

Imagine the following situation: 

  • You’ve just signed up for our Mobile, Fixed Wireless, DSL or Fibre services. 
  • You wonder: “How long will I have to wait to receive my router or SIM card?”.  
  • You begin to feel stuck and confused. 

Don’t worry! Today, I will answer this burning question by going behind the scenes with our warehouse team. In this blog post, I will take you through the client journey from sign up to receiving the product.  

Let’s explore the client journey below from start to finish.

Afrihost Client Journey Delivery Infographic

1: Payment verification  

Once an order is placed, payment should go off within 24 hours from your bank account or credit card. Our system then marks the order as paid, which immediately moves it into the warehouse queue for packing.

2: Packing  

The warehouse team packages SIM cards, about 100 to 150 Fibre routers, and 100 to 120 Fixed Wireless routers. At the end of each day, the couriers will come to our offices to pick them up, ready to be delivered to clients.  

We have 3 different courier services that we use 

  • Dawn Wing couriers: Who only deliver routers and not SIM cards. 
  • CCD couriers: They are RICA agents and deliver both SIM cards and routers.  
  • 1Fetch couriers: This is an express delivery service. So, as soon as the client chooses this option; our system communicates with 1Fetch’s system. A courier will then come to our offices to pick up the parcel and deliver it directly to clients. The parcel should be delivered within 3 hours. 

3: Courier depot

Once the package is picked up and at the courier depot, it will be delivered within 3 – 5 days to clients. If you live in an easily reachable area, you will most likely get your package within 24 hours. The couriers typically call clients beforehand, to set a time which is most convenient for delivery.

4: Delivery of package 

The courier has just delivered your parcel, now you just plug in your device and follow the instructions on the box to set it up, and from there on you should be connected. 

Please be sure to have your RICA documents (original ID, copy of the ID and proof of residence) ready for the courier when they come to deliver. You will get access to ClientZone where you can track your order, which we strongly recommend you do.

Give us your questions or feedback on the comments. Our Help center is also a good source of information.